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  1. Instinct or Vitality

    They both are good I guess and they have diffrent uses but it seem to work better to have them balanced. Well Vitality adds mana but If you think it is irrevelent then you'd be wrong.As a fighter there will be times that you will need every single mana of yours.
  2. Auctions

    Well some people may want to keep their trades private but you may never know if it is abused by seller or not. Also the main problem is the auctions end up with no trade because seller didn't like the price.This thing just shouldn't happen like "I won't sell because I don't like the winner price". A winner is winner you have to sell to the winner but to protect sellers right to get the price they want as minimum, the sellers should just set a starting bid which would be the minimum price acceptable for the item they are selling. This will make sure that they get what they want and buyers get what they want.This also will provide some (not full of course) protection from stupid fake bidders that just enjoy the pump prices up.
  3. Auctions

    That might be fixed with a rule like auction will end if no new bids in two days or something and I agree with Lexi on private bidders, it can easily be abused.
  4. Auctions

    Lately I've been bidding on some auctions but I've seen that me and some other players are struck by "I'll not sell if I don't like the price" thing. This is not a whining post that "omfg I didn't get the item". I totally respect that people should be able to sell their stuff at the price they want but this is why we have starting prices in my opinion. Just as an example, I've auctioned a Rapier of Death on forums (and I see no problem saying it here as it is already sold) with starting price of 170k and BIN of 500k. Starting price was 170k because that was the lowest price I could accept for it.Letting people know the lowest price I could accept saved both mine and bidders time and trouble of endless bids resulting in no item. So I'm actually saying that if you have an idea of what you want for the item you auction(most people has that idea as not much priceless items are around anymore), set a starting price and make it a decent auction. I, of course, would like to hear opinions about this. MrGray.
  5. The Sisters of No Mercy

    Invasion was awesome, so was the strategic problem I encountered. Great fun. Thanks Usl.
  6. Magic Day Stone

  7. Magic Day Stone

  8. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Ingame name: MrGray I'd like to order 50k Diamonds 170kgc
  9. Emerald Claymore of Life and Mana

    Edit: Webserver of EL had problems and page was not reachable for quite some time. So end time is set to 7th of October 6pm GMT. Another edit: Damned calender was broken and stayed at 5th so I tried to mean 7th. So sorry for it.
  10. Emerald Claymore of Life and Mana

    Go away kad
  11. Emerald Claymore of Life and Mana

    I forgot to set increase amount so offer taken this time but I'll appriciate person who bids next bids 220k at least.