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  1. Need help with the game

    I have this problem on my iMac can any1 help me? I'm new on Mac and I don't know how I can turn normal my EL here is the image --> Ty for you help
  2. freeing slots :P

    10.5k for all? I'll take it, tyvm
  3. Auctioning Antisocial Removal

    *bump* NooBPL withdrew the offer so Still bidding at 9kgc!
  4. Auctioning scythe

    60k wei Zlat
  5. Auctioning Antisocial Removal

    Hello all I'm Selling an Antisocial Removal Starting Price: 8k Min Increase: 1k BIN: 20k Happy Bidding! Also Selling a Crown of Life <--- for this PM me in game SOLD! KingScandu
  6. Storage sale!

    Ok when the server go up I'll PM you
  7. Storage sale!

    I loveeeee my AFK message! lol? it's you afk msg? xD Yes dont u love just love it! ok lol, I love it so I order again: 964gc for Flowers, 885gc for Magic, 9gc for Essence and 80gc for Jewerly. For a total of 1938gc ok? Thank You KingScandu
  8. Storage sale!

    I loveeeee my AFK message! lol? it's you afk msg? xD
  9. Storage sale!

    [PM to Maitreya: *meet at PL] [PM from Maitreya: get lost, dont bother me with ur stupid pm] [PM to Maitreya: o_O] I withdraw my offer... ty anyway KingScandu
  10. Selling Items

    I'll take it KingScandu
  11. Elit guild

    I just want to show that pr0 not edited the image and you have to admit that you wrote that thing in PM son of a b***.
  12. Elit guild

  13. Elit guild

    Rotfl Good Photoshop editor.. ^_^ Really nice! If you write a Photoshop guide I will buy! trust me! You have used this one guide? http://www.mediacollege.com/adobe/photosho...background.html Or this other one guide? http://www.roseindia.net/photoshop/tutoria...und-image.shtml He don't use any photo editor, see my Chat Log.. [22:08:29] [PM from pr0: [PM from Skelos: FIGLIO DI PUTTANA] oO] [22:09:44] [pr0 @ 242]: [PM from Skelos: FIGLIO DI PUTTANA] and that is not another fake screen.. check here (Chek the 1st ScreenShot :/) No More to say, bye
  14. Contest, win a thermal serp and 20 rostos.

    when the contest start?
  15. The Harvesting Shop!

    Sorry but you order when we say to not orderd so yes your orderd can't be delivered