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  1. Hell o Ween Weekend Invasion Event!

    EVIL is complete EVIL_Mage- Senzon EVIL_Ranger - Alphabet EVIL_Engineer - Xyleon EVIL_fighter -Wakko Evil_Summoner - CherUT
  2. Bot expiration

    Bliss and Mary paid Receipt number: 1F7834306L3676839
  3. Storage sales! X-MAS.

    I'll take ghp some mop. And some rim. I'll catch you sunday
  4. Storage sale

    I will buy all these 5174 Air Essence9935 Matter Essence4564 Death Essence4421 Life Essence4633 Energy Essence1766 Spirit Essence
  5. Hero Points

    I think its a fantastic idea., give something more to work towards
  6. KF 130 cap.

    At this time with the current pk situation i feel there is nothing to lose by giving this a try. Unless I have figured wrong. Capping attributes at 40 would balance this quite a bit There are many rangers, summoners that could take part as this would put them more on even playing grounds. With KF being multi it is a great place for pk events and with it capped we could make more balanced teams. If attributes are capped at 40 for example isnt there a way to make it so that all attributes count when you enter the map so for example I would go from a base mana of 416 to 320 just like everyone else who has 40 attribs? I would also like to add I believe we are open to suggestions on this subject. Would love to see some pk back and I think anything is worth a try.
  7. Neno hunting rules and bans

    Perhaps I am wrong but I swear awhile back Radu said he people can camp spawns of ivan, joker ect. I never seen anything about not being able to the same thing for neno.... alts camping should be ok for everyone not just one player
  8. Christmas contests :)

    Updated prizes
  9. Christmas contests :)

    added new prizes
  10. Renewing EL website

    I think this is a great idea. One thing I have thought through the years is why isnt it easier to find a spot to download the game ? I think play now buttons to DL would be an awesome idea. Also I agree shop page also needs some work.
  11. Christmas contests :)

    Hello everyone Its that time of year again. Lets get in the spirit and have some fun! Lets get the Christmas season started. We would like to do a few contests for Christmas Contest will run from Dec 22- Dec 23 2017 It will start at about 11PM UTC+1 There will be 3 parts to this contest. more accurate times will be posted as the dates get closer More information will come as the date gets closer. 1. Will be a hide and seek. You will need to find Stouxy hints will be given. There will be 10 winners on this contest. 2. Trivia contest. This will include both EL trivia and non EL trivia. We will decide on a place this will be held. Number of winners will be determined by number of prizes we receive as donations. 3. Hyper bag hunt. There will be 3 hyper bags placed throughout EL. We have decided to make this easier and so we know when bags are found to place them as treasures. There will be 6 on friday and 6 on saturday. Happy hunting Each player can win multiple prizes All donations will be posted here in order they are received. Number of winners will be based on donations received. Prizes will be given in the order based on value of each item. We will use bot prices to determine value. (Some donations maybe combined into one for a prize) If you would like to donate please contact STX/StouXy or CherUT in game. Prize List 1. Bronze plate, Cuisses and greaves - CherUT- 2. 4 Scythes, 1 ti long, Day of schools stone, 5 harvest medallions - StouXy 3. Bronze sword, spider token, brownie token, panther token, woodspite token, skeleton token, tiger token, conjurer cloak, PS cloak, warlock cloak, invasion token -Praxis 4. 25K gc - Darkdrizzit - 5. 25K gc - Darkdrizzit- 6. 25K gc - Darkdrizzit 7. 25K gc - Darkdrizzit ---- `Satyriah: x 8.Binding and enrichment stone - The_Grud 9. Orange, pear, banana and grape - EvanMarie---- Kokakola x 10. 15 S2E's, 1 Scythe, 1 Black baggy pants, 5000 Point defense. 50 Ti bars -thearrow----- Thearrow x 11. 5 Ice scales, 5 black scales, binding stone and serp stone -abarth----- Finesse x 12. 10K GC, Bronze sword, serp stone, orange and steel greaves - dragon_killer 13. 10K GC, Bronze sword, serp stone, orange and steel greaves - dragon_killer 14.10K GC, Bronze sword, serp stone, orange and steel greaves - dragon_killer ---- Koddy x 15. 10K GC, Bronze sword, serp stone, orange and steel greaves - dragon_killer -----Koddy x 16. 10K GC, Bronze sword, serp stone, orange and steel greaves - dragon_killer ---- Satyriah:x 17. naobi2 - rosto 18. naobi2- rosto--- Koddyx 19. Santa hat, 10 black scales, 2 panther tokens, 2 male orc tokens, 2 female orc tokens, 1 beaver token, 5 Bear Summoning Stone, 5 Tiger Summoning Stone, 5 Armed Orc Summoning Stone, 5 Bear Summoning Stone , 25K gc - Wizzy------Volbeat x 20. `1gele bones removal , 1black scale, dapple gray whistle, palomino whistle, enrich stone, eme, efe, ele, ene- Ubbie ---- Koddy x 21. Serp stone - Koddy ---- Koddyx 22.50 S2E's - scrapz---- KokaKola x 23/ Binding stone, Palomino whistle, 50K gc, serp stone - Evie - 24. 2 random exp givers -Killer_guy- 25. Rad Rapier - Stinkyfeet - 26. 2 scythes, GSM- Stinkyfeet 27. Thermal Serp sword - Stinkyfeet 28. efe, eme, 2ewe, 2oranges, bronze sword/book of JS- Tropatropa---- Finesse x 29. 5 steel Greaves- Starkie - 30. 5 steel Greaves- Starkie - 31. 5 steel Greaves- Starkie ----- FairyTail x 32. 5 steel Greaves- Starkie --- `Koddy x 33. 5 steel Greaves- Starkie thearrowxx 34. Steel Two Edged Sword of Ice - Starkie 35. Steel Two Edged Sword of Ice - Starkie - Satyriah:x 36. Titanium/Steel Alloy Short Sword of Fire- Finesse - 37. 2 Grapes, 1 Staff of Protection, 15 Potion of Extra Mana, 2 Bronze Sword - Firewing - 38. 5 steel Greaves- Starkie 39. 5 steel Greaves- Starkie 40. 5 steel Greaves- Starkie --- kokakola x 41. 5 steel Greaves- Starkie ---- Satyriah:x 42. 5 steel Greaves- Starkie ---- Koddy x 43. 1 halberd, 1 bronze sword, 1 eme, 400 FA , 10K gc- Dragon_killer 44. 1 halberd, 1 bronze sword, 1 eme, 400 FA 10K gc- Dragon_killer ---- Kokakola x 45. 1 halberd, 1 bronze sword, 1 eme, 400 FA 10K gc- Dragon_killer -----thearrowx 46. 1 halberd, 1 bronze sword, 1 eme, 400 FA 10K gc- Dragon_killer ----Koddyx 47. 1 halberd, 1 bronze sword, 1 eme, 400 FA 10K gc- Dragon_killer -----Cynnyx 48. Invasion token -Killer_guy--- Koddyx 49. Goblin token - kokakola--- Finesse x 50. Rosto -Dsod--- Fairytail x 51. Rosto - Dsod ---- Eroticusx: 52. 10 Haidir passes and 5 daily cooldown reducers- radu---Volbeatx 53. 10 Haidir passes and 5 daily cooldown reducers- radu---- Finessex 54. orange, banana, serp stone, binding stone and pd- Busterblader- Satyriah:x 55. Steel Long Sword of Magic- Caduceus ---- Erebos 56. Titanium/Steel Alloy Long Sword of Magic - Caduceus 57. Titanium/Steel Alloy Long Sword of Fire - Caduceus-----Satyriah:x 58. Titanium/Steel Alloy Long Sword of Ice - Caduceus----Thearrowx 59. 1 palomino whistle and 1 rosto - funfool ----Erebos 60. 1 palomino whistle and 1 rosto - funfool----- Erebos 61.1 palomino whistle and 1 rosto - funfool- Koddy x 62. ede, 5ele, bp cape and mirror cape -Kaddy--- Volbeatx 63 10 hairdir passes and rosto - fairytail - Koddyx 64. 10 hairdir passes and rosto - fairytail----Satyriahx
  12. Old school global invasion

    Was a very fun invasion I agree, brought back old memories and fun. Thank you both for the time spent doing iit
  13. Ranging fix

    I had a conversation with Radu today about ranging and mobs fleeing if someone is ranging too far away We have all experienced this whether in invance, instance or invasion where that one ranger is just a little too far away and the mob flees the tank. This causing the person in the path to be attacked. I have seen many players die due to this happening. They are trying to help and get killed in the process. Players get upset at new rangers who don't understand that being too far away will make the mob flee. Thus making them unwelcome members of a team. The only one who benefits of a mob fleeing from the tank is to someone who is trying to serp. Radu is willing to fix this so the mob wont flee when ranged from too far away but would like to hear what you all think about this.
  14. New creatures

    new mob for under 100 a/d (capped at 100) uses items to kill. Wanders SKF Troll look 900 HP 100 dis rings 1 damage ea = 100 hp 150 body restoration pots reduce 2 HP ea - 300 hp 50 turqoise to reduce 3 HP ea -150 hp 75 death ess reduces 2 hp ea -150 hp 10 ti shorts = 20 reduces hp ea = 200 hp 20K to 35K gc drop 30% chance of bad day removal drop
  15. All hydro route to be PK?

    I also agree with this, I Wizzy said it like it is