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  1. Ultima Online

    OMG!!! Avon also lived a previous life on the Europa Shard for 2-3 years... God, this brings back memories
  2. Storage GUI

    Can we have an option to select 'All' too? Or instead, make sure we keep the functionality where you can select 20000 to deposit all Thanks! PS: Great to see you have a vacation Wytter, hope to see you next week!
  3. New bot rules

    What on earth has this got to do with this thread, Plat? You're becoming very sad and boring with this...Why couldn't you just make your point about Ants, WITHOUT hassling Roja yet again?
  4. Ore Suggestion

    This is good principle that I've seen in many other games too... trading notes And for those who are against it, what do you think Real Life bank notes are? It's essential to a large society. I'd love to see some kind of note for trading large quantities of things... (or maybe selectable from storage directly into trade windows?) Non-stackable potions are a nightmare at the moment!
  5. Top 50 page

    Hi, The Top-50 page at http://el.tfm.ro/top/top50.php doesn't show any information at the moment... The following is displayed: Warning: mysql_connect(): Access denied for user: 'root@localhost' (Using password: NO) in /www/tfm.ro/el/top/top50.php on line 4 Could not connect: Access denied for user: 'root@localhost' (Using password: NO)
  6. Top 50 page

    Maybe we should ask Him Sure - I already tried that... but posting it here also lets other players know that it's not working... : There is a method behind the madness
  7. Fun Quiz

    UK apparently... which is kinda handy as I already live here Still, I guess it saves on the moving costs!
  8. idea for books

    I love the idea of being able to read books multiple times! It would allow people to specialise more, make books a little more valuable (there seem to be lots around at the mo), and there are many people who have read all the current books... I don't like the idea of forgetting things though... and think any rate of loss should be very slow - you don't want to find you've forgotten all your research too quickly!!! Also, maybe some kind of warning before a book you've read expires? For example, shown in research window in red?
  9. fishing maybe?

    This thread is pinned at the top of this forum, and says No to fishing. http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=4856
  10. server down?

    Nobody is forcing you to stay up - that's your own decision and choice. You have been told that there are a lot of problems with the current version and to save often... and to be honest, this is the first day for a long time where there have been any major problems. If there are problems at the datacentre, then you can be sure lots of other companies/games/sites are affected too. And please don't use capital letters like that?
  11. server down?

  12. server down?

    Thanks Ent!! Really appreciate you keeping us informed throughout You're a star!
  13. server down?

    Just wait and see what happens first!!! You don't know if it's a prob with our server, or WHAT the problem is! EDIT: Samura1 - you've made 25 posts about this in the last 4.5 hours... The EDIT button is your friend./EDIT
  14. server down?

    It's up and rolled back a little
  15. rule #15

    No - it's the fact that you manage to 'just mention' the whole thing between you and Roja in every thread you reply in... I didn't think you'd need that stating, it is so obvious! Afaik, they were supposed to be kept quiet until the restart happened... But maybe you still think it's your duty to announce stuff... Even though you don't actually play the game Ok - so you only spoil it for those that HAVEN'T checked the mods online page - how generous of you... Put it in your signature... it will save you having to type it every time! I'm sure you can manage that...
  16. rule #15

    No one said that... But it would be nice if you had something constructive to say for a change... Although, you've become a troll round here (see later comment) Funny - I saw Grum online in the last couple of days... Nice one - completely spoil the surprise before any announcement is made.. and ruin it. Typical Platyna I see. Rubbish! 'Freedom of speech' is allowed, yet the likes of 'Incitement to cause riots/racial-hatred' are not allowed. It's called being CIVILISED and having MANNERS - it isn't so hard really... and people don't get as pissed off at you. Yes. As usual. And twisting the meanings of things deliverately. So stop turning threads into a Roja-vs-Plat thread... You are being a troll now with this. As the others have said... Put it in your signature... it will save you having to type it every time!
  17. Song game...

    My Way - Frank Sinatra, Sid Vicious, and many others....
  18. Song game...

    David Bowie - Life on Mars
  19. Song game...

    Ash - Girl from Mars
  20. Request...

    I don't like the terms 'rape' and 'gangbang', and have also encouraged other players not to use them in the past... Instead they use the following: 'pwn' instead of 'rape' and 'multi' instead of 'gangbang' and both are faster to type This isn't political correctness gone wrong... It's all about preventing offense about a VERY emotive topic. People who have had this kind of horrific experience DON'T want to be reminded of it whenever they play a game, and it isn't so hard to change your terminology
  21. Song game...

    Don't stop me now - Queen I didn't realise that... I was just fed up of all the song titles using 'I'...
  22. Congratulations.

    Yeh, I'd like to add my congratulations and thanks to the developers... You guys have made a game that has managed to keep me entertained for several months solidly now (which in itself is a minor miracle!)... I wish I'd found the EL sooner than I did!
  23. Song game...

    James - Sit down
  24. Platyna

    Umm... that makes it NINE DAYS ago... but these discussions are STILL going on?? Wow! Just wondering... would this have dragged on for so long if it was anyone else? *hides*
  25. DoH Site up :)

    Just wondering...what does harvesting level have to do with maturity and wisdom? It's not harvesting level... but that the highest level is 26...