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  1. ban?

    When you unbanned me? It is one year when I was banned please
  2. ban?

    Please, Asilinn unban me Why? 1. It over semi year already. 2. That has been instructed possible make but that not. 3. When you unbanned me, I will return this account (Neina)
  3. ban?

    It is Polish I'm from Poland ...
  4. ban?

    Such one day is in year. Merry Christmas XD Nobody should be sad. I would like make for I some present on Christmas administration
  5. ban?

    Długo pracowałem by wybić te wszystkie skille czekalem jak glupi 4 miesiące/ 1/3 roku zeby mnie odbanowali chcialem sie poprawic i teraz mam w dupie!!! co sie dalej stanie z moim kontem!!! żeby mnie odbanowali to co musze zrobić?! zaplacic? zabic sie czy co?! I jeszcze cos kawałek piosenki dla Asillin Scrap of song for Asillin Because I have you... xP Asillin su***
  6. ban?

    A dlaczego?
  7. Polska - Poland

    Co tam w Polsce polacy?
  8. ban?

    Nieeeeeee ludzie 4 miesiące juz bana mam dajcie spokój
  9. ban?

    Hi! I am master in my guild - Boom but i have ban :/ Can my friend - Zboj become master? Please, somebody must lead guild
  10. ban?

    Oh. I wrote that here I regret: "ok I hack her character but sorry for this I can return her character It that regret make" "I had 2 characters: Tasak7 and RedSonia, I have broken rule by trading between these characters I break this rule: *Illegal multi-playing means using more than one character to help you gain benefits that using a single character would not. by harveresting iron ore on Tasak7 and Redsonia on 1 IP I will not make it again. " and here.... "I'm sorry for break rules and By that reason there is very unpleasantly me. I understand what I did wrong"
  11. ban?

    I should be unblocked today (29 July-29 september)
  12. ban?

    Yes, it is Polish
  13. ban?

    If there is on 2 months ban any longer?
  14. ban?

    When can I be most faster unbanned?
  15. ban?

    ok I hack her character but sorry for this I can return her character It that regret make