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  1. Selling Thermal Serpent Sword (980k) or Trade Any Nexus Removal Stone pm me in game or post here
  2. Selling Damaged Armors

    1 Used Steel Plate (69k) 1 Used Steel Cuisses (25k) 1 Used Steel Greave (18k) Total 110k as set 1 Used Titanium Plate (89k) 1 Used Titanium Cuisses (47k) 1 Used Titanium Greave (27k) Total 160k as set 1 Damaged Black Dragon Mail (110k) 1 Damaged Black Dragon Cuisses (52k) 1 Damaged Black Dragon Greave (42k) Total 200k as set
  3. Thermal serpent sword

    Hi, he isnt bjr he is only kid, i forgive him and thank you Rick as well trustable player. i forgive Life and give his reward.
  4. Storage sale!

    1 Wolfram Bar (14.5K) 2 Hydrogenium Ore (1.2Kea) 1 Crown of Life (90K) 1 Mage Robe Pants (47K) 194 Creature food (76ea) 5 Invasion Token (24Kea) 4 Haidir pass(7.5Kea) 1 Mule Glyph(240gc) Total : 318884
  5. seems no more bids.. catch me in game Lorck
  6. Auctioning : Titanium Serpent Sword of Thermal Bids start at: 1M gc Minimum increments: 10K gc BIN : 1.3M gc Auction End : (one week from post or bin) Good luck Auction Ended
  7. Alperen

    They know whats wrong now and it wont be happen again, sorry to bothering you thank you very much Aislinn
  8. Alperen

    1. if is there a way for us to prove that they're 3 seperated owners of the chars, please tell us. 2. Alperen* is old ATOR char,just a namechange.and for your info, he bought&played&sold another char as well. 3. they know about the rules,that's why they have never traded among theirselves. 4. is there problem with ultio and his age or did he do something wrong?as far as we know he haven't done something wrong but if he did please let us know.
  9. Alperen

    i'm talking to you because alperen doesn't speak english as you know you may be right,i don't know what happened "exactly",i'm just trying to help with the translation. how i can proof they are different persons? maybe send another picture if you didn't believe in that one they had a long break with EL already so a month of lock would affect them bad. alperen just bought some stuff from the shop to complete his lackings yes ultio 11 years old, very young and playing nice
  10. Alperen

    hello again, tassak and alperen are friends from real and alperen was helping him to get HEs since he's not anti, i think here's the misunderstanding i have already sent you pic of the family (pm on forum) he bought 25 rostos from the shop just 2 days ago which is kinda proof for them not sharing & helping eachother as a result, we just wish those 3 chars get unbanned and you will never see any other chars from their ip.
  11. Alperen

    hello everyone, Alperen, Belemir and ultio chars got banned for illegal multiplaying. but there's a something missed, they're a family. alperen(father) - belemir(his wife) and ultio is their kid besides, realizing the rules they have never traded with eachother or some other way. but they got banned today for illegal multiplaying and i think this is bec of a misunderstanding could you help to get them unbanned and whitelisted? thank you for your understanding
  12. Iscalrith

    Iscalrith [267,31] if u want fly