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  1. IP Banned

    Please... Can i get unbanned any day? i am so bored now i want play EL.. :S Please answer my others messages Thanks Please anwer me
  2. IP Banned

    If u are thinking what SirNahuel is my alt He is a friend what made his char in my house while i was in the dentist.. and i dont know what more accs were made in my house..please post here which accounts.. and someone log in in these chars or no?
  3. IP Banned

    i told to RAdu That before.. He said ok no problem if u pay me... "(I also add here that was not the only alt on your IP)". so, which??i didn't make another char here
  4. IP Banned

    but.. was i banned becouse i was training an account for a bot?
  5. IP Banned

    i never read forum messages.. becouse i dont understand english very well.. so.. will i get ip unbanned in X month/s? and will i have inventory wipe...?.. BYE
  6. IP Banned

    Ok Aislinn no Problem. But u didnt tell to me "you have been on no-alts restrictions" NEVER only said "new account" and no more.. OK if i get ip unbanned any time please pm me in forums Thank Ahh and JuanTheSir was a char i made becouse i was trying to make a bot but my father changed his mind and said "i wont pay u for the bot" and 1 month ago i asked him again and he said yes.. then i was training the account JuanThesir for more EMU. Bye!
  7. IP Banned

    Pleas eanswer me.. now u see.. u never never answer me... Will i get ip unbanned any time? PLEASE answer me thi question..
  8. IP Banned

    I Found The Pass! Hi. Sorry Aislinn For the message i have sent to you.. it was becouse you NEVER PM back to me. And i wanted to ask you something... Sorry.. Will i have mi ip unbanned later? PLEASE. GoodBye
  9. Selling

    hi players. I'm auctioning a Gelatine Bones Perk Removal Stone Starting Price:85kgc Buy it now for:110kgc ingame incrases of:5k the auction will end the next weekend 4th octuber
  10. Ip Banned

    my new ip is banned..can someone whitelist my character? my char is TiNcHiTo13 Please.... TiNcHiTO13 8)