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  1. Vegetal Removal Stone

    Hello I am JoDuFe Start Bidding : 230k gc by Aureliusz Buy now: 250k gc SOLD (250k gc)
  2. i am buying 3 reasoning removal stones offer to ingame(pm)
  3. Quote of the week submissions

    hahahahaha:) i am funny man:)
  4. Auctioning

    i am JoDuFe (ingame name) 1 Staff of The Mage Starting price : 66k gc Buy it Now : 73k gc post here or pm ingame GOOD LUCK... -------SOLD------- ***ty Duduc***
  5. 20k toads

    sorry miss click..
  6. JoDuFe

    I do not have offense at all. You delayed a very watch. One you write an answer
  7. JoDuFe

    i am JoDuFe (ingame). un ban please....IP address banned.. help me please.To play with want quick...Contradictious to the rules I did not behave.. un ban please The reason : computer become repeatedly it worked was proscribed
  8. Auctioning Air Essences

    SOLD. TY bigsimp pm me plz.
  9. selling air essence

  10. Auctioning Air Essences

    i am mucahit (ingame name) 20 k air essences Starting price : 170 kgc Increments : 5 kgc Buy it Now : 200 kgc Auction ends in 2 days(29 August 10:09) TYVM. GOOD LUCK
  11. i am banned again:(

    The everybody the here. To the me why does'nt an answer
  12. i am banned again:(

    my ip adress is banned. my nick is mucahit(ingame). help me!!!