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  1. Was I banned because i was in 60's invasion zone ?

    It is not so simple. You would need to prevent not only attacking monsters, but also being attacked by it, also attacking players (if it is in PK area), also bag stealing and probabelly much more thinkgs and it will not still the result you want. Much better is to declare A/D level in blue letters and obey rules. And ban those, who do not obey rules.
  2. Prinscreen bug

    I took prinscreen from Ctrl+P ingame command and the resulting PNG looks bad (had blocks of bad/switched lines over it. looks like every other line in block is switched with horizontally adjanced line in the next block). I tried to take screenshot with Gimp and got normal picture. The screen looks normal ingame too, just the saved image is bad. I run on Linux, Gentoo and got my copy from the emerge (packaging system), my videocard is integrated Intel. Some time ago the screenshot worked fine, but i do not took it too often, so only three taken this year (all i get) are bad. Previous pictures (from Jul 2009, probabelly previous version of EL) are OK. What other info should i include?
  3. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    I would like to order 10k of Silver Ore (25 kgc) ingame name Gilhad. Thank you.
  4. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Delivered, thank you Rat14
  5. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Delivered, thank you MladyM
  6. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Good to hear you are feeling better I could not find you last week. I live in GMT+1, but i will try to have client running all the day (say from 10am to 10 pm) in semi-AFK when anywhere near my comp, just PM me when you log in.
  7. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    If the claim Percyvalus - 10k Coal (22k) is doubled by mistake, i will gladly buy the Coal
  8. Warning, n00b is speaking I play on main a i will not play on PK, as i do not like fighting at all (yes, even such people exists). Still i think i can say something here - why my friends are not joining PK or even thinking about it. - it is difficult to even find out, that PK server exist and how to get there - paying over internet is problematic for many people (esp. young) here - even if they buy games, they do it in stone shops, not on internet - there is not need to go to PK server, when on main they can fight in all those arenas, NDD KF, or wait for weak players on PK maps given by quests/access to strategic spots (as hydro). There is even something like guild wars which looks like temporary PK server from my view with benefit of fast changing in and out for some fee in gc. - EL is hard game, especially for low levels, so many do not want to start from zero again - they think - be it true or not - that they would be just a food to all-powerfull chars here with no chance of good progress, until they became somehow all-powerfull too - they are in guilds on main, where they have friends (who would not go PK) to talk with So to make more people to PK server (and on the way remove them from main for time spend here) maybe could help address those points more, then solving some technicalities about "making PK server better for its present population" - more advertizing on pages, simple chooser for PK server, some NPC/bot talking about "the wonderfull PK server" ingame on main, especially about legal mutli-play here - consider other type of payments (send money directly from bank to bank account without PayPal, NPC converting gc on main/PK for PK coupons (and selling those gc for $$ to bring real money to Radu), some kind of free-for-start account ....) - make PK in main much more difficult/impossible so it would be easier to get here, than PK there AND make it more interesting named "EXTREME version" "SUPER SPECIAL" and so on...) - have some way to "convert" chars from main to PK server (say for 300.000 kgc to have 3 month "free") - IN ONE-WAY manner (char deleted on main, created with capped stats and adjusted store on PK - no way back - IMHO many would try it and then rather stay here, then start from zero on main - un-fair for old players here, but i think they would make for it with more knowledge of here-strategies and could use more targets to play with - maybe some kind of "teleport communication" from this server to main and back - #ig counterpart for communication between guilds - maybe even some kind of "PK-server-like instancies" on main, where the chars would be put on conditions like are here, with big promotion "on PK/Extreme server you can fight this way all time everywhere" (or maybe not -as per "too much of PK on main already") I am not PK, as i told and I would not use it, but some ppl i know would probabelly try it and find it more interesting afterwards. And it would also move the predatory types from main to this server, which would result in safer main and more populated PK/Extreme, so it is win-win
  9. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    ingame name gilhad - i would like to order 20k of Coal (44kgc total)
  10. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    ingame name gilhad i would like to order 20k of Iron Ore, total price 70k, thanks
  11. Environmental saving ideas!

    dont wear clothes at all, turn off the computer, go to city O.O
  12. Environmental saving ideas!

    \o/ Earth is saved \o/
  13. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    I would like order 10k Silver (25kgc) 10k Silver (25kgc) 10k Silver (25kgc) 10k Silver (25kgc) Ingame name Gilhad Thank you very much
  14. New Gossip Translation Feature in Beta

    Czech is my native lang, so if you need some help say me
  15. Important notice for young people

    I have too. I do not love restrictions forced to ppl, but there is a big difference between "Do not do this or 10 years jail" and "Do not do this as it can hurt you". My parents did not warned me about risk on Internet when i was teens as the Internet was not here at the time. In fact I do warn my parents about Internet risks now (as well as my childs). The Internet is relatively new and many parents are not fully aware about the risks there, so for some time i think it is good to have warnings (not restrictions) about it on many places. This need will go out after another generation will hit adult age. But many of ppl even a little younger than me are now not fully aware about the internet risks, as they was not raised in Internet society and did not care too much to educate themself after they became parents. So i think it is good to have warnings on many places, but not have laws enforcing it (as laws tends to be misused more than not). It is responsibility of parents to look after their childs. There is no discussion about it. But sometimes information from other sources can help too. As a parent I am responsible for keeping my child safe. in example - you can hurt yourself with sharp knive. I would not allow babies to came in touch with knife. But when they grow a little, i would allow them to cut bread on wooden plate under supervision. When they can do it safely i would allow them to try cut bread in hand under supervision. Then i would allow them tu cut bread. And later i would give them pocket knife for bread cutting. I do not need goverment to place laws at which age it should happen - it should be, when they are skilled and reliable enought to do it safely - which is very individual. Even when my child have their own knives from low school age, I still apreticiate the shoping lady (?sorry bad english?) to say to them "Here is your knife. Be carefull, it is sharp." when they bought new knifes even many years after i allowed them to cary it. It is not something she was law-enforced to say, nor she could have been sued if they would cut themself, but is was nice and polite recomendation. Still i am responsible for all their would till they became adults. But responsibility is not "restrict acces" only, it is "teach when and how use it". Nobody sane could think about being able to watch every movement of person 24/7/365 from 0 to 18 years. It is about mutual trust. I trust them to do not overstep the rules we agrred on, they trust me that tere are reasons for such rules. And I explain them the reasons if it is possible. In the rest of cases i promised to explain fully when they would grow enought to understand the explanation. ------ Resume: I think it is good to have warnings around in sane amounth. I think it should not be enforced by laws.