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  1. The Wake of A Child

    ((... And it ended up being.. what.. 4 years. ;p Doubtful that anyone still even reads this one. ))
  2. The Wake of A Child

    (( Hey... Sorry I haven't been on lately, guess what!? I became an Admin on a friend of mines site.. Please, you guys.. Join it? We need more members.. It's awesome.. It really is.. My SN there is ShadowenLark, itll come up with Lark only though.. So.. If you need help, you can ask me or Reign for help.. But please! Please please please please please join!http://rpillusia.proboards20.com/index.cgi ))
  3. The Wake of A Child

    (( I used to get good grades all the time, and then things happened in my life ... I'll call it a depression stage. Grades went down. Pulled them back up, getting a reward. Good.. I busted my butt for it. Lol, just delete any emails you don't want. Lol.)) She had been dreaming of floating, drifting in the air, falling downward in a spiral, as though in physical form. She had felt her heart pounding as she fell, feet up, towards a mass of a black nothing. Odd things seeming to float upwards as she fell downwards. And before she knew it, she would be standing in her house.. Her mother in the kitchen, as though nothing had happened. Her mother turning to her and smiling like she would rarely do, all bright and cheery before talking: "Oh Lolen dear, where have you been? You have been in the berry patch again, haven't you?" Her voice soft and lovingly velvety, before she would laugh, and wander towards Lolen with a cloth to clean her. Lolen had no idea what was going on, but would look down at her dress, and found herself covered in berry juice.. And not at all in the same clothes she wore to bed, but the clothes she wore when she was a child, when her mother had caught her in the berry patch. What is going on!? What is this?? It is so odd.. I have not played in the berry patch in years, nor is my mother still living, this house is not here! I watched it be ruined by that terrible man who called himself my father! Lolen backed away from her mother, narrowing her eyes before turning and walking straight into a table, smacking her forhead on it, and toppling over backward, streams of silken ivory hair shimmering over her shoulders, the ribbons tied about the buns atop streaming free. "Lolen, dear, look at you.. You are a mess, come.. Let mother-" And everything faded.. She fell once more into the mass of black, pinching her arm, her clothes had returned to what she had originally been wearing. "Ouch!" she shouted in the darkness, she had pinched too hard for her own good, and even though she knew this was a dream, it left a very real red mark.. The shout being swallowed up by the black. "Lolen, what're ya doin' lass?" Lolen snapped open her eyes, looking straight up, not knowing where she was, who was with her.. But it sounded so familiar. "Come on lass, we've got to go ter town today for th' cloth fer ye'r dresses!" And old man, wrinkled but kind face leaning over her. She shot straight up, finding herself in her nightclothes, but.. different ones.. These are like.. Memories.. Happening all over again.. How awkward.. What is going on!? A child? She saw herself in the mirror, she was only four years of age when this had happened.. Why was it flashing back to her? Woosh! She had fell through the floor, drifting and spiraling downward still, memories cascading over her as she fell. Mother, father, Geelef, Arafin, Cath, The people of the cities she'd visited, The Host who had sent her on her quest, the old man who had transported them between plains of existence... She felt her body hit the ground, slamming down on concrete, as though she would be pushed through. But something blocked her.. The black mass continuing to spiral up her arms and legs, swallowing her... Wake up! She yelled to herself, her voice shouting out of her little mouth as though she was terrified.. Which, in a sense, she was. And as soon as she had yelled at herself, she began to feel cold, before warm, emotions overwhelming her.. Rushing upward instead of down, memories pressing against her as she did so.. All emotions she had ever felt consuming her.. She woke with a start, shooting straight up from beneath the covers of the room that her and her friends had been staying in.. Her breathing heavily, she looked at her arm.. Remembering everything clearly.. No.. The same clothes I had gone to bed in.. The same room.. The same people.. But this red mark on my arm.. It is from my dreams. Was I really dreaming? Those are very much wierd thoughts, or were they real? Real, or not? She wandered from her bed, leaning over the one Geelef lay in, he looked as though he dreamt well.. Lolen curled up beside him, finding a perfect amount of matress for her to fit on sideways, no need for covers... Her clothing would do... And she began to drift.. ((Kind of strange, ain't it? Lol. ))
  4. The Wake of A Child

    Lolen searched aimlessly through the bag she had acquired, her poor back aching as she had been slouching and slumping through an endless marsh of mud and grass, her tightened breeches slaughed over in disgustingly dirty muck, that clung to the cloth, twining in each little loophole the weavers had made. "Hello!?" she shouted out into the marsh, the leaves much too tall for her to see over, she could barely tell that her friends were behind her, in the darkened mass of marsh. The fireflys buzzing lazily in the fog- thickened air, their low buzzing making each of the stars seem silent watchers, as though they were not there at all. The fog so thick you could cut it with a knife, an axe perhaps would work better. Lolen's thick ivory hair twined into a tight twist at the back of her head, her bright blue eyes resting on the scene before her, the rope holding the three together. Geelef in front, the others behind. The rope slacking enough that none could feel the other unless the rope was tugged on. Her naturally soft voice echoing as though she was loud, at least ten times more than she actually sounded, into the fog- thickened air. The yellow streaks of the moons light spreading like thin, knobby fingers across the blood red sky, her black marrs blotching together, congregating, it seemed. Cath had roamed her own way, looking out for the travellors as they had pressed their way past the TriShir marsh, south of Navanell, north of Cad'Siil. All of these outposts of the secured gaurd. Lolen, had remained silent when needed, learning new skills with a bow and quiver of arrows, magic- trying to be the least afraid of how much she truly was, and with wielding a sword. She had grown the extent she ever would, standing at her full grown height of an average sixteen year old human girl, her hair like that of the finest ivory white, her eyes the deepest, yet brightest blue like that of the finest saphires found in Ta'Riito. Her skin milky white, tinted a light peach, and as soft as a babes skin. Geelef had grown his share as well, so had Arafin... Yet she could hardly tell through all the fog. If they had not tied themselves together, to make it through the marsh, they would have long ago seperated. Wandering towards the blinking lights deep beneath the surface, wandering from the dry patches of land as they walked, not nearing the extreme depths of insanity that lay beyond. She held her hands together loosely, turning her head left and right, keeping a piece of amber colored grass in her mouth, chewing nonchalantly, almost carelessly, before calling out again into the night: "Where are we going, dear friends?" And continued her wait for a reply.. (( Wooh.. back! Finally! Lol, getting my bellybutton pierced next Friday yous guys, for getting good grades, what do you think? I missed you guys, haven't heard from any of you.. If you want to ever email me when your busy or something's come up, my emails Black_Wednesday666@yahoo.com. - Mina!))
  5. The Wake of A Child

    (( Wow.. You guys, I'm so sorry I haven't posted.. I've got a lot of BS going on in my life right now.. So.. If you don't mind, can you two continue this until I get everything together? Thanks.. -Mina..))
  6. The Wake of A Child

    (( Sorry it took so long to answer, been really really really busy in life recently, and haven't had access to a computer. =^.^=)) Lolen followed the man inside slowly, cautiously.. nervous and almost nearly terrified by what had happened to her friend... and she wasn't so sure about the man's plans and ideas about dying and having her body slumber. But.. she thought it sounded semi exciting, venturing to a nether world.. where peope got caught in between living and being dead. Where people seemed to roam in a form which she had no clue about it's characterists. "Sir? What will happen once we arrive at our destination?" she asked timidly, her bright blue eyes flickering. "Well.. Like I told you, that's what'll happen. " he smiled at her, his crooked, yet somewhat welcoming smile. "Oh.. Well, yes.. I did not mean to say otherwise or to question your idea, but what exactly are we looking for?" she was curious.. And her stomach tumbled violently with thoughts of what would happen to her.. What if someone found her body? What if someone truly did murder her whilste she lay sleeping? What if things didn't go as planned? What if, what if, what if! Enough of the " What if's, Lo.." she thought to herself solemnly.. What if's would only get her into what if trouble. She meandered to one of the single hollowed coffins, set out for display and.. most likely, for use. Geelef having readied himself into one without even seeming to know it. "I.." she began, but quieted herself, and tried her best to crunch all emotion into the little pit in her stomach, the same she would try her best to crunch herself comfortably into one of those boxes.. Those boxes with the sides of wood, and the lid that would come over her and enclose it all around her, those boxes that would be so dark and so quiet.. Those boxes that if noone was around when she "might return" she would lay there until the very breath in her lounges ran dry, and perhaps.. If she really did die somehow.. This box might not be so bad... If ever someone found it. And what of her friends? What if they did not return? Would she have to return to know that their spirits wandered aimlessly while their bodies rested in an ever sleep in a giant box!? She murmered incoherently, the old man helping her into one of the box's, the padding seeming to squash in on her uncomfortably, her mind already in scrambles and shambles as she was trying to calm herself without causing trama to her own mind. She lay back in the box, letting out her breath slowly, as the man handed her a vile of what looked, in her view, to be syrup. She really could not tell. She looked once more to the old man's shadow, who simply watched her reactions.. She reached slowly for Geelef's hand, the man promising that he would leave a partial opening for air, and for the fact that she could wave if something went wrong. She felt his warm fingers in her hand, and closed her eyes... Oh.. this would be one adventure, or quest.. she would never forget....
  7. The Wake of A Child

    Lolen looked in the direction she heard Arafin shuffling about, and yet she could not see anything. "Geelef.. ?" she asked softly, her voice trembling like the rest of her.. she could feel the hairs on her body prick. "Hm?" she heard him mumble, and made her way towards where she thought he stood. She reached her hand out, and he met hers with his own. "What.. what happened?" she asked a little more confidently. Yet he remained silent, and simply patted the back of her hand. Lolen had remained calm and stable through the whole experience, yet it seemed she could not contain her emotions any longer.. And she had begun to cry, hysterically- small, hiccuping sobs and gasps, the crystaline tears shining incandescentlyon her ivory cheeks. "Geelef.. I do not wish to die! I have not finished my quest! I.. I have so much more that I need and wish to do!" she trembled violently, moreso than she had been. Geelef still, remained silent.. patting her hand and rubbing her back. "What will happen to us?" Arafin asked, startling Lolen enough to make her jump some inches into the air. "I don't know, and I don't want to know." Geelef responded quietly, resting Lolen's head on his shoulder. "Please do not leave me!" Lolen gasped from behind hidden tears, yet a dawning realization suddenly flurished before her lost sight, something that had suddenly sparked in her head. "Geelef..- " "I won't leave you." "No.. that is not what I was going to say, sir. I was thinking, that if we should die.. Should that bring a new quest? Would that be the begining of and end of a simple life, leading into a more .. um.. complex reality?" She asked, hope fluttering in her voice. "Mmm.." he answered shortly.. She had a point, this little woman.. She had a point.... (( Sorry this seems so short, I've kinda been really really busy!))
  8. The Wake of A Child

    (( Wow! You guys have gone a way without me.. Lol, sorry I've been really rather busy.. With things here at home. I'll post as often as is possible. And check each day that I can. )) Lolen had felt the shudder, and the beads of sweat had gathered on her milky brow, to slide down and rest along the bridge of her small, button nose. She could hear the being's breathing, it's breath rattling and shaking in it's obviously dusted lungs. She could feel it's not so steady gaze gracing them over, resting on each of them. She held out her hand, sensing Geelef's warmth beside her. She was familiar with him now, and could tell who he was simply by being beside him, or hearing his voice she could find him. The darkness had faded just enough that she saw shadows, unsteady- wavering, flickering shadows, but shadows. And it terrified her. "Geelef? Where are we?" she asked pitifully, shaking her head in disbelief.. "Prison." he stated calmly, before taking Lolen's hand. Lolen, who had been unsteady on her feet recently, acted as though she cared not about her lost equilibrium, but seemed steadier on her feet knowing that Cath, Geelef, and her newest friend Arafin was nearby. "It is not where we began, is it, sir?" she asked quietly, her pink lips moving slowly and softly, and the air as sticky about her as though someone had painted it over in layers of sugar and honey. Time, she felt, had stopped completely, stood almost still.. Each ray of the sun sliding without end into a vast and gloomy, waiting darkness that it seemed only Lolen could see, and see it she could, the shadows.. she could see them slinking unrelentlessly beneath the slowly fading, slowly changing rays of sunlight. "Geelef..?" she asked once more, though he wouldn't answer. Her hand was cold.. she had been so tangled in her thoughts that she had not realised that he had been ripped from her, just as he had before.. "Geelef!?" she called louder, her small voice, as clear as a bell now, ringing through the sticky air. She did not hear anything, nobreathing besides hers, no heartbeat beside her own- pumping blood and pounding exceedingly fast in the cage of bone in her chest. "Arafin?" she asked, holding her hands out infront of her, feeling the air.. It seemed to have grown faintly cold in the doorway, which was like a blurring black blotch to her.. Fading into shadows of darker color. Alone? She was alone.. And lost.
  9. The Wake of A Child

    (( Hey... the weather's getting bad.. so if there isn't a post again tonight, when and if you post tonight.. There will probably be one tomorrow. Sorry.. I had to say that.. just incase. ))
  10. The Wake of A Child

    In fact, Lolen prefered to keep her eyes closed.. the best that she could.. When she opened them, they burned like fire seared at her face. Just like the fire she had felt licking at her skin, tasting and feasting on the tender flesh it touched. She had felt the hot ash enter her lungs, stir about and settle at the bottom. Each breath she drew felt agonizingbeyond the extent that she could speak. Her head swirled and pounded, but she heard every word that they were saying. She had felt their arms, heard their speaking, heard the woosh of the fire as it had set the oil ablaze, she heard the crackling and popping and sizzling of wood as it had become a nothing in the void of licking oranges, reds, and shocking blues. "Geelef?" she murmered after some time of silence and thinking, she brought her hands before her face, flexing her fingers. Geelef walked towards her, dropping his conversation with Arafin for the moment, to sit beside his friend. "Yea?" he asked solemnly.. scanning Lolen's painfully expressioned face. "Why can I not open my own eyes?" she asked hesitantly, feeling with the balls of her fingers towards his face, pressing her fingers to his skin. "Your eyes are open, Lolen." he answered honestly, sensing the sadness in her once pleasant voice. "Oh..." she murmered, trying to be strong, capping her emotions deep down inside somewhere.. "Oh Lolen.. I'm trying to help.." he stated softly, cupping her cheeks in his hands, shaking his own head, her small, warm hands on his own cheeks. "Do not worry for me.. I will be fine.. I.. I know I will." she managed a weak smile... But they both knew that things would not go so well if they did not find out how to fix what was done.. if it could be fixed... ((Woohoo! Yes..! Let's do it! Ohhh!! BTW! I'm thinking of starting to RP with Andalusia too.. Wan't to join hers? Looks pretty good! ))
  11. The Wake of A Child

    When the shield broke, the pieces that remained solid shattering against the ground, making Lolen's ears ring and pain course through her head, shooting as though someone had slammed the hilt of an iron sword against her forhead. "Geelef!?" she shouted out, her vision bluring before she felt the pain in her head once more. She thought she had closed her eyes, and that she could not open them.. "Geelef?..?" she called, raising her hands to her face, feeling towards the air, her hand reaching for one of the many shards of glass-like sheild, her skin slicing as she grabbed it, she could feel the trickle of blood, but she still couldn't see it. "Could.. could someone please turn on the lights? I.. I can't see anything.." Truth was, the lights were on.. the battle had been going on some ways from Lolen.. she had backed herself away from them, into a corner, unintentionally. Someone had hit her with the hilt of a sword.. maybe unintentionally.. But it had blackened her vision. The sea blue of her eyes having darkened just a shade, her pupils having shrank to the size of a tiny black beetle. No wonder she could not see.. She had been blinded. "Lolen?" she heard Geelef inquire, before she felt a hand on her arm, then a second, tucking her behind something. She raised her hands, to feel for them, but she could not feel anything, nor hear anything. And it frightened her. Magic being used, she couldn't see.. A battle being held.. she couldn't defend herself. She was sure something was wrong, and kept blinking her eyes, each time a pain shooting through her head... so she sat.. praying that everything would be alright.. and that she, would be alright. ** The clink of the swords made Geelef push forward, towards the creature that called himself "Anglaroth". Anglaroth shrinking back in turn, and sneering with his great ugly teeth visible. "You'll never win, you stupid git!" he said, his rough voice making the Elf's ears tinge a shade of red. He had moved Lolen.. out of the way, out of the battle. Obviously.. something was wrong with her, but he didn't know what. All he had seen was her sink into the corner, being backed by some man who he had not caught glimpse of his face. The man had gone, and she had been calling for him, so he answered while Arafin was busy fighting Anglaroth.. The battle had subdued slightly, with the screams and shouts of the people who had been in the tavern, when they escaped.. Most of them had... but some of them had stayed to help fight the three.. or to watch the battle's progression. Lolen had been moved to safetly, behind the counter by the door, under a piece of counter to protect her from falling fragments of the ceiling. Lanterns had been smashed, their oil spreading rapidly over the wood, seeping, soaking into the holes.. If something lit them.. There would be trouble.. for all of them. Arafin having gone out of sight, only to weave in and out of Geelef's view as he fought Anglaroth.. A sting caught his attention, he had been sliced undoubtedly on the wrist, the bicep, and across his chest. Anglaroth, in return.. had been stabbed in the shin by a throwing dagger, blood splotching from the crevice where the dagger lay sealed in his skin. Anglaroth turned, and grinned maliciously.. Before he turned and ran, shouting curses and insults along the way.. "I will be back! I will! You haven't seen the last of me! I'll be back for you!! Just you wait!"
  12. The Wake of A Child

    "Geelef, what is that!?" Lolen managed to gasp, her hands thrown about her mouth, covering her cheeks. Her eyes had grown as large as dinner plates, hid behind her button nose. Geelef obviously hadn't heard her, as he was battling to keep the shield between them and the creature from crumbling. Lolen stared at the wretched thing, before shifting her attention towards Arafin, who had managed somehow to grasp a weapon and had begun to charge towards the creature, before he slammed into the barrier, and was tossed backwards. "Oh.. not again, sir!" she called, rushing towards him, clutching her skirts close to her to keep her from tripping and falling and harming herself as well. Geelef maintained the sheild, though it rippled like water, or thinned and smoothed glass. The scene wavered from inside the barrier, and Lolen felt her stomach tighten in a cold knot somewhere deep down inside. "Geelef?? What is going on!?" she shouted towards him, patting Arafin on the shoulder as he manuevered to regain his composure. Before the Elf could answer, the creature growled, showing foul and crooked, jagged teeth before running directly at the group, ripping the woman's head from her shoulders as he slammed into the barrier with a thud. Blood spurted against the glassy sheild, running and streaming off of it in tiny trickles, making Lolen's stomach swirl slightly. Get a hold of yourself! You have seen far worse than this.. But all that blood.. that poor woman! she thought, watching as the creature smirked and grimaced in disgusting satisfaction, waving the womans head in it's hands, the womans eyes still shifting, staring blankly at the three of them, her paling lips moving soundlessly, strings and ligaments hanging bloodily from her neck. Lolen felt as though she would wretch.. unsure of how the others felt.. Unsure of how the creature would react.. though it simply seemed to grimace, smirk, stare, and hiss and snort and cackle at them from it's shifty, beady eyes. "Geelef.. what is going to happen!?" Lolen asked in a wavering, unsure tone.. Knowing that she would end up fighting if things got much worse. Fight.. or die. (Sorry it took so long to post.. I've been veerrry busy! - Mina)
  13. The Wake of A Child

    (( Yay!! You're back for good this time, right? Lol.. sure hope so. I got lost last time, didn't know what to write. Arafin'll catch up.. I'm sure- he's pretty good at that. )) Lolen tugged on Geelefs elbow, her smile gradually fading from her china doll lips as she motioned him towards a chair. The room having been secured and searched, the tattered bedlining removed and replaced with new sheets and new beddressings. The shredded paper on the walls torn and redone. "What have you been doing, sir?" she asked politely as she sat down in the chair, letting herself sink into the down velvet and satin cloth, before sitting up properly, her back straight, "Oh.. Where are my manners!? Would you care for some tea?" she reached for the teapot on the coal burner on the bedside table. "Well.. I guess that'd be good." he answered, eyeing Lolen slowly. She had grown since they parted, grown a lot, actually. Too much for her own good. She was sure to attract attention now.. From the unwanted things that got away. No doubt they had bred by now. It was obvious it was enough time.. things were sure to be invading the night skys once more. Perhaps they were far enough from Cassa and from the castle that they would not find her. He hoped not. But he continued. "I've been.. um.. Busy, Lolen. Don't call me sir. You know what I think about that." He really didn't want to tell her what he had been up to.. she had probably already noticed it anyway. "I.. I see. But I am sure that you have been safe? Did you fall from a stead? Your arm looks terrible, as though you have broken something." she asked, uncertainty hidden in her voice. "I.. uh.. I'll tell you later. " he stated befores smiling awkwardly at her. He didn't want to say much at all... not really. "Oh.. well.. we can talk about this later, perhaps?" "Yeah, perhaps." She smiled at him.. her smile broad and bright, her sparkling eyes glimmering at him from behind her button nose, her skin glowing even more radiant from her days in the sun since she had arrived. She tugged softly on a strand of ivory hair that had fallen from behind her ear, from the braid she had neatly placed them all in. Not only did her physical appearance have changed, she had become less shy... as well. What caused such a big change? She smiled broadly still at him, thinking the exact things, though the opposite: He was back, he looked like he had been through hell, but he was safe.. what had he been doing!? Where had he been since they had split? "Well.. Geelef, it seems that there are things aloft in the night that enjoy invading peoples bedrooms! I had something that came through my window just the other night.. And it tore my bedspread to pieces, scratched me, and ruined the walls. It was as though it could climb, and run, on the walls! And look!" she held out her small ankle from beneath the hem of her gown, the pearlescent blue contrasting the smooth, ivory curve of her ankles. On the inside of her ankle, lay a long red line that seemed to glow like fire against her skin. "I managed to escape the creature with a mere scratch. But it burns moreso each day. I have been rather busy, apart from that.. Trying to figure out what in the world is keeping my quarters so cold. Even the managers are clueless... It seems something is not right. Especially not your arm! Come close.. I will fix it, and, where is Cath!? Is she alright?" she leaned towards him, her hands moving towards his arm.. if he'd allow it. Arafin, on the other hand.. listening from behind the door, having stopped his near knocking to listen to what they said. It seemed they were happy to see each other.. too happy.. (( I don't know Arafin's charry well enough to play him either. Lol... Sorry.. but I tried. ))
  14. The Wake of A Child

    Lolen had scratched her shoulder thoughtfully after the man who called himself Arafin had told her his own story, though indeed it had not sounded all too convincing to her. She looked about, noticing the shine of the armor on the floor. She picked what she could manage up, slowly, and hung each piece on a rack beside the window. She craved the feeling of warm water, and hastily made her way towards the bathroom to sink into a tub if lukewarm water, making her skin prickle. She shroud herself in the bubbles, pressing her lips together before she rinsed and scrubbed at her hair. ** Her silk robe wrapped tightly about her body, the only thing that covered her was a thin shift that lay tied loosely about her, and a thin and short skirt to lounge about in. She tied the sash about her waste, brushing her hair and tying it back quickly.. Letting some wet strands dangle in her face as she poked at the fire idely, watching the flames grow and then shrink into a burning red ember left in a grate of black mass. She burried herself solemnly beneath the covers of the bed, the rich velvety having been pressed and a coal chamber having been placed beneath the comforter at her feet to warm her. She picked up the book from the bedside table, and had begun to read.. Soon fading fast into a sleep that seemed as though she was one of the undead themselves. Late in the night she woke, her skin beaded with droplets of sweat, and a chill hanging about her room. The fire had been doused, the smoke still rising from the charcoal remains, and yet something was not right... Did she leave the window open? Or had something else.. found.. her?
  15. The Wake of A Child

    (( Lol, go ahead.. I don't mind.. comments, I mean. Yes, I know it's long.. I wanted it to be that way. )) Sitting in the chair, she turned her head slowly towards the man who called himself Arafin. "Well.. actually, I felt guilty that I had hit you, sir, and I meant to nurse you and tend to you until you were able to act on your own." she smiled softly, letting it tint on her pouted butterfly pink lips. "You asked me why I am here.. Well.. My story is very long. To shorten it in the amount of time I would suppose that I have, I would say that I am of some importance to He Who Resides in Shadow, and am being hunted beyond what others claim they are." she looked slowly to her dress, pulling her robe about her shoulders and buttoning the tiny pearl clasp on the front. "I do know, by the way, that there are more important things than clothes in the world, but for some reason, I continue to recieve finely tailored dresses, breeches, vests, boots, gloves, and hats in the post." she shrugged her shoulder idely, not really careing at all that anything was showing, the sun outside glinting and reflecting in her hair. "I have taken my best care of you, making sure to be by your bedside the utmost that I could be." with that, she looked away while Arafin tugged on whatever it was he had to put on, a soft blush tinting her cheeks. "You would be a wonderful merchant, if, of course, you were not a theif." She prompted this, covering her mouth with her fingertips, "Oh, please excuse my comments and insults, I meant no harm-" She cut herself short, unsure of how to appologize for speaking her mind. She turned her head slowly once more towards Arafin, grasping her glass of cool spring water in her cup, dewdrops around the brim sparkling and glittering as the sun splotched each of them, dowsing them in various assortments of color. From violet to gold, she tilted her cup, swirling the water before she took a tiny sip and dabbed her mouth with the small cloth she carried. "If you would prefer, I could have tea brought.. and we could exchange stories..." she mentioned, before backtracking and saying, "Oh.. No.. I am of no importance at all, actually.. Just a simpleton.. really..." She blushed that magenta shade of red, feeling the blood rush to her cheeks as she turned her gaze once more from the man who she had tended.