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  1. 1.9.0 Win32 final

    WOW very nice i love it everything works perfect thanks
  2. need help plz

    when i log on to test server my acc is all black and it has some glitches and i can barely see anything plz help me and in like 2 mins it crashes plz help =D ty
  3. need help cant log on....

    when ever i press log in it freezes and about 5 secs later it turns of el......plz help ty =D
  4. baned luka2oo5

    my brothers account -.-
  5. baned luka2oo5

    may i also add that this is the only time i ever done this and it wount be done again and also this is my first time ever being in the forums which means i dont break rules this was just 1 time thing
  6. banned a while ago

    um hi my accounts name is luka2oo5. and before luka2oo5 i had an account named luka12 which got hacked and i reported so they banned it and i would like to know if i can get it back u can ask a couple ppl from guild BoC if im lieing or not to cheak if i realy had the account for proof and also if i get it unbanned i need the password since it was changed after it got hacked
  7. baned luka2oo5

    i traded with an account named pwned4life while being multylogged in with luka2oo5
  8. baned luka2oo5

    hi my ingame name is luka2oo5 and i was banned for tradeing another account of mine and also made a misstake thinking i wouldent get in trouble by lieing to a mod and saying i dont have another account and i didnt do it and i learned my mistake not to lie to a moderator and not to multi log in ty