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  1. Netherlands / Holland

    Ik dacht dat je wel een mooi onderwerp had.. ehm.. op msn altijd wel, je weet wel.. je favoriete site ?..
  2. magic effect of summon stones

    As I said, use MAGIC IMMUNITY? Same effect as when the magical effects are removed from those stones, right?
  3. magic effect of summon stones

    Why don't you just buy MI ess. if you dont like their 'stupid' effects? #Edit: and get skills to kill them? Oh.. and a fluffy killed me.. remove them plox!!!11!1 Nah, stupid idea IMO.
  4. Axes

    Axe of Freezing.. No one uses that wep, maybe becouse it doesn't paralyze but just gives a message? (same for Ti plate of freezing.. ) Well, I did have those two items a time ago and tested them.. message popped up, but no paralyze So I think they don't work.. And for the other axes' I think they got nearly no positive (or just 1..)stats and they are not really a good dmg dealer?
  5. EL shutsdown

    Ok, it works again.. I did go on my other charracter, then I did go to View Options -> Server. And changed my Username there into 'Milk_Shake' Then I did relog, and I could log in again
  6. EL shutsdown

    Ehm.. Ye.
  7. EL shutsdown

    Hi, My computer crashed today, and I was just at VoTD sto. So, I restarted my computer and tried to log in on Milk_Shake, but then when I've typed the player name and password and log-in, EL shutsdown... BUT I still can log-in on my other charracter... I've updated my video driver, reinstalled EL,putted poor man on.. etc. But nothing helps.. Molime tried to help, and I've tried everything what she said but it still doesn't work So then I got the advice to post here
  8. Skeletons?

    Yeah they could use a make-over IMO.
  9. Kill the post above

    _Hope_ on paper... Recycled
  10. Kill the post above

    too late xD
  11. Kill the post above

    Did ya forgot they will grow back on?
  12. Kill the post above

  13. Buying FE Ings

    I'm buying 2k FE ings, so 2k roses/red snaps/sulfur for 7k gc only need 2k sulfur now Pm me ingame or post here if you sell
  14. What s your name in elvish or hobbit

    Elvish: Erestor Tasartir Hobbit: Hob Goldworthy of Michel Delving Wierd names -Milk
  15. buying animal stuff

    I'm buying: 500 life essence 500 bones 500 raw meat 500 brown rabbit furs PM me ingame or post here with your prices. NVM -Milk