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  1. Looking for Guild.

    Well when I came back to EL it said my guild no longer expired (not surprising) so Im looking for a new one. Im not to sure who would want me seeing how EL was my first MMO and back then I didn't concive the entire "Leveling Up" deal so Im only level 37 but I have went onto playing 5+ other mmo's and now I do wanna start leveling, so if you know a guild who would want me just let me know here. ps. Im not picky lol.
  2. Looking for Guild.

    You the guild leader?
  3. Looking for Guild.

    Hello? << >>
  4. this is truely funny.

    Smegin' Sweet. Heres another good one http://www.stickpage.com/paperwarsplay.html
  5. the Decline of Videogames

    Saw these before, there smegin' hilarious.
  6. Eternal Toon

    LMFAO That was funny as hell. It would be funny if I was in it for some random reason and was sliced down the middle XD.
  7. Power of 4!

    I can't believe this is an actual product, who would even buy this? I don't think there exsits a man THAT desprete..............................................*Orders*
  8. Testing The Map

    Well how exactly do you test out a map,like to see if where you put the walkable tiles and all that is right?
  9. Mmorpg's

    sorry about not being on much guys but the mmorpg spock talked about pulled me out of el, now im losing intrest in ms and trying to find another game lol, im sorry but aftering seeing other mmorpgs..el is just too slow and buggy
  10. Mmorpg's

    Thanks Spock i've been trying to find a cool MMORPG and MapleStory fits it! anyone who plays can get ahold of me on it at Buuhan1
  11. Mmorpg's

    I have a great idea for a Samurai MMORPG but i have no way of making it lol
  12. War!

    darn, wish i could enter but im only 29/30 a/d
  13. Sweets Hate Him Already?

    who the fuck*sorry for the language* is sweets? i leave el for 1 week and come back with all kinda crap has happended *referint to el times #6 that was released yesterday* but oh well im gonna lay off el for awhile, its getting boring
  14. Lolol

    you all forgot one of the top 10 noobish questions #Help request from X: How do i cook meat? and you can't forget the good ol' #Help request from X: How do i get out of the underworld?
  15. Mmorpg's

    i would love to play matrix online for free
  16. Top Loser List

    i should be on the weakest person list -_-
  17. Guild [free]

    he probably ment the tital "Guild [free]" people might tihnk "Guild for Free" or something
  18. I Don't Exist?

    When i tried to sign on to the test server under the login button in red it said "ERROR: you don't exist" wtf?
  19. Well i think it would be nice if you made the ignore feature to where if someone on your ignore lists pms you it will give em "no player with such name" just like on messenger, make it look like your offline to someone but your not
  20. I Don't Exist?

    you have to make an account on the test server? but i've played on it before with Buuhan1 what the hell is up with the test server, the only way i can enter the tavern in through the secret cave, and reca is grim.....i mean WTF man
  21. You And Your Drinks

    This is a Prequel to "You and Your Food" i saw a few putting down drinks so post your fav drink(s) here, mine is Coke and Pepsi
  22. Eaf Chamionship: Scarr Vs Donpedro

    it was a very good fight, more then half the arena including myself was on scarr's side, scarr put up a awsome fight and so did don but in the end only one can have there feet still on that sand and it was don, but scarr surprised everyone, i bet even don was alittle surprised, and scarr should be very proud of his self, despike he lost he lasted a very long time against the strongest man ever to walk el, great job scarr and don!
  23. You And Your Drinks

    goddamn you people are drunks!!LOL!!!
  24. Guild [free]

    this makes no sense, if you made a guild then why are you in =hc=?
  25. Selling Guild

    ignore this topic, joe has been undergoing stress lately and hes been acting very weird so just ignore this topic