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  1. Removing TS effect

    Best idea in this thread.
  2. Lara serping ogre spawn

    LoL...just fyi, it's "without further ado"
  3. Apologize

    There's only one way to *begin* this new life: Give everything you own away to Annatira for contests. If you truly "worked" for anything you own (which I seriously doubt), then too bad. Those are the consequences for being a thief and liar. Until you do this, I, for one, will never trust nor believe you. You cannot be a thief, steal everything you need and want, and then "repent" and continue to enjoy the fruits of your thievery. I'll be waiting to see contests announced by Annatira with "thanks to Rayla for the prizes!" But I won't hold my breath.
  4. Invasions and special days

    Couldn't agree more
  5. Selling 15k silver ore

    15k silver ore for 30k gc. PM me in game Sold
  6. FAQ about mules

    No. Creature food is consumed on Fasting days.
  7. Gossip

    Same here...startling to say the least
  8. Will Removal Stone Auction

  9. Will Removal Stone Auction

    Starting bid: 40k Buy now price: 60k Auction ends 9/11/08 2pm est.