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  1. very random. much gamblers fallacy.
  2. A word of warning

    Solar, don't bother with the IP address, of course those phishers and scammers hide behind proxies or operate from virus-infected normal home users' PCs. I get heaps of such mails, trying get get my banking pins, paypal password, ebay login, you name it they want it.

    Please don't get that bot, it would be very annoying to get automated "Gratz" .. next time you want a "welcome bot" who adds everyone to their buddy list and say "hello" a second after they log on. Sheeeeesh~~~ please give me peace!!! I get enough spam!!
  4. Antlers

    Easy TS pots with stackable antlers? Noo!.. the shrooms+flowers+mixing are much more of an annoyance. Usually there is a surplus of antlers in game. That said, keep them non-stackable, since they are pretty huge
  5. 23 Serpent Stones Auction

    My bid: 175k
  6. Different exit for Instances Invances

    you're right about the logic, but IP has an advantage, too - after each instance, a team with knights clad in shiny armor appear on IP for every newbie to see and discuss their adventures over a bottle of beer or wine, so, if they would get teleported to a hidden chamber, the newbies would miss out an opportunity to recognize a possible goal to reach in this game: become one of those great shiny knights
  7. More Gypsum Locations

    Exactly! Even sleepwalking is possible, it just takes a long time I'm considering to take hellspawn perk, because i can still get my gypsum with it
  8. summoning in combat

    yes, a cooldown of perhaps 3 or 4 seconds, would probably do the trick, and since it already costs mana ....spamming ceases to be viable we also have to consider it's effects on PvE - what will happen in invances/invasions if summoners can summon and fight at the same time?
  9. summoning in combat

    Is there a shortcut for the summon menu yet ? It's a bit hard to switch as it is now.
  10. Mule level update

    The only (and very huge) con for a mule there is: They eat a LOT of creature food ! And Saxum, for the frostbite, having 2 or 3 BR pots with you should be more than enough
  11. EXP Boosters

    Hello Raspberrybeard Ghrae is correct, we already HAVE a lot of XP boosters ( - and indirectly some of them they CAN be bought for $$) If more were introduced, the super-duper-power-levelers would max out their attribs even faster, so it won't change a thing, as the gap between "pr0" and "n00b" would remain the same.
  12. cloak buyin npc

    Being naive now, checking bot market. There's a good and balanced amount of both buy and sell orders for each BP/MM/Mirror - so you can't say there is no buyers ! The only cape for which there's no real demand is the Warlock's So perhaps think of other possibilties than a mere NPC drain, because we want fun items, not stupid sell-to-NPC items, 1. Make it more known, many players don't even realize it exists!.. 2. Change it's stats to make it more useful 3. Steal them from Boedha's storage then he won't have any problem with them no more
  13. Instance with 3 man

    It already gets harder with less people. You need more resources in spite of having less EMU to mule them in. I actually agree with OP, once we went into a 80-100 with 5 people regular, one had to leave early (or died, i don't remember). I had to log off for a minute because of RL emergency, and during the same time, another player must have grued, so when i logged back 1 minute later, we got kicked, in spite of being still 4 ! I learnt my lesson and will try to stay logged in !
  14. Guns.

    The short bow is a gun.
  15. Invance Helping and Gear Poll

    I believe the minimum sword for 40-60 should be S2E or titanium short as minimum, so newbies have the chance to enter with cheap equipment they can afford to lose, if they want. Requirement for *fighters* from 80-100 and up should be at least full steel or full titanium in general, unless you have a special "profession" like ranger. That being said, i don't think it should be too strict. One might have a broken greaves and still be able to fight with it for a round. ...and... Sounds bossy, the way you're putting it. Better just state your opinion - you are not alone with it !
  16. Hi! It was a dream i had a while ago... Until now, every non-player creature (except Lenny) follows an ordinary type of random walk. It works well. However i believe it might enrich the game if we have more than one type of behaviour. Let's assume we a have a flock of equal creatures, e.g. "weird chickens" looking like tiny cockatrices, forming a group. To distinguish from ordinary creatures they have a dark blue name tag. They watch each other, and are bound to stay together in a group, with some occasional execptions. I assume it will be possible to formulate some rules for their walking behaviour - these would have to be elaborated, till there's a small set of rules producing a good looking flock of creatures, which can be sometimes chaotic and somtimes orderly * A creature with ordinary group bias tries to maintain a distance of 3 steps from his neighbour. If close they'd take the next step away from it it, if further they'd move closer. * With a small chance, a creature turns sinto single bias, moves away from group walking randomly towards the least populated area, perhaps doing random walk. After a while would start to feel lonely and try to come back to group. * there's a tiny chance one might turn aggressive. If others see an agressive one they follow it rather than their non-aggressive neighbors * If one is seen as engaged in battle, others who see it will turn aggressive immediately Would be interesting if they can cross maps, too, so we'd have a flock of little chickens walking all across C2 (but i guess crossing maps would be too difficult to handle for the server.) Does this make any sense to you ? I imagine it would look good.
  17. perhaps people are getting too sad to be able to harvest, when climbing this mount *sniffs*
  18. Essences and More for sell

    Hello I'd like to order 100 titanium bars, please aredhel
  19. Phoenix

    A new summonable creature would be pretty funky, however, the phoenix is already a shapeshifting creature which would become useful with some changes as already discussed here http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=56164 when glyphs are makeable
  20. invance afker solution(s)

    Just got another idea... Give less XP for completing invance, but double XP for all att/def/range during an invance (contra: nobody will want to be gatekeeper) ...or... adjust XP according to hits taken + damage dealt ... no matter whether by sword, or arrows, or...ermm.. summons .. divide a pool of total XP which is constant for every invance among the participiants again according to their points gained perhaps add a certain amount of points per minute for sitting in the gate this said, why bother ? ... it won't be possible to satisfy everyone here, so it can as well stay as it is...
  21. Yes, makes sense to me, and setting the cooldown counter to -240 or something sounds like a very easy solution, too - i'm really not very fond of collective punishment in any way. - on the other hand, WASN'T there one invance just yesterday night? Mercator says so...
  22. 40-60 invance

    ok, since you asked... If you have never been to invances, you should start with : - Augmented leather pants + augmented leather torso - leather boots - steel shield - titanium short sword - moon medallion - iron helm ( all these require human nexus 3 at maximum !) of course, bring 2 amber, as well! also bring - 5 rings of disengagement - 1 ring of morcraven marsh, 1 ring of naralik (for restocking or returning from IP) - 2-5 tiger stones - 30-80 health essence - 10-20 potions of spirit restoration - 15 matter essence (for shield spell) - 5 potions of coordination - 5 potions of physique when you have learnt to use all this equipment, also bring - 15 magic essence (for remote healing summons) - 5 spirit + 10 energy essence for teleport to range and portal spells when you are more daring, and can cast restore with reasonable success rate, you can start wearing a red dragon helm of life and mana (human nexus 4), for a lot more health points. when you are rich, get titanium armor and crown of life (human nexus 5), but better carry a rosto then
  23. 40-60 invance

    WiFi, I wrote "I think", because i'm not authorized by anyone to make the rules. I am merely going by what makes sense to me. The rules Radu posted are not definite on this matter What's you call "good gear" is of course dependent on level. Although you can justify to ask for a titanium short sword to make reasonable damage, you can't demand from relatively unleveled chars to take a 40kgc sword and full titanium set, or have them risk a rosto, because they have less means to earn this kind of equipment. Many 40-60ers ARE going in augs and it works alright. There are other tools than armor/weapon which don't cost a fortune when you lose them. There's potions, shield/heal/poison spells, summon stones, all very helpful to improve fighting abilities. This said, i'm not sure if making 40-60 invance a no-drops is a good idea, even if it's KF style. It sure would make things easier, and prevent the BJing threat, but it would also take the "big challenge" out of this. Any more imput ?
  24. 40-60 invance

    Amaara, with an a/d in the mid 50es and even normal fighter build, you can be pretty much helpful for the 40-60 invance in augs and tit short or S2E - all equipment you can afford to lose. With higher magic and HOLAM you can even hold the bosses for a while or fight them in team. But I agree, for newbies playing their first char and leveling mostly a/d (so they have low OA) it's pretty hard because they don't know their tools too well. So, i think, for 40-60 invance, yes, fighting in augs is ok, i think, for higher invances you should have steel/titanium. As for no-drops, Rabbitman, i would miss out on the drops from monsters .. they do pay off the for losses for some part. New players could be guided by the experienced ones. The feeling of being timid as a newbie can be considered part of the game, making it interesting
  25. Trivia bot and story telling bot

    same happened to me, took me a while to find out