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  1. New Unofficial Tab Maps - BurnedMaps

    Been busy with a lot of other stuff so these have taken a back seat, but planning to spend a lot of time this weekend getting stuff done for the next update. Hopefully have a new release out in the coming week. Sizes: Had to study dds as this is the only place I use it. I dunno why Olivine's were specifically 2133x2133, but I'd selected 1536x1536 out of math calculated based on the available sizes of maps tile-wise in the game. But dds has its quirks and yes, looks like while they'll work for many, for others possibly with older systems the maps would have to be 512x512, or 1024x1024. I can't make any guarantees but I'm working on the scripting that automatically generates my maps so it can produce maps of any size from 512 up to even 7680x7680 (not that I'd release such a beast, heh). May not necessarily be immediately on release but once the script is complete I'll release a 1024 version. Coming in the next pack: - The missing full Irilion and Seridia click-maps - Ring-in and Beam-in spots marked on maps - Tweaked colors for PK-school-fast regen-etc. areas (particularly noticeable on full PK maps such as Thelinor and II) - Improved graphic marks and text Minor fixes: - Fixed incorrect marks on TG Magic School map - Fixed incorrect mark on PV Magic School map - Imbroglio Islands - Several incorrectly marked maze entrances fixed - EVTR insides of alch school principal back room (building "A") mark leads to building "B" (was marked as leading to EVTR) - Added mark for returning to Ruins of Tirnym on Tirnym Past map - Added missing Glacmor Magic Shop entrance mark - Added missing mark for Trassian Magic Arena entrance - Irsis House "P" entrance mark fixed (incorrectly marked as "B") - Nordcarn magic shop mark fixed (was marked as a flower shop) - Nordcarn "Glilin Temple" mark spelling fixed - Ruins of Tirnym and Tirnym Past maps - "Tirnym" spelling fixed - Ruins of Tirnym - cave to past mark leading to further building fixed to "PE" (was "TE") - NRM main map volcano graphic fill-in improved - Replaced "PK" image on PV map mini arena with current version (still had -001 version)
  2. For map editing purposes... Not that I'm there often but I can't recall the last time I saw someone actually harvesting iron or silver on the Kusamura Jungle main map (pear hunters don't count, hehe). As plans are being made for the next round of map updates, is there anyone who currently *regularly* uses KJ iron/silver as one of their main harv spots for those? If so, what would be the difficulty if they were gone? (Hellspawn to get to inside spots not being considered a "difficulty" as it's a negative perk you freely chose for a reason. Though if it's your main reason to use KJ for those then that is a need to know.) (This is only referring to the KJ iron/silver, both located not far from the Zirakinbar flag.) These items are not necessarily changing (I can't personally change them without permission anyway), but as some changes are being made to... some surroundings... this is more an informal survey to find out if they're being used at all, and if so, why, before anything is done that could effect that. If you prefer not to have your use of those spots made public for some reason, you can respond in a forum PM instead, PM in-game only if you have no forum account as I'm rarely available to respond when I'm in the game of late. This is only an "unofficial survey", don't try and read anything into it on possible coming changes, you'll likely be wrong. ;-) hehe
  3. Do you use Kusa silver/iron?

    No decisions have been made about anything. This is solely an information-gather, seeing how often its used and why (as opposed to using other places). There are other plans afoot that require this knowledge. Whether those plans affect this spot remains completely undetermined at this time, we need more info first. (I can't discuss them yet but that plan is quite huge and will include some interesting new changes, particularly for miners, but most all c2 users will find *something* about the plan useful.) Assuming active use and assuming that final plan includes changing or removing these items, attempts would of course be made to have a similar replacement location, either moved on the same map or another, so no need to "campaign", just let us know if you still use it. ;-)
  4. I never tested this before getting the No Hope perk, so I can't tell if it's the mine itself not giving the correct damage, or if it's the No Hope perk incorrectly implemented on just this one mine. http://imgur.com/BngPxL0 My Eng level is 115. 115/5 = I should be getting a bonus 23 damage on mines/trops. As well, No Hope perk which seems to give a 12% bonus. As can be seen in the image, the calculations work for caltrop, small mine, and medium mine. The High Explosive Mine though, with perk should be giving 165 damage. Instead as can be seen I'm getting only 135 damage, which is less than calculated even without the perk. Test conditions: All 4 of the above were tested at the same time. I was completely nekkid, no items of any kind worn. So if anything were to affect a test, it should have affected all of them. Only these 4 items were tested, so I don't know about RC mines, or other perk-influenced items. Something's definitely off though.
  5. Confirmed to be fixed with today's server update.
  6. I can't change harvability without permission, I'll have to take that up with Roja. (But likely has to do with its proximity to storage, or its for design only. If deemed useful it could make for a nasty-crowded place being so small as well.)
  7. Got crap on your Test server char you'll never use there? As I go around maps there working on updates for 1.9.5, I still need hax and food minimum, neither of which is obtainable from NPCs. Just doing the 1.9.4 updates cleared me out of most everything I'd need. If you know you have any of the following on Test server, donate please to help with the 1.9.5 update process! I'm in need of: NOTHING atm - Thanks to everyone who donated bones and hax pots!
  8. Fixed Maps to add to your installed EL

    http://burningdownthe.net/el/ NEW: I've add map9f.elm.gz to the above URL to download. This is Grubani. The only change is the lighting at the ranging arena at night. OPTIONAL! The lighting is fixed on the server side which is all that matters for your perception. However if you update this you'll see the actual lighting of the arena as opposed to the overly bright lighting currently seen. (I repeat, you do not need to do this for the arena fix. It's only for your own cosmetic change if you wish. It is nastily bright there at night.)
  9. Now that there's Targets, something can be said about the c2 arena. Lower-level rangers, those without perks, those who have no night visor are currently recommended to use the Grubani arena. Advanced trainers that normally stand too far from the Target in Grubani should definitely switch to Irsis. Mid-Range rangers... experiment in it a bit (see #4 below), with night visor preferably. See if you can find a sweet spot better than your average in Grubani. (I did.) 1) Indoors, so no light changes. However, you have pretty low perception (will be brightened more in next client). You'll stand closer to Target here than on Grubani. 2) Night Visor Highly recommended unless you have extremely high Perception. 3) Wilhelm Hood and/or Sharpshooter perks could be handy to have in this arena, at least until next client. 4) Take some time to experiment with positions. The lighting makes for different ranging than in Grubani. You may find a position with lower success rate than you're used to in Grubani can still give better average exp per arrow. And if you can find that sweet spot, it's good for all 6 hours, no worries about day/night. 5) YOU CAN BEAM OUT! You cannot use magic in the entrance area, but after you've used your arena ticket and trained you can tele to portal for a much quicker return to storage. Remember: For training, it's your average exp/arrow that matters, not your success rate percentage. Just some generic advice from first time using it. Your mileage may vary.
  10. El Wiki

    Forums are now back. If you were using the script I posted, delete it.
  11. El Wiki

    Greasemonkey being for Firefox... Google Chrome browser users: The script has also been confirmed to work with Tampermonkey. Just install the Tampermonkey extension. Posting on the el-wiki Forum: Just like the Logging In issue mentioned in Step 3, you'll get a "503" when you click to submit a post in a thread should you try it. However if you "back" up to the thread and reload it, you'll see your post. Stil unknown if you can create a new account. Probably not. So this info is for those who already have forum accounts there.
  12. El Wiki

    As most know, EL Wiki can now be accessed, but only if you make sure to include "www." at the start of the domain. -> http://www.el-wiki.net Greasemonkey Users: Gain Access to the Forum The forum remains inaccessible because smf.el-wiki.net has not been set up to show it as it did before. An oversight of whoever's behind the server these days. However, the forum exists at http://www.el-wiki.net/forum/(but that's the only page you can see, and it's broken because everything on it points to "smf." The below Greasemonkey script will change all smf.el-wiki.net references to www.el-wiki.net/forum, and works. (I will not provide assistance on what Greasemonkey is or how to use it. Find someone else to do that, or wait until the server admin finally gets everything set up right.) Steps: 1. Add the below GreaseMonkey script. 2. Go to http://www.el-wiki.net- Click the "Forum" link on the left side menu which should take you to www.el-wiki.net/forum/index.cgi . If it doesn't, your script is not set up properly. 3. Logging In: When you enter your username and password, you'll end up going to the "503 error" page we're all familiar with by now. It's okay! Just hit "back" to the previous page where you entered your user/pass, and click to refresh the page. You should see that you're logged in at the top right, and all forums should be visible. I have not tested posting, nor creating a new account if you don't have one. But you'll be able to view the forum with this hack at least. When the server admin does finally get the smf. forum set up correctly so everyone can see it, remember to delete this script from Greasemonkey. // ==UserScript== // @name changeurl test // @namespace http://www.el-wiki.net/ // @description convert smf.el-wiki.net to www.el-wiki.net/forum // @include http://www.el-wiki.net/* // @grant none // ==/UserScript== var links,thisLink; links = document.evaluate("//script[@src]", document, null, XPathResult.UNORDERED_NODE_SNAPSHOT_TYPE, null); for (var i=0;i<links.snapshotLength;i++) { var thisLink = links.snapshotItem(i); thisLink.src = thisLink.src.replace('http://smf.el-wiki.net/', 'http://www.el-wiki.net/forum/'); } links = document.evaluate("//link[@href]", document, null, XPathResult.UNORDERED_NODE_SNAPSHOT_TYPE, null); for (var i=0;i<links.snapshotLength;i++) { var thisLink = links.snapshotItem(i); thisLink.href = thisLink.href.replace('http://smf.el-wiki.net/', 'http://www.el-wiki.net/forum/'); } links = document.evaluate("//a[@href]", document, null, XPathResult.UNORDERED_NODE_SNAPSHOT_TYPE, null); for (var i=0;i<links.snapshotLength;i++) { var thisLink = links.snapshotItem(i); thisLink.href = thisLink.href.replace('http://smf.el-wiki.net/', 'http://www.el-wiki.net/forum/'); } links = document.evaluate("//img[@src]", document, null, XPathResult.UNORDERED_NODE_SNAPSHOT_TYPE, null); for (var i=0;i<links.snapshotLength;i++) { var thisLink = links.snapshotItem(i); thisLink.src = thisLink.src.replace('http://smf.el-wiki.net/', 'http://www.el-wiki.net/forum/'); } links = document.evaluate("//form[@action]", document, null, XPathResult.UNORDERED_NODE_SNAPSHOT_TYPE, null); for (var i=0;i<links.snapshotLength;i++) { var thisLink = links.snapshotItem(i); thisLink.action = thisLink.action.replace('http://smf.el-wiki.net/', 'http://www.el-wiki.net/forum/'); }
  13. predictor knowledge

    http://eternal-lands.com/manufacture.htm It's listed. It's an odd requirement for all predictors, and the encyc seems to have them wrong, but... it's listed on the official list.
  14. Don't think you can. The app is an unofficial thing and doesn't have all the functionality of the official client.
  15. Fixed Maps to add to your installed EL

    *bump* Reminder to replace the two elm files in your installation with the two in the link above if you haven't. Not mandatory but will make play much simpler for you in DP, and the PV FCW cave. The "new" large rock in DP forest near CC entrance will be removed in 1.9.5 (currently planned for first quarter of 2016).
  16. Odie's been around and easily reachable, normally never takes more than a couple days for a response but usually sooner. I've had regular contact with him here on the forums via PM for the 1.9.4 client release (he does some of the builds such as for Mac and handles the data files), and as well quickly fixed some bot services bugs I brought up with him.
  17. missing sea at DP while on/near Portland Boat

    Not much, well, essentially nothing can be done about that. It's the edge of the map, nothing on the east side of the boat is actually part of the map file.
  18. New Unofficial Tab Maps - BurnedMaps

    Can be found in the changelog included in the zip: Mixed case will make it unreadable again. Several hours went into just determining the best font, size and style. A Legend includes relevant information, less "clutter" = less info. I won't do less info.
  19. New Unofficial Tab Maps - BurnedMaps

    Version 1.9.4-003 has just been released: http://life-is-eternal.blogspot.com/p/burned-maps-unofficial-eternal-lands.html Two sample maps can be seen at the link as well. 1.9.4-003 Release Notes: This release primarily to improve legibility in smaller client windows - Complete overhaul of text size/fonts. Should now be legible in smaller client windows. - Sales NPCs (Tavern, gen store, etc.) given appropriately colored text and marks. - Improved markings of PK, schools, arena, fast read, fast regen for better visibility in smaller client windows. - Darkened a bit more for better text legibility. - Larger mineral/ore markings for smaller client window visibility. - Improved legend.dds legibility
  20. New Unofficial Tab Maps - BurnedMaps

    Work is in progress on release 1.9.4-003. I'll post here when it's ready for downloading. Estimating some time this weekend, so keep an eye out then. This release will clean up a bit, but is primarily a complete overhaul of text and symbols so that the maps can be read in smaller client windows, as that seems to be the priority issue. The new text is (barely) legible in the smallest 640x480 setting, but is legible. (Only so much can be done for such a tiny window.) But will definitely be legible in larger settings.
  21. Map Editor Download

    Self-lit stuff doesn't show correctly in the editor. Never has and may never do so. When I've needed to test it, I've tried it on an in-game map using a separate client setup for Test server use. In my case, I used an indoor-marked guild map, but any indoor map should suffice. Put the item on that map and test colors viewing it there on Test. Then when getting it's correct set it up with the same colors on the map being worked on. Or if you're lucky and can find an indoor map the same size that you can access at the location you need, get yourself to that location, then change the map to the one you're working on.
  22. DP tree stops walk

    Do this: http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=59975
  23. Map Issues Noted Since 1.9.4 Update

    Noted... Please keep in mind there's a forum for map bugs, not just this thread. Please leave this thread for potential game-stoppers only. It's for me to quickly see stuff that needs immediate fixing only. Little shit that doesn't directly harm the game can be posted in another thread on this forum to check for 1.9.5.
  24. New Unofficial Tab Maps - BurnedMaps

    Yeah, there's some trial and error going on here because of smaller windows. Best method of printing text while at the same time covering as little of the walkable parts of the map as possible. Using 1280x1024 window here so didn't notice it as much. BS/Olivine work mainly because they have much less markings/text, so exploring "new territory" here with map marking. Just not sure it'll work with smaller windows. But already got some work going on it, should hopefully be improved in the next release... sometime in June just before I get started on invalidating several of the maps with work on the next client release. ;-)
  25. New Unofficial Tab Maps - BurnedMaps

    That's planned for a future update, among other things. These were initially rushed out, and will get new info and cleanup releases until I'm fully satisfied with them.