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  1. Russian

  2. Www.corpus-opis.com

    im nowhere there
  3. Those were good times PS. Kak dela?
  4. Avatar

  5. Yet Another El Reset In The Making

    heeey dont call us russians bastards
  6. Fav ice cream?

    caramel for me
  7. LOL ASPICO now thats sick :shock:
  8. Selling tit longs!

    Ok guys im selling tit longs its 15k or 500 body rest potions leave your name here or pm me in game 8)
  9. Potions :)

    would be nice
  10. 100 million giveaway!

    Count me in
  11. Summoning near Storages

    Use pl and dp storages :roll:
  12. Buying animal stuff

    Ok im buying this stuff brown rabbit furs-300 each rat tails-300 each bones n meat- 100 each pm me in game nick Forve oh and i buy only if you have 50+
  13. great post m8 i totally agree with the stuff you write ill think about it all again and maybe add something