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  1. Unban IP Please

    My character isn't locked. I was logged on a week or so ago. My grandsons chars were locked. He played only long enough to realize he didn't care for it and to hear that Radu was easy to tick off. So now he knows and is back to playing Minecraft I mentioned the $5 whitelisting because that would allow me to log on. Sorry I don't know how to quote but here http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=29370 It says If for some reason you do NOT have an e-mail address from your ISP, and you can't provide one, you will need to donate 5 USD (non refundable feee) on our Donations page, and in that e-mail specifiy that the money are for a whitelist name. I have a yahoo email address.
  2. Unban IP Please

    I sent a message on June 29th. I can pay the $5 to whitelist me if needed. Didn't want to do this until I'd heard something.
  3. Unban IP Please

    It has now been well over a month and my ip is still banned. Also no replies here or via message.
  4. Unban IP Please

    My grandson was playing on his accounts Shad0wwarri0r and Katoolie and got my ip banned. He is no longer playing (think his char shadd0wwarri0r is banned) but I would like to start playing on my char Anniew again. Can I please get my IP unbanned?
  5. im in my name is anniew and im female in rl:)) ROCK ON:)