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  1. Invitation

    Gratz guys, may all your EL days be full of joy and all your EL nights be full of shackles and whips JaneMuffin
  2. New icon for el...

    Make a screenshot with Print screen button and post that. EDIT: I just realized what your problem is, email me the Icon and I will make a nice pic and post it for you JaneMuffin@hotmail.com
  3. ATi video card problem [SOLVED]

    Okay I have been trying to help another player to figure out why he cant play el. Here is the story so far. He has installed a fresh copy of el 2 times. He logs in and after a few minutes 5-10 mins, his EL display gets all screwy.. So we suggested he reinstall drivers and he did that...Did not work. We suggested he turn on the option of ATI card...Didnt work. I swear I have seen this before on this thread but for some reason I cant find it. I dont know much about computer hardware but I am thinking its cuz his video card is over heating.. He said he has an "ATI 128 meg" I dont know the brand name or anything and he poofed before I could extract the info. BTW before the update he could play fine. Any suggestions? Thanks JaneMuffin BTW if I help him fix this I am gonna ask him for those 8 EFEs
  4. The hall of shame

    Ent, Hay I just got an idea! *thanks unnamed person for idea* Why not post ALL of the servers logs? I mean if these guys are innocent and trustworthy they had NOTHING at all to worry about. Post the whole log, and prove me wrong Or send me the whole log and I will give you that proof you have been asking for JaneMuffin
  5. The hall of shame

    Are you listening to anything I am saying?? Its not the devs!!! Its the players who suck up to them.. Thats the real issue. Why didn't your macro catchers catch anyone else?? Why only ef??? I am SURE there is other clients out there that have automixers/autorestore. You should have waited till you caught them all. It's very wrong to give chances to the other idiots who use the clients but now can stop without punishment. I think it very honorable that you trust Rogue. And maybe he should be trusted. But there is times that you need to listen to the few, the ones who dont have ANYTHING to gain. Maybe you can spare some trust to us? I know you dont know the hell I am, but you know I never did anything illegal in-game, and the times I did find some bugs, it took me no more than 10 seconds (and a push from guns..my dear guns!! ) to report them. All this still doesnt make me want to leave the game of my own free will This whole year has been awesome! I have made friends whos bonds are tighter than anything I have experienced irl You are gonna have to ban me to get rid of me Thats the only way I am gonna go. JaneMuffin Tough cookie, trooper And to GarD: I am sorry if I dragged our mighty guild through this mess. I love you all like family and never ment for it to happen this way (although I warned you all it would happen). I hope people dont hold it against my friends, and guildmates, none of them had prior knowledge before tonight.
  6. The hall of shame

    Yes but they would also know how to bypass your "fool proof" methods. I dont quit over petty crap (unlike enyo, resurected 3 times to date). The modded clients dont hurt me any, the macroers dont hurt me any. I play to chat and have somethign to do while chatting. What benifit would I get from naming names?? I have been playing for a year come the 29th or something, and I am still a low lvl player, I play for entertainment and community. Everyone has their reason to play and not quit. Bit I will await your ban. The sooner the better, I have already provided ALL the proof I have. JaneMuffin *Sets head on cutting block* Go ahead, I am ready
  7. The hall of shame

    But doesn't that also mean they will stop using the client?? your log only goes back so far. What if they were using it before? Go back and check our dear Enyos logs...tell us what the log says, as a matter of fact check mine. JaneMuffin
  8. The hall of shame

    I hope you do. As I have mentioned countless times before, I love this game and want it played fairly. That does not excuse ANYONE from cheating. JaneMuffin
  9. The hall of shame

    BRING IT! JaneMuffin I have said my proof and my piece, not to mention my goodbye. Your proof is with Rogue, have him confess or cut his stats
  10. The hall of shame

    awww is that all you have to say??? "You are under attack, cant move" *rofl* I laughed so hard I cracked my ass Dax, get a life JaneMuffin
  11. The hall of shame

    I am shocked at my post not being deleted yet!! And you laugh! Good one boss Now I await the fake accusation sof macroing and so on. Although, I dont have that much computer knowledge to get one working Mihaim care to make me one like enyos? Auto-Restore for Dummies JaneMuffin
  12. For our beloved friends, the macroers

    Wait just a sec... Up until this newest update I was using the TC Client. It featured Colored GMs, Uber Zoom, and XP counter. And that was the LEGAL version. I dont think anyone should get stats cut for using ZOOM, Colored GMs or XP Counters. As a matter of fact I think the legal client should have these things implemented. I think its time to go after the real macroers. Uber Zoom is NOT a Macro. JaneMuffin
  13. For our beloved friends, the macroers

    Just a quick question. I wanted to know if it was okay to change my bmp files for brown leather to black. Only *I* can see them, I am using the officail client, but I like the black leather better for screenshots. Is that illegal atm? Thanks, JaneMuffin
  14. To know or not to know.

    JaneMuffin (Female)- Elf, Everything but summoing. JaneMuffin Resident Pervestor.

    Eeeks!! Lmao!!! That was awesome Great job! JaneMuffin
  16. More multicombat maps?

    Voted some. Higher level monster maps and PK maps. JaneMuffin
  17. Changes to the PK system. Yes or no?

    That would rock!! (if its what I am picturing) I say lets do it JaneMuffin
  18. Lets decide- once and for all

    Okay so where is the option for NES, yes the original NES RockZ!! JaneMuffin
  19. ATi video card problem [SOLVED]

    Awesome ty Derin I will Email him right now and have him try this JaneMuffin
  20. ATi video card problem [SOLVED]

    Wait a sec! They said SiS cards arent, but ATI are! Can someone confirm? JaneMuffin
  21. Hardware Revolution... 2tb Ram/2tb Hd/6,8ghz

    *ebul laughter echos through the forums* muahhahah!!! Hax0red!!! *Posts on Haz0red.net forums* Take that super computer owning biatches!!! JaneMuffin Twas a fit of jealousy!
  22. parlon vertas house trap

    np I was stuck in that house for a while too thinking to myself "Vermor finally found a way to get teh Muffin to stop local spamming" I am happy you got out JaneMuffin
  23. parlon vertas house trap

    IF you rotate the screen and click on the outside part of the door you can get out easy Did it have a funny blinking carpet? JaneMuffin
  24. Modified clients

    *slowly backs away from over worked and over stressed dev* Sorry I will be a good girl and not touch nothing!! I swear!! Hench teh Halo 0:) *being good now* JaneMuffin
  25. My first trip to the new continent...

    lmao!!! I just gotta say that we definatly need mor of this and less screeching about how PKing is giving you the blues!! w00t!! Go Maddad! This thing had me laughing and cheering at the same time You Rockz JaneMuffin