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  1. Depletable Resources Poll

    I voted No. When the easy to reach harvestable items are gone, then harvesters will mix at storage with whatever they've harvested. Whatever they're planning on making - whether it's HE or Titanium greaves, there are multiple items needed in the recipe. All this change will be doing is removing the batch harvest process whereby someone gathers all their silver then all their chrysanthemum, and re-scheduling the order in which things are done. (Instead of a long time harvesting item 1, then item 2, then mixing, there'll be a short time harving item 1, then item 2, then mixing, and this process will be repeated more often.) If a harvester runs out of the resources they want to harvest at the time, then they'll either harvest something else or go and make use of the only skills that require no mixed items, namely fighting and ranging. Before you all pipe up and say 'but you need HE, SR, armour and blah blah blah' - there are a lot of people who train on lower level critters that are 'safe' for them so they can reap a pile of meat, fur, bones, gc or whatever they need. This is how some fighting gold farmers get rich. I think you'll find that with depleting harvestable resources, you'll also find an increase in monster/animal spawn crowding. While I don't mind sharing a spawn with agreeable people, being in a part of the world that's further away from the server than those who are not, I can not compete if someone else decides to move in and get all newly spawned creatures without sharing. This is purely based on the server response time because I'm not close to the server. Half a second isn't much time, but it's enough to count. Inability to harvest + inability to fight = frustrated players. Walking around looking for something to do is not fun. For some people, this change will ruin the game. I'm not saying that this change will ruin the game for everyone and be the death-knell for EL, but some players will leave the game because of it.
  2. Bunting Arrows

    This idea wasn't only intended for the MB, it is intended for all critters as a replacement for pinning as we know it. Dushan, considering that a crossbow can only fire 2-3 bolts in 5 seconds, I don't think that 5 seconds is too long for the stun period when you take into consideration the time taken to change ammunition also.
  3. Bunting Arrows

    I was recently talking to roguepeach and we started talking about the Mare Bulangiu and how it was too tough for rangers to fight without a fighter tank to pin it seeing as though it can't be pinned just by shooting it. I as most people, consider that ranging can be too easy (though still extremely expensive) with monsters (especially high level monsters) being able to be pinned in one spot. The idea was brought forth that bunting arrows might be a useful way of balancing the problem. Bunting arrows were/are arrows with a round head (introducing a new engineering item also) used in fowl hunting and archery training. They're used specifically to break bones and stun birds rather than piercing their flesh. If we had bunting arrows which had a chance to stun an enemy for say 5 seconds, but did little damage, we would also bring in some more tactics to the skill of ranging, whereby a ranger would need to select his/her ammunition appropriately. I'll leave the suggestion at that for now, feel free to comment.
  4. Storage Clear Out !

    15k for the leather helms :>
  5. To all our Friends!

    Congratulations you two Glad to see this finally happening after so long. Sorry I won't be able to make it, that's about 1:30pm for me, so I'll be at work... yay for RL one request... lots of pics
  6. What is your opinion about multiplaying?

    I voted no, largely due to the fact that it's been tried before. Bit by bit the restrictions were increased to the point where again now multi-play is not allowed in any form. As the restrictions kept getting tighter, players kept getting more and more confused as to what they were allowed and what they were not allowed to do. Keep it simple. If multi-play is allowed, allow it all. If it is not allowed, disallow all multi-play. This includes multi-play between family members/house-mates/room-mates/pets/alien invaders.
  7. Yay! \o/

    Kylara, Doc, and Jibbe, I hope you all enjoy the newest member of your family, and wish you a long, healthy, happy life together
  8. Ladyreni

    Reni should be made in more media, don't you think? Nice work
  9. New NPC

    I'm not in the habit of funding terrorists with more money to extort more money out of me in the future. Although... I *do* pay my taxes, so... I guess in a way ^^ Call me crazy, but I'm not going to pay protection money.
  10. Something wrong with the Taverns

    To maximize the use of the texture files, the face is only half drawn and mirrored. If it were implemented to get a black eye, you'd actually have BOTH blackened
  11. Something wrong with the Taverns

    Perhaps a special day... "Nasty Drunks" where all bars are PK (except IP tavern)? Roleplay: Mortos has embued the spirit of alcohol with his malignance, causing happy drunks to get downright mean!
  12. Sitting in a bar called the Happy Spirits, I was pondering what many have pondered before, when I again found that there was something wrong in the place. I've not once seen a barfight in this strange land! Now, along the path of my journeys, I've been glad for the chance of untroubled passage in many areas, but... honestly... not a single bar brawl to rouse the blood? It's just not natural... We need a PK tavern to rouse the spirits
  13. Leadership Change

    hehehe and why might I do that?
  14. Leadership Change

    After many months of leading the Crusaders through good times and bad, it is now time to look forward to a new era for the Crusaders. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for us with Kylara as Guildleader, with the great crew of able co-leaders that we already have. have I done the right thing?
  15. Guess the player name!

    meh I thought this one was ChickenGeorge