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  1. buy SRS and HE

    srs bought HE left
  2. buy SRS and HE

    Buying: 5k srs - 70kgc-BOUGHT 15k he - 100kgc pm me inb game Alchemic or post here
  3. some stuff

  4. BUY feasting

    buy 4k potion of feasting pm me in game Alchemic
  5. Banned

    ok thanks i wouldn't do more troubles but,can me bro have another acc ? then he logging in not same time
  6. Banned

    how long i will be banned? 1.5month already passed
  7. Banned

    have i chance to play EL again with me acc Alchemic?
  8. Banned

    why i'm not getting answer ?
  9. Banned

    Oh realy sorry only now i readed rules about multiplaying, can i hope to get unbaned alchemic or its imposibl? i dont care on other chars sorry for just now readed rules if there is a chance to get unbanned will i get item wipe or role back or smth like this ?
  10. Banned

    idk why me acc Alchemic is banned/locked why?