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  1. Madz Siggys

    Guild member signature & avatar
  2. Madz Siggys

    Transaction complete, thanks Riky!
  3. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    name: madz items: 5k diamonds, 5k white astiatic lillies (19k)
  4. Madz Siggys

    Well it seems these things are good sellers so I will start making them as well. You can pm me ingame (madz) or post on this thread. If you have a certain picture, that would be best because then it's your choice of picture. If not, then I can customize based on discription. Prices: Signature~8k Avatar~3k *if avatar is from the same pic as siggy then the avatar is free New Style! Examples:
  5. Random Item Sale

    Selling: Weapons 5 Iron Battle Hammers 11 Wooden Battle Hammers 15 Wooden Staffs 7 Iron Swords 9 Iron Broad Swords 14 S2E 3 Titanium Longsword 1 Steel Longsword Animal 1,860 Polar Bear Furs 3 Tiger Furs 82 Snow Leopard Furs 85 Leopard furs 192 Feran Horns 337 Falcon Feathers Clothes 1 Conjurer Cloak 1 White/Red Striped Baggy Pants Random 1 Damaged Crown of Life 1 EWE Books Cyclops fighting Orc Fighting Titanium Molding Titanium Mining Disengagement Ring Building Ring of Damage Building Book Of Ice Sword: click on the link below http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=49330 Post here or contact me in game(madz)
  6. Book of Ice Sword

    Okay I set an end date
  7. Book of Ice Sword

    I'm auctioning off a Generic book of Ice Sword. Starting bid: 25k BIN: 40k end time: 4 days from the start of the post Top bidder: dogbreath Auction ended early due to lack of bidders.
  8. The Desert Pines ND Arenas Showdown

    I just want to say Congratulations to all the winners. It was my first ever pk contest and I had a lot of fun. Thanks, Mz
  9. Buying/Selling/Trading

    Sorry but I'm selling polar bear furs, not buying. Ty anyways
  10. Buying/Selling/Trading

    I am buying: 1 CoL - 65k Selling: Damaged CoL - 35k 2 Serpent Stones - 5k each 1.3k Polar bear furs - 12gc each (15k for all) 3k raw meat - 5gc each (15k total) 2k Life Essences - 4.5gc each Trading: My Orc Slayer for you Jagged Saber Post here or contact me in game. Thank you
  11. The Desert Pines ND Arenas Showdown

    I'd like to sign up. a/d 58/60 ingame name madz
  12. Auction: 9k LEs, 9 ELEs...

    edit: nevermind
  13. Places to train?

    not necessarily, rangers have to pay at least 10gc per hit (and many misses). Fighters can attack anything and get fast exp when range is limited to the players money.
  14. Selling HE's ing

    i'll buy half of everything for 25k so u'd still have an equal amount of each ing.