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  1. IP ban

    Good evening, Thank you for the prompt responses. It now works perfectly By "Pretty sure" I meant that having logged in for the first time in months just to kill 18 boars and harvest a few hundreds plants in Portland with an alt, I wasn't likely to have forgotten what I did in the game, nor the two sentences I wrote (something like "good evening, how are you all doing"). Have a nice day/evening/night (depending on where you live) o/
  2. IP ban

    Good evening, When trying to log on yesterday, I discovered a message saying that my IP is currently banned. As I am pretty sure not to have broken any rule, I would like to know how to solve the problem. Should I ask to get whitelisted? Regards, Ingame name: Dorian
  3. A thought on speed

    Hi, Does the current food consumption correspond to max load, min load, something in between, or is it not yet decided?
  4. Players using good gear on low creatures ?

    Do you think that leveling A/D to a medium or high level can be done without any human nexus?
  5. =Selling all of my storage =)

    I offer 5k for the augmented leather armors, augmented leather pants and leather boots. PM dorian ingame
  6. Training for A/D 40 and Under

    I might be interested, if it happens on WEs when I'm on. My def is 38, and I never PVPed before...
  7. Client Crashes while loading

    Enabling the poor man option or disabling other options didn't work, but renaming the shader folder did Thanks alot for your help, Gampa. Now I'll do a clean install to get rid of all the modifications in the ini file...
  8. Client Crashes while loading

    Thanks Gampa. This gives me a few solutions to try.
  9. Client Crashes while loading

    Hi, I'm still stuck with this problem. does anyone have an idea?
  10. Selling

    I'm interested in: 1 excavator cape : 2500 gc 1 wooden shield: 100 gc 2 Unicorn medallions: 2*160 gc 3 augmented leather armors: 3*120 gc 2 augmented leather pants: 2*120 gc 4 leather boots: 4*85 2 leather helms: 2*20 total 3900 if I'm not mistaken. Ingame name Levana PS: I'll be on around 19h30-20h00 GMT all days this week
  11. training guide

    That's in Tarsengard, right? I'll try both and see what works best. Thanks for the advice
  12. training guide

    Thank you Lotheneil. The CEL guild site said it was "PK (Player Kill) Arena". Either it is outdated, or it meant that some arenas on the map are PK... Anyways, I'm about to switch to point 3 in this guide, and I'd like to thank MP for it: it works very well for me: from 0 to def 26 in about 1 week, it's far better than I expected! Now I have around 400 wolf furs waiting for when I'll train summoning )
  13. training guide

    Hi, I've got a question about the guide: I suppose MP is talking about Iscalrith, right? Now isn't this map a PK map?
  14. Client Crashes while loading

    Hi, So far I played on an old PC I have at home (by old, I mean something like 8 years), so I would like to use a newer one, but I have problems running EL on the latter. It's a DELL LATITUDE D610 with a mobility Radeon X300 When I launch EL, it crashes (before reaching the login) while trying to access openGL. After reading the threads in this section of the forum, I concluded it was probably caused by my graphic card driveers not being up to date. So I went to the ATI website to download the latest version compatible with the X300, but when trying to install this drivers, it tells me that the driver is not compatible with my PC. After some more reading, I found out that DELL does not support the ATI Catalyst drivers and supplies its own drivers. I went to the DELL website to try and find a more recent driver for my card, but even after installing a more recent driver I still have the same problem. So my questions are the following: - could someone please confirm that the crash is likely due to the drivers not being up to date? - did anyone already try to run EL on such a configuration (at least on a PC with the mobility radeon X300) and in this case which driver worked? - what else could I try to make EL run on this PC? Thanks,
  15. Password Forget

    Thank you Labrat and Aislinn. Yes, the character still exists. I'll contact Entropy if I still can't find the password after a few more tries.