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  1. Segmentation fault in Linux client v1.70

    nm. fixed it by turning off particles, and messed with permissions in the data_dir a bit...the error log showed some problems creating folders/files after downloading updates Now that it's off, what does point particles do? Nothing looks different...yet. Muly [sOLVED?]
  2. When getting off the ship to Idaloran, the client crashed and returned a segmentation fault. I restarted the client, logged on and immediately got the same error. I lowered my point particles to 50, as suggested in earlier posts. That allowed me to log on again. I walked about 20 paces Northwest, and it crashed again. Now I am again unable to log on. Any ideas? Muly
  3. Linux CVS Install

    Ah...there's the problem! I didn't install from the .zip...I used the commands you gave me earlier in the thread to build from CVS. I just did the same thing (into a new directory just to be safe), and noticed the missing files were never downloaded. They also did not build (if they should have) during 'make.' So...do I get them from the .zip and just plug them in? EDIT: I unpacked the .zip file into a new folder, and copied everything from /opt/Eternal-Lands to it, overwriting all. I edited /opt/el_install/el.ini to reflect the new location and blew away ~/.elc. It seems to work now. Thanks, Gamps! You've been great! (I'll look for you in-game.) [sOLVED] Matt
  4. Linux CVS Install

    (Sorry for the name change...I just registered.) #data_dir points to /opt/Eternal-Lands, which is where the client is located. This is in both ~/.elc/main/el.ini and /opt/Eternal-Lands/el.ini. Regarding all of the error messages in the error log: What directory is it referring to with "./textures/..." ? If the program resides in /opt/Eternal-Lands, should there be a directory located at /opt/Eternal-Lands/textures ? If so, it's missing. So is ./animations. Regarding the I/O warnings on the console: None of those files (*.xml) exist in the Eternal-Lands directory. However, I can find *.c, *.h, and *.o. (Except sound...I guess I didn't install sound yet.) *sigh* I guess I don't have any more excuses not to do housework... Muly (Matt)
  5. In-game references

    OK, who's the showtunes fan? We all know that "One" is from the musical "A Chorus Line," right? (OK, so I don't know the words...)
  6. Forum validation requests

    I plan on making my user account the same as this one. (If I'm unable, I'll let you know so I can change this name.) My connection problems are being discussed under Unregistered Help -> Linux CVS Install Thanks! (edit: added hyperlink)