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  1. Here we go again... Work is in progress on maps and other data for a 1.9.6 release. Random floating object? Walking inside of a tree somewhere? Are you floating too high over the ground? If you've noticed any "little things" that seem buggy, please start reporting them here. Note 1: This is not the place for suggestions or changes, just obvious mistakes. Note 2: Remember to provide the map name and the exact coordinates (or as close as possible). Note 3: Is the problem in a secret location? I know all the game secrets so if you can name it without giving away the entrance, fine. If not, PM here or in-game, or "/mercator tell burn". Little things can include: 1- flickering of ground items when the camera rotates or while walking. (Please check with no shadows, if it's shadows causing it I can't really do anything. Also some flickering tends to be specific to certain computer setups or graphic cards, but I can check it at least.) 2- stepping a bit too far into a rock or building or such so that 50% or more of your character is inside the item in question. Basically it seems like you shouldn't be able to stand there. Or similarly, it seems like you *should* be able to step somewhere but you can't. 3- Floating way too high or sinking way too low in spots. (Height marking is very limited compared to the 3d nature of most games, so "too high" should be defined as approximately half the size of a leather boot - note that sand/quicksand spots such as those in Bethel and Melinis are intentional as well.) 4- Unreachable harvestable items where they should be reachable. (This shouldn't be an issue anymore.) I think you get the idea. Basically it must involve the map itself, anything else is beyond my ability to fix. SECRET LOC? I know them all, just give the name and coords without providing how to enter it. It may be a while before I respond here, but everything posted here WILL be checked and fixed as needed before it's time to do the 1.9.6 client release.
  2. Unfixable. :-/ The windows are part of the building object, which due to blender updates and such, only roja could possibly fix and maybe not even her at this point if she were around to do so.
  3. Fixed... moved a non-clickable rock to be behind the flowers. As long as you're clicking near the flower you shouldn't end up in there anymore, just avoid clicking closer to the door as the full rock it's connected to will still send you in.
  4. Fixed and fixed. Never paid attention to it, think it was stuff left off to reduce objects back in the early days, but not an issue these days.
  5. Fixed for next release. "Hopefully" fixed for next release, that one cave at least. (Fix should work, if not there's nothing I can do.) Any other caves will need to be pointed out. Very delicate def-file work with all those mountain sides and caves.
  6. The EL client is now built for the newly released Leap 15.2. Leap 15.1 and Tumbleweed versions remain available. Older OpenSUSE releases are no longer provided for as they are no longer supported. --------------- DO NOT INSTALL THE eternal-lands CLIENT FOUND IN OpenSUSE's Games repo. It's 1.9.4 and won't work. Make sure you uninstall it if you did before installing my builds. It'll be named eternal-lands whereas mine is named elc. (I don't have time to fix this right now, will do so later when I set up GIT builds with the latest changes.)
  7. Packages available for OpenSUSE Tumbleweed, Leap 15.1, and Leap 15.2 64-bit builds only as OpenSUSE no longer supports 32-bit. - Builds are the official 1.9.5 client. Current build: GIT as of April 29, 2019. - 4 Packages: 1. elc - the main client (required) 2. elc-data - the game data files (required) 3. elc-sound 4. elc-music Sound and Music are optional, and install the same sound/music as found on the official download page. Updates will normally only happen when truly warranted, not every tweak in the GIT. I also make sure the builds work for me at least before putting them out there. Direct Install Go to this download page at the OpenSUSE Build Service. Click the OpenSUSE version you have. Zypper install Go to the above-linked download page and click "Add repository and install manually" for instructions. YaST Install If you know how to add a repo in YaST, use the repo links found in the Zypper instructions. If not, just use the 1-click install and the repos will be automatically added.
  8. Actually, I never got Child of Stars perk because I *like* having negative harvest astro. Negative astro with a harv medallion can mean actually getting some harvesting done with minimal interruption. The perk during that situation is actually negative. Would love to turn that off during red harv astro when harving.
  9. I know at least one person is working on guild map... If you are working on a guild map, or wish to make changes to a current guild map (particularly the .elm.gz file since it is part of the client), now is the time to consider doing this, in order for it to be ready in time for the 1.9.6 client release. Make sure you have a current copy of the map editor (or build one from the github current source code yourself). Bluap provides a current Windows build HERE. For minor issues or assisting, I may be able to help, particularly when it comes to the def file. You are welcome to send your changed elm/def files to me* (at flamesworld@gmail.com ) if you have specific questions or need certain things checked. That's mostly limited to def file work though. I won't do any major work for you, but I can assist with anything giving trouble in the def file before you send it to radu with payment. This minor assistance won't cost anything. I may be willing to do more in-depth def file work (is your current one a mess and you'd like it cleaned up and every entry working the way it is supposed to?), for bones and/or gc. Time permitting. E-mail me with a copy of your def file and what you're wanting done. I do NOT have time to build or rebuild a map. You must e-mail me a current copy of your guild's def file for any assistance or work. I do not know who owns what map, so providing this will be proof that you have the right to change it. You'll still have to pass through radu when making payment for the actual in-game change as well, to ensure you have the right. If you no longer have a copy of your def file (your elm file is in the client) but you need or want changes, I can provide it. However, you will have to contact radu first. Tell him what you're needing, and that you need him to confirm to me you have the right to the def file as the map owner so I can send it to yor. Let me know once he's done that and once I confirm it with him, I'll send you the file. I cannot send this file without radu's confirmation of ownership, for any reason. Has the owner of the map long since disappeared and you want to take it over for the guild? See the above response. Radu must approve first, I cannot do that. *Note: If you're concerned about me having access to your guild map, as the only currently active map developer I already have access to every current guild map's def file and how to enter it. Part of being on the map editing team is being able to keep such information secret.
  10. Testing 1.9.5 client for Mac

    http://www.gm.fh-koeln.de/~linke/EL-Downloads/EL-MAC-1.9.5.zip Please test to see if the client installs and runs. Preferably on Test server as you will have problems using this on main. If you don't know how to install this seperately from your 1.9.4 client, be prepared to reinstall 1.9.4 as well for playing on main. Post any crash info. (Note that on Test server you have the correct maps, but the unofficial tab maps are unreleased for it so you'll have to walk around blindly in new or rebuilt areas.) Please also post if you found it works okay! Just so we know it's being tested.
  11. Simple enough, change the required items to mix wolframite and dvarium bars to no longer require Serpent Stones. Reasons being: 1- They're expensive even without the stones 2- The Serpent Stone is worth more than the bars Current pricing: Serp Stone ~22k Dvarium Bar - unknown but also not normally available, wouldn't sell for under at least 31k to break even cost (also not sold by NPC) Wolframite Bar - 15kgc (from NPC, not made by players due to cost)
  12. Removing it from Wolf bar would make it at least worthwhile for players to harvest wolframite and make the bar. Having a 22kgc stone in a bar that can be bought at the NPC for 15kgc ensures that never happens. It puts the onus back on alchemists rather than NPCs. And anytime that can be done is a good thing. Wolfram bar was already not worth making in 2008 when rare stuff was much cheaper, it never had a chance of being a makeable bar. This would finally fix that, and the bar would be close to but cheaper than the NPC, so little effect on the economy, just making player mixing more important than NPC purchasing.
  13. Your point is... around the level of WTF. Wolframite bars are not made at all. They're sold by NPC for 15kgc because noone's going to mix a 22kgc stone with the added cost of the wolframite for one. Alch tutorial and incredibly dimwitted people excluded. Removing the stone will have essentially zero effect on the stone value. Dvarium is hardly used enough that it would make a significant change in anything. and 2) We're not discussing binding stones here. Do not change my topic, or anyone else's. You have a topic, make your own post.
  14. IP Storage for everyone.

    While there's just afk-ers, mixing is the primary reason people will sit at storage. Like VotD, there could be a "no manufacture" area around the storage to reduce people sitting at it. It's not real a "manu" storage as you need ings from other maps to mix pretty much anything. Harvers are going to be primarily sitting mostly at the flowers. As for harvestables, the primary ones that might be harvested there are: - impatiens (next to the bench just steps from storage) this will be the biggest issue - red snapdragons and wood are closer to the fire pit, don't think they're any better than available places on other maps - branches in the woods, still better in other locations like votd and evtr Nothing else is close enough to storage to bother considering, all others have closer-to-sto locations on other c1 maps
  15. Bot payments

    2WJ14200UH273533U IWannaRock will continue buying all your bones.
  16. "All the Leather Armor, including Helm, the Augmented Leather Pants and Torso, a Wooden Shield and an Enhanced Wooden Shield, Iron Chain, Steel Chain, and, finally, a Second Hand Titanium Chain Mail." Buni's text is a little misleading saying "all the leather armor", as the list after it only says helm, pants, and torso, not the boots. That's why no popup for the boot breakage. (Unless there's a change to Buni, I highly recommend using the ingame Notes window to list everything that needs to be broken, and mark each one as you break it. That way you can keep track even if you stop playing a while. If you don't switch computers, that is.)
  17. Builds are now updated to the current code in the GIT repository. Builds available for Leap 42.3, 15.0 and Tumbleweed. If you're testing the forthcoming Leap 15.1, a build is also now available for that. See the first post to install, or if you've installed already update the repo and update via YaST/Zypper. * Changelog for this build: - Update to current GIT (April 29, 2019). Changes include: -- Separate notepads and items lists for different alts -- Alt+J to show ether bar, Alt+K to show ether number over character -- Password manager on the login screen -- Minimap destination cross color can be configured -- HUD indicator shows status for "I Glow in the Dark" perk -- Ctrl-RightClick will not delete mapmarks that are hidden (not shown when filter is in use) -- Shift+F9 will remove a fire test added using F9 -- Many various minor bug fixes and tweaks
  18. In the update that just occured, also fixed was the Irsis ranging arena. If you decided not to use that arena because of poor perception or lower ranging level, it is much improved now lighting-wise and should be useable for most anyone. If you have already used it and possibly have marked spots to stand, note that you'll be moving further away from the Target now, possibly 4-5 steps. (You won't see any visible lighting difference as that requires a client update, but it's there on the server and that's all that matters for ranging.)
  19. Assorted update ideas for Radu

    New mobs that don't use the art of another mob are pretty much not-gonna-happens. Having seen some of what has to be done to create new 3D graphics for this game, and how incredibly old the blender plugins are (and won't work with current blender), roja is probably literally the only person who could do these. As far as updates, radu says he's been busy IRL so I don't think it's a lack of ideas. He still has a list of stuff from me to do since the last client update (including the second black dragon in the new AA cave) and fixing the guild NPCs at Ida docks so they are in the right positions and facing the right directions, among others. (*all of this post based on what I know, I am not actually speaking for radu or roja.)
  20. Nordcarn South Cave (1.9.5)

    Fixed for 1.9.6. (It was there in 1.9.4, but it was sitting on an object that was removed for 1.9.5, hidden in the map editor by a light source so it went unnoticed.)
  21. Palon Vertas - 1.9.5

    Fixed for 1.9.6
  22. Potion School does not work on Potion of Mana

    Right, no level-0 items work in schools. They are no-risk mixes.
  23. Harvestacular

    Where times are listed on the wiki for Zirak, they're current. I deleted old ones and the ones there now were added by me. (Just the main map though, I didn't time inside Gunda.)
  24. Harvestacular

    Doesn't account for Tash, the new storage in Zirak. Wheat is the fastest there now with an under half-minute walk directly north. Swamp Candles are c2 fastest directly south at the docks, almost as good as Naralik...
  25. Bring back old Neno

    As I've informed radu, the official maps are now "cleaned up" with regards to walkable tiles that he can create a script that picks a random map, and a random walkable tile on that map (that has at least one walkable tile next to it) and use that as a spawn point. Completely random spot on any map that is allowed. Impossible to spawn-sit, period.