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  1. Banned

    aislinn answer me please
  2. NMT Auction

  3. Banned

    Aislinn: Sometimes i play in the cyber.. i think others players broken the rule 5 before.. Ping is my brother... and he told me if i could open his char and harv some minerals.. but i didnt trade theses accounts.and i didnt broke the rule 5 before.. hankdec is my single char and ping is my brother... we have the same ip. we were banned when i loged in his character. Hankdec..
  4. Banned

    Dear Aislinn: Hi.. I am Hankdec. i was banned in august 18th.. and i need know when it will be unbanned please. or can u unban my char pleaseee... i miss my character.. really a lot please i'll never do that again please aislinn answer me.. i am waiting for you.. but you wont talk with me... i will wait you... and Bye for now HankDec
  5. I blocked

    plis unblocked my char Hankdec
  6. I blocked

    gracias Spartan_Warrior por la ayuda
  7. gracias

    Gracias Spartan_Warrior por la traduciĆ³n al ingles. lo siento mucho, es que soy malo para el ingles
  8. I blocked

    I blocked the character Hankdec, I was in the computer and my friend to arrive home and play the two, then told me to open his character to be put it to collect some minerals to time we put the screen in black and left Aviano that breached the Rule 5 Whoever says no to fraud, I did not know but I swear that will not happen again. I blocked asgnny Please release my character Hankdec