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  1. As someone who's regularly dealt with the "player_x found a pear" message, I'd say sure.


    However, do it like the treasure find message and just "A creature dropped a grape!" or something without the name. That gives the info you're wanting, that one was found.


    (The flood of PMs that come with such of-late desired drops is annoying. I log out for a while after every find these days, and ignore any messages concerning it if I don't, it can get that bad at times. Grapes would be even worse... not that I've personally found many since I don't actively look for them.)


    As well, could get confusing in situations like an invasion critter being multied drops one.


    It's also a rare invdrag drop, should probably make sure those aren't included in messages?

  2. Not every issue shows up in the editor, vastly different approach in rendering between it and the client.

    The best thing to do for experimentation is have an entirely separate setup of the client that is only used on test server. Take a map like Whitestone (or an internal map if the experiment involves an inner map) and edit that file in the experimental client setup. Run it on test and see how it turns out.


    Trial and error is really the only way to learn it. What causes things to flicker in the client, etc.


    While 3d items can flicker if placed improperly, 2d items are much, much more prone to it. I'm still cleaning up 2d flickering on many maps and I doubt I'll ever clear it all.



    That could be one reason 2d items are used solely for decorative purposes as absolutely necessary, and 3d gets preferred. But really it depends on the taste and ability of whoever made the map.


    A solid 2d-only ground would be incredibly difficult to do without a lot flickering. (Flickering = when you walk past something, it "flashes" competing with another 2d or 3d object to be visible. The road paths right next to the red roses in VotD in the current client do this, for example.)

    Personally I just default prefer 3d items due to the reduced chances for flickering. As for memory issues in the client, it's not that big a deal these days, we're talking about stuff that was running on 2003 computers. The only real lag issues are (detailed) water, and too many detailed trees/bushes, such as in WVF and KJ.



    As for object distance... there's no such rules. Generally speaking, test it as stated above in a special test-only client setup. If it can be seen using whatever the default viewing distance is on a new install okay, then it's okay. For height, remember the player has to be able to see and click to move, test that it's not too much in the way when it comes to higher objects.

  3. If this has become an issue, code-wise it might be simpler* for the server to check what's being worn when a Human removal or Reset is done, and send an error message saying removal of the equipment is required first if it's too high. The reset/removal won't work until the necessary equipped items are unequipped. Thus just preventing wearing anything above allowed at all.


    *Since there should already be a subroutine in place for gear/Human requirement checking that could be re-used.



    (This doesn't handle the second-hand axe issue in Bugs forum, but those need a nexus change anyway to go along with the changes to their undamaged counterparts.)

  4. Fixed for next release (whenever that may be):

    Walk into building - You are in White Stone - You're in White Stone City [148,662]
    Walk into building - You are in White Stone - You're in White Stone City [148,658]
    You are in Carmien Manor [157,177] titanium ore in wall (was kind of a "secret", bringing it out now since it's public)
    You are in Emerald Valley Trade Route - Barrenlands of Sorrow [314,116] - walk into tree
    You are in Idaloran [62,447] floating - fixed as best as possible, very difficult to get such rocks done well due to limited height options
    You are in Hulda, Land of the Ice Gale [83,19] - floating over water (also fixed a couple other noted similar spots)
    My Position: White Stone - Lakeside Village [686,151] - walk into house (also fixed house beside it)
    You are in White Stone - Orvale Mountains [151,489], [157,479], and [159,493] - floating - fixed as best as possible, difficult height options
    You are in Aeth Aelfan, the Elven Homeland [113,274] - arrow in midair
    underground dandelion: You are in Irinveron [492,233]
    A tiger lily under the ground-You are in Palon Vertas [165,137] (removed it)
    A plate that is completely hidden behind a wall and doesn't appear to be used for a secret-You are in Thelinor Caves [57,110]
    My Position: Desert Pines [249,136] - rock floating over sand
    You are in South Redmoon Island [91,65] - walk into tree
    You are in South Redmoon Island [54,323] - height too low on rock (best cleanup possible with limited height options, including surrounding area)
    You are in Thelinor [191,193] and You are in Thelinor [191,194] shouldn't be walkable
    You are in White Stone [729,602] - walk where shouldn't
    You are in White Stone - Elavro Mountains [421,684] etc.
    Okay, that catches things up so I can go back to completely redoing one of the maps... keep 'em coming, will probably a long while before a new release but that just means more time to find bad stuffs. ;-)

  5. It does need some help with more GHPs getting in the game. And not being so overly expensive to use.



    But I honestly believe the primary reason noone wanted to use it is just simply that it's not particularly good at anything. At all. If it had just that "one thing" that makes a player say "Hey, I can definitely use it for doing (this)", just as the mule is good for one thing, hauling shit, it would get at least some usage.


    And stuff "on paper" doesn't necessarily translate well to actual use. Someone(s) need to actually test any changes to it. I mean, the current stats for phoenix sound good, they just don't work in actual play. (Esp. against anything with critical hits, which is to say most everything of a high level.)





    If tests wanted on Test server, I'm a level 8 phoenix there.

  6. Lvl 12 phoenix here... just like the mule I leveled it "because I can". I eventually found some uses for the mule.


    The phoenix on the other hand...


    1) Glyphs must be makeable Of course almost noone's used it, much less leveled it, there's zero glyphs on market. These are a basic necessity, and honestly at this point it's hit beyond ridiculous that they can't be made just like mule glyphs.

    2) Those makeable glyphs should cost about the same as mule glyphs. The phoenix is already expensive as hell to level, and even use. Especially when its purpose is fighting which means eventually dying, creature food dropping, and instant phoenix loss when that happens. (Food is already twice that of a mule, it takes four times as much to fully level as a mule does, and as it's a fighting shift unlike mule more glyphs are needed to use it between actually using glyphs and possibly dropping them on death, something that's not normal for a mule.)


    3) What exactly is the purpose of the phoenix? This needs to be figured out. It doesn't have to be good at everything, but it does need one specific thing it's particularly extremely useful at for usage. At the moment it still has nothing due to the lack of gear, lack of magic, lack of experience.

    Despite the bonuses it gives, it's still worse to use than just using standard gear. The bonuses don't overcome the lack of armor/defense given by armor, the lack of damage given by a weapon, and the lack of material points due to no HOLAM or CoL with only potions to rely on that you can only hope you don't get stuck with a cooldown on. It's sheer suicide to try and attack anything a couple creatures below your char's normal training level.


    If you can't even attack a creature you currently train on with it, how are you supposed to use this in a situation where you'd get multied like a Bethel invasion, where you'd probably hit 0 health only being hit twice?


    There's too much relying on randomness as well... random chance of no cooldown, random chance of respawn. This is never a good quality when attempting to fight. Even this simple mixer knows that. ;-)



    People use the mule because it has a specific thing that makes it useful. The phoenix needs a major tweak that makes it useful for one specific thing as well... a tank? Gives heavy damage (currently doesn't) but with the risk of easily dying, limited only by the chance it'll respawn? Something else?

    (And a side question... if it respawns, would you lose a brick if you had them on you? That would be a bit too much if it does. And that's too costly to test.)


    I've got two more levels to go before my phoenix is max levelled. I really hope something's done by then. Abandoning tweaking it based on its current use when glyphs are so costly if available at all, plus the current status where they have nothing they're particularly proficient in is a bad idea. The phoenix is one of the most beautifully done creature graphics in the game, and it's already in place. Let's make it useful.

  7. Despite my silence, I'm still accepting these. Only responding if there's something immediate to respond to, otherwise everything will be checked/fixed before the next release, whenever that may be.


    Note: If you're using the current "Burned Maps" tab maps, you can just give the map name (ex: "map3_insides", found directly above or below the BurnedMaps logo on each map) rather than try to explain the map you're on, particularly for insides. I'll have to determine that anyway to know which map to fix. Not necessary, just if it makes it easier to report.

  8. You cannot fight on this client, and it is configured for main server. I dont know if a version can be compiled for pk-server. I have not seen any configurable options for the current Android client.

    I wonder if this proposed web-client will work on the pk-server.

    Very easily added option for the web client, though not until it's fully functional and hosted on the server itself.


    Though with working code and running the proxy on a home server, you could set the proxy up to attach to the pk server. I'd imagine radu's permission would be needed, the current code shouldn't be used on anything but Test. Not that it can do anything yet anyway, heh.



    Both Grum and I seriously question the use of this web client on a phone/tablet. (Try and picture doing everything you normally do with nothing but a small screen and large fingers, no mouse or keyboard.) Functionality will probably be very limited in comparison to standard computer use.*



    *(I'd imagine)

  9. Without it commented:



    Followed by a lot of:




    Leaving nothing but a black box for a canvas.


    (Using the versions of external javascripts you noted to use in the readme, if that's relevant.)




    PHP Fatal error: Cannot use object of type DOMNodeList as array in /srv/www/htdocs/webel/getsky.php on line 26

    ^ My server's error log is full of these.

  10. Some notes:


    1) In js/drawscene.js - comment out line 101: sky.draw();

    The sky rendering is a bugged work-in-progress, and NOTHING will render if it's not removed. (fixed)

    2) It currently only shows Desert Pines, starting near the docks. That's only "showing it", you're not actually on the test server.

    --- You can change the shown map in drawscene.js line 150: map = new GameMap("maps/map3.elm"); if you know what you're doing


    3) Insert/Delete to move forward and backward. Not on the server so there's no creatures or characters.


    Zoom in/out using page up/page down.


    You can rotate the camera, as well as look up/down by using the arrow keys.


    (If you have the web developer console open, pressing "p" will show your current coordinates in the console log.)



    It's a very early work so doesn't look so great yet, but it's a very good start!



    This is what I get from it (in Firefox, can't seem to get it to work in Chrome yet):





    I'm only just starting to learn WebGL, but should be able to help with "something" along the way.




    (EDIT: Corrected that you can move around using ins/del )

  11. Repositories are updated now to include builds for Tumbleweed and the (coming soon) Leap 42.1 release.


    The Factory build has been removed as it is no longer supported.



    The Leap build should work with the release candidate/gold releases if you've installed one of those. No guarantees of course.



    Same official 1.9.4 release, so 13.1/13.2 users won't see a change, just adding repos for the other releases.



    NOTE: I can only build for supported openSUSE releases btw, so if you're on 13.1 you may be outta luck soonish as it will be the next to lose support. Nov. 4th's "Leap" release is a good excuse to update your system. ;-)


  12. Download 1.9.4-004 Release Here!


    Version 1.9.4-004 is released today!


    Two samples can be seen on the download page.


    What's new?


    - Switched to 1024x1024 file size, which *should* work for those who kept getting white screens instead of maps


    - Full Seridia and Irilion click maps have finally been added!


    - Ring-in and Beam-in spots are now marked


    - Improved graphics in many places


    - Improved coordinate line marks


    - Multiple exit/entrance spots had missing or incorrect texts fixed.


    And more... full changelog is on the download page.

  13. Been busy with a lot of other stuff so these have taken a back seat, but planning to spend a lot of time this weekend getting stuff done for the next update. Hopefully have a new release out in the coming week.


    Sizes: Had to study dds as this is the only place I use it. I dunno why Olivine's were specifically 2133x2133, but I'd selected 1536x1536 out of math calculated based on the available sizes of maps tile-wise in the game. But dds has its quirks and yes, looks like while they'll work for many, for others possibly with older systems the maps would have to be 512x512, or 1024x1024.


    I can't make any guarantees but I'm working on the scripting that automatically generates my maps so it can produce maps of any size from 512 up to even 7680x7680 (not that I'd release such a beast, heh). May not necessarily be immediately on release but once the script is complete I'll release a 1024 version.




    Coming in the next pack:

    - The missing full Irilion and Seridia click-maps

    - Ring-in and Beam-in spots marked on maps

    - Tweaked colors for PK-school-fast regen-etc. areas (particularly noticeable on full PK maps such as Thelinor and II)

    - Improved graphic marks and text



    Minor fixes:

    - Fixed incorrect marks on TG Magic School map

    - Fixed incorrect mark on PV Magic School map

    - Imbroglio Islands - Several incorrectly marked maze entrances fixed

    - EVTR insides of alch school principal back room (building "A") mark leads to building "B" (was marked as leading to EVTR)

    - Added mark for returning to Ruins of Tirnym on Tirnym Past map

    - Added missing Glacmor Magic Shop entrance mark

    - Added missing mark for Trassian Magic Arena entrance

    - Irsis House "P" entrance mark fixed (incorrectly marked as "B")

    - Nordcarn magic shop mark fixed (was marked as a flower shop)

    - Nordcarn "Glilin Temple" mark spelling fixed

    - Ruins of Tirnym and Tirnym Past maps - "Tirnym" spelling fixed

    - Ruins of Tirnym - cave to past mark leading to further building fixed to "PE" (was "TE")

    - NRM main map volcano graphic fill-in improved

    - Replaced "PK" image on PV map mini arena with current version (still had -001 version)

  14. No decisions have been made about anything. This is solely an information-gather, seeing how often its used and why (as opposed to using other places).



    There are other plans afoot that require this knowledge. Whether those plans affect this spot remains completely undetermined at this time, we need more info first. (I can't discuss them yet but that plan is quite huge and will include some interesting new changes, particularly for miners, but most all c2 users will find *something* about the plan useful.)




    Assuming active use and assuming that final plan includes changing or removing these items, attempts would of course be made to have a similar replacement location, either moved on the same map or another, so no need to "campaign", just let us know if you still use it. ;-)

  15. For map editing purposes... Not that I'm there often but I can't recall the last time I saw someone actually harvesting iron or silver on the Kusamura Jungle main map (pear hunters don't count, hehe).


    As plans are being made for the next round of map updates, is there anyone who currently *regularly* uses KJ iron/silver as one of their main harv spots for those?


    If so, what would be the difficulty if they were gone? (Hellspawn to get to inside spots not being considered a "difficulty" as it's a negative perk you freely chose for a reason. Though if it's your main reason to use KJ for those then that is a need to know.)


    (This is only referring to the KJ iron/silver, both located not far from the Zirakinbar flag.)



    These items are not necessarily changing (I can't personally change them without permission anyway), but as some changes are being made to... some surroundings... this is more an informal survey to find out if they're being used at all, and if so, why, before anything is done that could effect that.



    If you prefer not to have your use of those spots made public for some reason, you can respond in a forum PM instead, PM in-game only if you have no forum account as I'm rarely available to respond when I'm in the game of late.



    This is only an "unofficial survey", don't try and read anything into it on possible coming changes, you'll likely be wrong. ;-) hehe