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  1. New NegativePerk

    why u think that? Lower lvls need quests too for easy lvls... High lvls need it for farming their daily exp.. Tbh I think it would be a balanced perk. some will like it some wont. But lets stop discussing this because radu dident like it first time it was suggested. Plz remove thread
  2. New NegativePerk

    Ye that could work, or mabye make it remove achivement/reward from quests done like vanquisher or break quests... tbh that all high lvl players would take it is BS because Im not suggesting this perk to be only for daily quests but for all quests..
  3. New NegativePerk

    Many of them don't. Even if they did, they would receive much more benefit from the perk than getting an a/d level per year from dailies. On the otherhand it would not be worth it when new quests is implented and you want achivement/reward. I assume some high lvl players would take it, some wouldent. But since this already have been suggested and Radu dident seem to like the idea... Sry for bothering
  4. New NegativePerk

    Youre saying that high level chars dont do Dailys/New implented quests? It would still be a very negative perk Afterall its the high level chars that profit most from Haidir/Daritha exp wise. Also if radu is worried about losing $ from haidir passes he can just implent a new awsome quest once in a while and sell removal stones for $25
  5. Hi I have a suggestion on a new perk. Sorry if this have been suggested before. Questless: works like Antisocial but does not allow you to do quests. (daily and normal) How many PP it should give/gc cost is up to you to decide if you find it a good idea.. and I understand if you want more people to do quests but w/e if theres hellspawn/hos/anti ect I dont see why this couldent be implented. thx for reading
  6. Thoros the troublemaker

    Hi, I have been away from EL for quite a while now, since my character was locked for saying something rly stupid on ch 6(iirc). Few days ago I decided to make a new char to check back on the game and tbh no other game gives me the same nostalgic feeling as EL. (good work entropy((+crew)) I have played alot of mmorpgs ). Now the problem is I have spent alot of time on my former main Thoros and I cant rly see it being worth it coming back lvling a char from scratch. Unless its too much asked I would love to get Thoros unlocked and do a comeback. Then I would remove my alt ofc (since Im not allowed to have alts ^^) and do my best not to cause any trouble/offend any1. Thx for your time, thoros
  7. Banned?

    Thanks alot.. I will stay off ch 6 for a while for everyones sake.
  8. Banned?

    I never said "hi burn". I said "some men just want to say hi to burn". And I never knew people got locked for it thought it was regular mute I have said sorry and I promise not to smeg around on channel anymore.. Even let me play with total mute for a month is better than this
  9. Banned?

    Please, I made this thread to get unlocked aislinn. Im telling you I dont know burn personally and never spoken to him or about him before.. for one simple joke about people saying hi to burn = ban? perma ban me from @6 and let me play
  10. Banned?

    I have a hard time saying sorry when Im not feeling guilty. Thats all. Said sorry twice and thats enough.
  11. Banned?

    Dident see any1 get banned for it... Saw people talking about it and thought they got muted for it. Again I never intended to harrass any1 and thats what Im banned for. -.-
  12. Banned?

    I have thought about this alittle more and Im sorry for everything I said in this thread that might have upset people further. Also I understand why I got booted from a mods point of view... whole @6 gets kinda spammy sometimes and I understand that youre the ones that have to deal with it everyday. But really Aislinn... Is it right that I get a whole months ban for something this small? All I did was making a joke and it wasent even directed at Burn or intended as an insult towards him. A normal mute and a PM telling me why I should not speak about Burn at all on public channels would have been enough. I dont see how being away from game will help my "attitude problem", and I never jumped no bandwagon I was apparantly already on it when I opened my mouth on channel. It was rolling downhill. ^^ Im enjoying this game and play alot in periods that I have time to play. Would love to be back ingame asap. Thoros
  13. Banned?

    HOW was I pushing it? I made a wordjoke on the situation. IMO theres no reason for me to be banned but still up to you. I mean, I havent even broken the rules? Theres a diffirence between making a joke on a current situation and actually intending to harass some1 and joking about them personally...
  14. Banned?

    eh wifi i did say sorry but aislinn just wants to ban me for bullshit things that arent rly rule breaking
  15. Banned?

    I was banned for some total bullshit.. youre just weird