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  1. my ban

    I would like you again poprosit the unban. I know that I wasn`t good but now I have changed and I want you to apologize for the things what I have and hereby request you to unban my acc.: Amate sorry for english
  2. My IP ban and ban

    I think i dont get it back but i think this wasn t really hard rule brake and i just do mistake with my my password and i give it to my brother
  3. My IP ban and ban

    i had 1 unban and 1 unipban and this will be third unban or unipban its nice number and i wont get higher number of this thing. I know for what i have ban and i wont do it and brake any rules anytime. I m bad i know but i will be better...
  4. My IP ban and ban

    This is my second ban it s too much?
  5. My IP ban and ban

    I know, I know I m stup*d . But i will never brake any rule in everything what have something with EL i m not bad but i wanna back Amate I m sorry i will make a new better password and never give to anyone ...
  6. My IP ban and ban

    But when u are playing 2 for 1 char ur char will be better when u don t play every day. Sorry :brooding:
  7. My IP ban and ban

    Hi, I was banned for unknow reason for me... I have already unipban and i m writing 2 months later becouse i wasn t playing EL long time. But my brother sometimes play for my char. I think he did that bad thing... Thnx
  8. NMT cape

  9. NMT cape

  10. NMT cape

  11. NMT cape

  12. NMT cape

  13. NMT cape

  14. NMT cape

  15. Pomsta

    But he is big noob in english and i wanna help him.