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  1. Eternal Lands Android client (new version)

    3G in general sucks. It is worse on some carriers. AT&T 3G seems to really suck for me. Consider 3G to be dialup with static on the line. Packets may be dropped or corrupted going in either direction. Some phones may have worse 3G or may not support some cellphone towers. My phone is a little old. I have no clue how good your phone is. I was able to log via VPN with 3G, used an application from google play store .I don't think it is bad connection because it says HDSPA and from i read it says it is a bit better than 3G and there isn't a problem when loading web pages or even streaming videos .
  2. Eternal Lands Android client (new version)

    Yes, seems like a 3g issue, maybe the port is blocked by the provider. On the other hand after some time you should get an error message, not a crash... I'll look into it. Tried twice using vpn with 3G and i can log ...
  3. Eternal Lands Android client (new version)

    Awesome work with the android client Still i can't connect with 3G , with wifi it works . With 3G it nevers beyond the login screen it stucks there and after some secs it crashes .Maybe an ip problem ?
  4. [Very minimal] Eternal Lands client for Android

    Tested on my mobile phone . It works nicely . I was able to log only when I used wifi and not through 3g mobile internet . When i tried with mobile internet connection it crashed .
  5. Harv Tutorial

    Most quests are expensive to do ,so taking some extra exp in a special day isn't that bad . When you do a tutorial like harvesting you can wait for a stakhanov and not cash in the quest, since you already know from the title of the quest it is gonna give you harvesting exp .
  6. Panorama View of EL

    Very nice artwork
  7. A Dream comes True :D

    Use #item_uid (set to 1) to enable unique item information. It is a message that you get from trade log sometimes. If you have used it it might be what is causing trouble. Same happened when i set it to 1, warehouse was a mess and showed stuff i didn't have. Setting it back to 0 fixed it.
  8. New achivements.

    Lenny kills, mule level +1 . Maybe pear/treasure finder achievements too.
  9. Various suggestions

    +1 on the idea of thread not needing nexus
  10. Nice idea , really helpful to those who have lost quest logs
  11. 2013

    Happy new year
  12. I agree grapes must be removed from global quest ..
  13. Tailoring or Mage

    Maybe clothes that give cold/heat/radiation protection so you can wear them when harvesting ..or maybe give a perk, like excavator /regenaration ,instead of wearing a cape. Making nmt breakable and cape of no more warlocks unbreakable could boost tailoring too. These two ideas have been mentioned before in the forum if i am not mistaken . An npc would be nice ..to be able to sell to him some stuff you make like robes ,hats etc
  14. Global Quest FAQ

    I am trying to make a special potion. I need 10000 Gypsum of which I have 10000, 1200 Amber and I have 1200, 50 Refined Vegetal Mixture of which I already have 32, and finally, 7 Grapes of which I already have 7.