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  1. New perk ideas

    Name: Perk of Balance Description: All abilities cost 5% less to next level Cost:10 PP 150k Gold Coins NinjaLotus
  2. The Desert Pines ND Arenas Showdown

    I would like to join the 40 tourny
  3. help please

    Ok so i called my internet and router and had them open port 2000, still nothing.They asked wut was the MTU size for it.And also is that the only port needed and wut type (tpu ect.)
  4. help please

    No it just loads like normal saying connecting to server.... But i have pm'd a mod and waiting for reply.
  5. help please

    Hi this is guest_rob from the unregistered help I tried to pm a mod in forums to help me but it says I'm not allowed to do that.If a mod could pm me please that would be great so i can let you know my ip and such.Please help, thankyou very much.