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  1. I got Banned because of My brother?

    my character is callumbolt00 which i played on my brothers computer but then my brother got banned and my account got banned aswell even tho i didnt do anything wrong i am using his fourums account because ive tried alot of times to make a new one and post in it but ive had alot of trouble. oh btw my brother who got banned was something like stoner00 or stoner0 my account is callumbolt00 and my older brother is daffa_holt0 i dont no if he got banned tho
  2. I got banned

    they aren't ill-gotten goods, i still harvested flowers to get my money for it. and most of the time i only used the 1 character
  3. I got banned

    the only reason i wanted stonero00 was for the items, so could i please have all the items and the character back. please!!!!!!
  4. I got banned

    stonero00, stonero01, daffa_holt0, callumbolt00, stoner00. 5 > 2. Try again. i believe i only ever used 2 characters at a time. You were locked about three months ago. Why do you suddenly care now? because i want to start playing again could u just please unlock stonero00 oops sorry some of that last reply was meant to be quoted from your previous reply
  5. I got banned

    oh, i understand now. umm i had 2 characters playing at 1 time, 1 for harvesting and 1 for PKing. i don't remember which moderator(s) i harassed and directed my foul language at. i don't think i have helped much here.
  6. I got banned

    well when i read the rules earlier i had forgotten what i had done along time ago that got me banned. i understand what i did wrong, it is just that i forgot what i did and i am very sorry for what i have done. i believe i deserve another chance, because i am very sorry for what i have done and i wish to play EL again without breaking the rules. i understand the rules which i have broken; multi-playing - it gives me an unfair advantage in playing EL so i will not repeat this. harassing moderator using foul language - this is just mean and i have learned from my mistakes not to do this again. i don't know how i can make you believe me that i will NEVER! break these rules ever again. so u will just have to trust me.
  7. I got banned

    i had forgotten what i had done because it was so long ago. and my computer got fixed shortly after. so i thought it was my computer that didn't let me on. but when u reminded me of what i had done i remembered. i am very sorry for my actions and i wish to play EL again playing by the rules because i do not want to be banned again for silly behavior. please un-block my char. i really will follow the rules from now on. please believe me.
  8. I got banned

    oh that, yes i remember that. i did that ages ago. i am very sorry, i wish to play EL again. could you please unban my char because i realize i should not repeat my previous actions. i hope to play EL again but by the rules this time. please
  9. I got banned

    My account name is stonero00 I've read the rules now and i didn't do any of those things. my computer had to be repaired and when i wet back on along time later, i couldn't log in. Please help.
  10. I got banned

    my guy got banned and i didnt do anything wrong, i think it was because my computer was running slow at the time