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  1. Ccordination Removal Stone

    Selling Coordination removal stone 14kgc. Reply here or PM me ingame Now sold
  2. Auction now closed. Successful bid by Kornholio. Thanks to other bidders also. By Auction. 7 Day limit, or whenever I am happy with the bid price - whichever comes sooner Opening bids of 260kgc Reply here rather than PM me in game please tpk36
  3. Mini Harv Events

    I find the mini harv events very frustrating tbh. Harvesting was one of the things that you could do whilst making a phone call, getting a cup of coffee etc. Ok you took a chance by harving afk and if an invasion happened while you were dung mining, then hard luck (happened to me more than once). And harving afk may not be in the spirit of the game but it IS a reality for most players. And I can see how this may frustrate anyone macro'ing. But I have never macro'd and it pisses me off too. My problem isn't so much with the mini harv events but the frequency: It seems that every few seconds one occurs. The mini harv events have only been implemented a short while, but I have found myself on many occasions coming back to EL from answering the door/feeding the dog/squeezing a large, nasty one etc, to out to find that 20 minutes after starting to harv Yew I have harved only 3 or 4 before a mini event halted the harvesting. Quite often, this is so frustrating that I simply log off EL and go play another game I don't think mini events are a bad idea per se, I just think the implementation needs to be re-examined.
  4. Rayla is back

    Yes I know how to post without cursing. But I chose to curse. Get over it
  5. Rayla is back

    So clearly Rayla's recent 'change of heart' was complete and utter dogshit. What a surprise! A few people in her 'apology' post accepted her apology and decided to forgive and forget. Fair play to them, although at the time of her last post, I must admit, I thought they were being very naive - but then I'm a natural cynic! People can and do change, but you don't need a Ph.D in psychology to understand that THE sole most reliable indicator of future behaviour, is past behaviour. Don't take my word for it, ask any probationary police officer who has spent more that 2 months in training. Once an arsehole, always an arsehole seems to be the rule, sad but true. Also see Korrode's post above - Very true. As they say in Spain:- revenge is a dish best eaten cold ;-) *Note to self: Reinstate Rayla on shitlist alongside newhope, hylianmobster and vampiresixteen(or whatever the f*ck it is calling itself these days)*
  6. Bluenosers

    I can think of two (not me though)
  7. watch out for VaMpIrEsIxTeeN!

    I did not know that you had made amends to my guildie, so I apologise. Having said that, it should have been vamp making amends not you - vamps stole the stuff and you didnt. Where is my honor? I was pointing out that vampiresixteen's behaviour was not unprecedented when he stole littlebro's CoL etc. I don't see how my (or your) honor is relevant. I wasn't insulting CIAN guild or you - I was simply pointing out that vamp's behaviour was nothing new
  8. watch out for VaMpIrEsIxTeeN!

    A few days ago a guildie was pvp'ing with a CIAN guild member and Vampiresixteen jumped in, killed my guildie and then refused to return his stuff - It wasn't a CoL or anything particularly valuable, but he stole it all the same and refused to give it back, on the grounds that my guildie had used a tit long instead of a bone to pvp. Said guildie is new to EL and pvp and I explained to vamp that this seemed to be a misunderstanding between the pvp'ers. Vamp still refused to return the db and CIAN gm WAS aware of this, so Vamp's behaviour was nothing new when he stole Littlbro's CoL etc. PS: Love the emoticons Geordie
  9. watch out for VaMpIrEsIxTeeN!

    Add vampiresixteen's name to the list of pricks and knob-jockeys to be avoided in EL. Along with newhope and rayla etc