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  1. *back on subject* EVTR will be multi-combat with the next client release, approved by radu. (And yeah, single/multi for a map can be changed on a server update, no client update necessary. My mind is just on getting that client update out soon. This particular change will come with the client, which will hopefully see a Summer release.)
  2. Alt rules

    There's time to get this into the official rules before the next client release. Once decided, Ais or radu make a final post with the official final wording and I'll make sure it gets in as rule 29... or as part of a current rule. Can lemme know your preference for that as well. ;-) ---- Only part I have an opinion on really is the spawn monitors. Glad to see those go. They were part of the reason I sent the new Joker spawns, hehe. (I remember there used to be one alt that sat almost 24/7 on the Melinis wall where Neno would spawn, seems to be gone now.)
  3. Char locked

    http://www.eternal-lands.com/view_user.php?user=susje "This player did nasty things and is locked"
  4. Tech you are right, but we have PV, Zira, Glac, and Airius. These maps have great potential for invasions and they are SC. PV is multi since 1.9.4 client release.
  5. Critters: "Trainable" aggressives on that map are very low-level (gargs, fem gobs), and are much more easily trained on other maps even if EVTR were a multi map. And they're decently spread out from what I can tell so multi training would be difficult. The Map: Map itself has nothing that would be affected if it were multi (no PK arenas or such). Future: There are no major changes to that map coming in 1.9.5, so no surprises. Conclusion: I personally think it would be fine to be multi. Just needs Radu's approval... I have to get higher approval to make map changes that heavily affect gameplay.
  6. Find Joker, Win a Brick

    At the time of this post, Joker is sitting on one of 200 new spawn locations. Being brand new locations, everyone is on equal footing. Be the first to find him, and win a rosto.* And be the first to know any of his new 200 locations. ;-) Your ONLY clues: 1- His current location is on a map that is part of C2. (Yes, I know where he is.) 2- He is NOT in a secret location, but it's not a spot people would accidentally run into him while doing other things. 3- There's Ice, Ice baby (and no, you don't have to deal with a stivy-alt, one question I'm getting asked too often) Remember that Joker spawn locations are secrets, so if you find him don't blurt out the loc in chat. Plus it'll be info only you know. *I tend to be afk or offline a lot, but I'll get it to you as quickly as possible. If I'm not online when he's found, make sure the Mercator Page shows the announcement that you found it, or at least one moderator can confirm it if mercator missed it (uncommon).
  7. Find Joker, Win a Brick

    And it was (finally) found. *game over*
  8. Find Joker, Win a Brick

    Wow, okay... This is definitely one of the more hard-to-find spots. Out of all the easier ones I picked, it had to go to this hard one first. One more clue then: 3- There's Ice, Ice baby... (and no, you don't have to deal with a stivy-alt, one question I'm getting asked too often)
  9. Find Joker, Win a Brick

    Still going... Just think, you'll be the only person to know any of the new Joker locations. Be the envy of... one or two people! I gotta admit, this was one of the handful of more difficult spots to find him. Most are a lot easier, hehe. And who knows, maybe you'll get the new rare reward from Joker that radu added (no, I dunno what that is).
  10. Android web page

    It's in your signature. Imageshack killed their free hosting, and replaced images with their ads. Change your signature to get rid of it.
  11. The possibility for a "C3"

    C3 "not happening" boils down to one simple thing: low player count. The count is too low even for the current number of maps, leading to an (M)MORPG where you could technically spend days playing and not necessarily even see another player in the game. More maps would just mean even more spreading out of players, which is not desired. Neither Radu nor Ace would approve adding new maps that would do that. Well, I can't speak for them, but I'd imagine... [Disclaimer: While I've been handling the map work these days, approval of new stuff is still required from others... Ace for maps, radu for spawn and other server-related things, roja for graphics, Ace/Roja for storyline continuity. What I post here is what I know based on prior discussions. I don't personally make final decisions of any kind, so that's not what this post is.]
  12. Engineering Quest Flynt gives no exp.

    The flag itself (in Thelinor going to PV) is the actual problem here, as it's a bit further into the map than it should be. Mines for that should be placed near the actual entrance, between the edge of the map and the rock that the flag is at. Best thing to remember is the flag is not the actual exit, but the path itself. (In 1.9.5, I already have that flag moved to be directly at the exit, so it'll be less confusing whenever that version is ready. Along with several other poorly placed flags on multiple maps. Maps sometimes need tweaks to be more relevant to newer things like this.)
  13. Settings won't save

    I know essentially nothing about Windows, but... Try renaming the el.cfg and el.ini files to something else. When you start the client after that it should force the client to create new files with the default settings. And if it can create them, it can change them. That'll mean changing your settings again, of course. (I can't begin to guess why the current files aren't updating though, don't know how Win permissions work.)
  14. Marking [non]PK areas

    [general] allow_combat: 1 allow_multicombat: 1 [/general] allow_combat 1 = PK full map (0 default) allow_multicombat 1 = map is multicombat (0 default, single combat)
  15. Particularly: needing someone aware of the changes to the Blender plugin system and may be able to rewrite some old (2.49-era) python import/export plugins for Blender into versions that will work in a modern Blender version (2.7). It's not enough just to "know Python", as I'm sure there's more than a few here who do, but to be familiar with the specifics of Blender's plugin system and how those need to be set up as that's where the biggest issues are. This is for EL, of course. While it's not absolutely necessary, it would be nice if we could get some old import/export Blender plugins for EL working on a current Blender build, as old Blender builds are getting more difficult to install. And unfortunately the original creator of the plugins is long gone. For now it's working, but getting these plugins to work in modern Blender would help "future-proof" them. PM me if you think you know enough about Blender and its current plugin system to give this a try.
  16. Android client, 4th release

    The night time is a particular issue in general. IP has lighting on it making it a bad map to night test on. The majority of maps don't have lighting except around very specific locations. Walking through woods areas in WS, and even Naralik in the middle of the night I could only walk around because I actually know the maps inside out, and still had to mostly use the "tab" map to walk. It's way too dark, hard to see anything even on a 10.1" tablet screen. I'd pull my hair out trying to use it on a phone screen. A default "brighter" night setting (without changing perception of course) is going to be an absolute necessity for this to be playable at all. Realizing just how map-dependent I am in the normal client, most walking is done using the tab map for long distances or the minimap for shorter ones, only clicking the ground to walk when close to a critter or harv or door or such. Android makes ground clicking more the norm, so it feels "slower". (Could also be I'm used to being speed-haxed, and I'm testing with a normal-speed alt on top of that.) Oh, and agree on Time Stamps. Things are generally working okay here though (on the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1" 2016 tablet), still been too busy IRL and not even worked on maps in a week, but should have time to more thoroughly test and continue map work by mid-week.
  17. Builds are now available for the new OpenSUSE Leap 42.2. Will update it soon to a more recent GIT build. 13.1 builds are discontinued (distro is no longer supported).
  18. Bug - can't move or can't harvest

    It does occur to me that both Neno walking on mines, and the Unicorn moving off of the dung it drops, would both be affected by this. (Assuming Neno teleporting doesn't reset him.)
  19. Bug - can't move or can't harvest

    Ah, so that's what happens to the critters on Test server (462 days uptime) that causes them to stop moving. It's actually a little creepy seeing them like that, hehe. (And surprising on C2 seeing some move, since Lenny is still actively killing and resetting them.)
  20. Def files

    Some random notes should anyone in the future be doing def files: 1- Use `back-ticks` around text lines, always. ex: map_name: `Isla Prima` and any text lines in use_area, location_info, etc. such as wrong_object_text: `Nothing happens.` Just lines that are supposed to be text input. Numbers don't need them. Text, particularly if it includes apostrophe's or "quotes" will not show correctly without the backticks. (And of course, don't put backticks in the text itself, ever.) 2- Use // double slashes at the start of every comment line. The server specifically reads those as comments and ignores there. It will generally treat any lines outside of markup as comments, but these will be more easily spotted and assure less chance the server will mangle your def file. (I'm told /* */ around several lines will also work, but if you're commenting that much you're doing something wrong.) 3- Don't spare on the comments. With few exceptions, there should be at least one comment above each markup entry explaining what the markup is for, especially on larger maps.
  21. Selain has mastered the ability to summon beastly clones of mortals and place them on the mortal realm to wreak havoc as a new randomly formed Boss Mob. And it would require no new graphical work. :-P How it works: A Beast Mortal is a randomly selected player (of any stats, newb or pro), given extreme stats: 1- Certain Attributes get multiplied by ? (to be determined and tweaked) 2- The Beast Mortal wears whatever gear the player happens to have on at the time it's created (added randomness) 3- The Beast Mortal is 1.5 times the size of the normal player <actor_scale>1.5</actor_scale> 4- The Beast Mortal gets additional stats based on the gods the normal player is worshipping 5- The Beast Mortal name is the name of the player with (Beast) after it, like Leonard's (alpha) 6- The Beast Mortal's HP is determined as a multiple of their max HP at the time of creation (incl. armor bonuses) 7- The Beast Mortal will have <ghost>yes</ghost> (as marked in xml files), which on a player char just makes them glow 8- The Beast Mortal may be given mana and essences to perform certain magics (magic god could allow for more or additional magic) - A Beast Mortal's drop is random, based on its stats. Better stats = better drops, obviously - The Mortal should be chosen from players who logged in during the past... two weeks? Month? This would reduce the bad feelings that may arise by selecting a player who is known to have passed away in real life, for example. (Would need to avoid Bot chars as well.) Beast Mortals are a different kind of boss mob, so even the weakest mortal's Beast version would be quite powerful. The big difference with normal mobs is that they can be different every time, depending on the random player chosen, and what they happen to be wearing at the time of their being chosen, or even if they've switched gods or leveled up since the last time they were chosen. Intentionally left blank: - Attribute multiplication - would need to be tweaked - Drops - While it would be boss-level drops, there would need to be "levels" of drops based on the Beast's stats, so could be very different between a "newbie player" Beast and a "top a/d player" Beast. If this can't be done directly, xml files could be made for the next update (using ex: beast_elf_male.xml for a normal playerav_elf_male.xml) and hopefully bluap could do any additional code if needed to turn what is normally a player char into a non-player entity. Below Example: TwistedSister doesn't dare take on the newbly-dressed Burn (Beast). ;-) (Image taken using my Test server setup, with ghost and actor_scale changes to the male elf xml.) Just pretend that "Burn" is a red name, heh.
  22. List last updated: Oct 30, 2016 NOTICE: This is a list of things that have been done for a possible 1.9.5 release of the client later only. There is currently no set date for a client update, this is only for informational purposes and to more easily have a list available when that day should come. THIS IS AN IN-PROGRESS LIST. More is planned, this is just what's been done (or in the case of maps, some still being worked on but will be done). Q: When will we have a 1.9.5 release? A: When it's deemed enough is done to warrant it. Not even radu can answer this question at this time. "No time soon" * Client updates and bug fixes are already available, if you are able to self-compile from the GIT repository. (Yes, you are allowed to use a GIT build in the game as it is official code.) * Client data (such as encyclopedia, graphics, readable books, etc.) that is not in the GIT code, as well as any map changes, will not be available until a new client is actually released. DATE NOTES 1.9.4 was released May 8, 2015. This list covers changes made since then. Dates indicate when the commit was made in GIT. Client Updates (available in GIT): - Delete Recipe option (Aug 7, 2015) - PM/ModPM count HUD indicator (S H P - adds M) (Sep 26, 2015) - Improvements to the (S H P M) HUD indicators (Sep 26, 2015) - Added context menu to hud indicators (S H P M), can move window and enable/disable individual indicators. (Sep 27, 2015) - Hud indicators: added window property options to context menu. (Oct 31, 2015) - Add skill experience related operators to #calc (See ADDENDUM 1 at bottom of this post) (Dec 17, 2015) - Ranging Lock HUD Indicator added (Apr 23, 2016) - Increase length of item list names. Rename item list starts with current name. (Jul 11, 2016) - Particles were odd or completely disappearing when camera was zoomed out beyond 4.0 (max is 8), fixed so they show (Oct 8, 2016) Client Bug Fixes and Internal Tweaks (available in GIT): - Fix for mini-map not displaying shadows and creatures with their dot colour derived from their name. (Only effects some players) (May 11, 2015) - Fix crash when forking (F2) and sound/music enabled, Linux static builds only. (May 11, 2015) - Fix grep thinking ini is a binary file (Jul 12, 2015) - Various compiler warning fixes (started Aug 7, 2015) - Extensive memory leak fixes, code cleanup, removal of unused functions, and such (started Sep 7, 2015) - Fix user menu disable option, from context menu, not being saved on exit. (Sep 27, 2015) - Fix that the Background on S H P M HUD indicators windowed won't stay on. (Jan 1, 2016) - Fix recipe delete option (added Aug 7, 2015). Properly handle name strings when deleting slots. (Jan 27, 2016) - More minor code fixes done using analysis (Feb 24, 2016) - Ignore file for GIT (Apr 29, 2016) - Fix missing header in actor scripts (Apr 29, 2016) - Fixes for newer C++, GCC6, and update to latest glext.h (May 10, 2016) - memory.h and memory.c files renamed to el_memory.h and c for better compatibility with possible Android builds (Oct 21, 2016) Map Editor bugfixes and changes: (Yeah, don't expect much here) - Fine Camera Rotation added: Holding Shift button while rotating camera allows for very fine adjusting of camera angle. (Jan 4, 2016) - PNG icon file for the map editor added (Nov 5, 2015) - Hacked-in external C usage fixed to allow the editor to compile properly (May 29, 2015) Client Data (NOT available for update until new client is released): - Fix an issue with the continent TAB map not showing when on a handful of guild maps - Add another minor particle, used on new map changes - Fixes to 2D graphics (edge and corner pieces of dirt/grass had a nasty line that also appeared, removed the line) - 23 items getting new inventory/storage images - One new readable-in-game book added, to be readable in new locations. Server-side Updates: - (none yet) Map Primary Updates: - A main C2 map has been extensively redone, with drastic changes to both the outside and its many insides, including new insides. (you'll notice it when you see it) * No further details will be provided, this is something for exploration - Another main C2 map has had parts of its externals redesigned, and several new additions added to the map (you'll notice it when you see it) * No further details will be provided, this is something for exploration - A "big change" to a part of Grubani Peninsula - A new and dangerous secret location, quite possibly the ultimate "why-didn't-it-exist-before" secret * No further details will be provided, it's a secret ;-) - Another new huge cave... serving as host to a spawn among other things - Glacmor - A small new inside area just for completion sake (the entrance is already visible on Glacmor, just not used) - Isla Prima - Change made so IP creatures will remain on IP. - Idaloran - Fenced-in area behind blacksmith (Horea NPC) made to be a Manu School area as it was designed to be. - For pear hunters, many more changes to "unhide" harvestable items hidden inside walls/caves, and as well items removed from no-harv spots where possible, increases possibility of finding pear on many frustrating maps (most of these changes are listed in minor fixes below). - EXTENSIVE work done on location information (info seen when clicking the compass). Much more detailed and correct info. - EXTENSIVE work done on entrances and map changes and such, so character aims more for where it's heading when an item is clicked. - Reduction of trees, bushes, and other various items in order to reduce lag/grue issues and/or increase ranging potential (without changing the map purpose or general design) on several maps. KJ, WVF, MM, Zirak, and more. - Cleanup of lighting on various maps as determined to have too much lighting. Very little noticeable effect to players, but reducing the lights where they're overdone also reduces lag. Additional Map Minor Fixes and Tweaks: Note: Items marked (decor only) are only changes in how stuff appears, and do not affect gameplay in any way *C1* * Desert Pines - Huge rock in the forest near Crystal Cave entrance that was accidentally added in 1.9.4 is removed - Various minor walkable tile tweaking throughout the map, very difficult map to get done perfectly - Tree walked into @166,317 fixed - Large rock floating above sand @249,136 - added more decor to keep it there for other reasons instead of removing (decor only) - Hole in ground @30,146 covered (decor only) - Insides - A secret exit similar to the way you secretly entered the house next to house by Kalana was not working due to incorrect item ID in def file. Fixed. - Insides - Tavern had tables in front of NPC flickering and multiple floating objects - fixed (decor only) - Crystal Cave - Arch @89,21 near Tatu could be walked into - fixed * Grubani Peninsula - Unwalkable patch of tiles near a tree by veggies west of yew - added walkable tiles - 2d leaves flickering in multiple places against north road items - fixed (decor only) * Isla Prima - walk into tree @149,111 fixed - walk through pile of wood @80,105 fixed - general area around 38,124 had a lot of 2d ground item flickering - fixed (decor only) - Insides - Tavern bar in front of Reca flickering, and multiple items on shelves behind Reca were floating - fixed (decor only) * Morcraven Marsh - ground tile added @358,125 to cover hole in ground (decor only) - Cave - General decor adjusting, including making all harvestable items reachable (pear hunters note) - Cave - Walkable tiling around gold adjusted, several unwalkable tiles that should be, plus removed a spot where could walk into wall * Naralik - Added a black tile "tile39" under ladder to catacombs, daylight was showing through ground hole (decor only) - Lighting adjustments around storage to reflect that it is no longer as dead as the rest of the map. * Nordcarn - Walkable tiles adjusted around the city walls, particularly around the various quartzes - walk through tree @23,49 fixed - South cave entrance tweaked so the arch you need to click on to enter is more easily clicked (other arches blocked this from some directions) - hold in sand ground near water by Druppel NPC fixed (decor only) - North PK cave - Removed walkable tiles where could walk into rocks - North PK cave - turq and emeralds pulled out from hiding in walls - North PK cave - unreachable iron piece made reachable, with some minor walkable tile tweaks included near iron - South cave - Sideways furniture with see-through non-existent bottom showing removed @60,174 - Ground tiling added to cover hole @8,134 (decor only) - Lamp next to Nestor NPC (amber) hovering in mid-air, moved against rock (decor only) * Portland - The City Bank (with Sloan) now has a normal clickable door (no more "use" on the full 3-section building) - Unharvestable quartzes used as decor removed, replaced with non-harv decor (decor only - pear hunters note) - Smoke over storage and a couple other buildings was not directly over chimneys - fixed (decor only) - Caves - Sapphire cave had spot on bridge where one player could block the path - expanded. - Caves - Minor walkable tile tweaking throughout the caves, mostly around cave walls. - Insides - Several items floating over tables in Mayor Nyeald house - fixed (decor only) * Ruins of Tirnym - Height tiling adjusted around the poppies and nearby tree in the northeast cove area. Several unwalkable spots that should have been walkable. - Random various fixes of flickering of 2d ground objects throughout the map (decor only) * Southern Kilaran - Fixed walk-through rock @47,134 - Carmien Manor - Titanium ores hidden inside cave wall moved to be visible - Carmien Manor - Tables on north end of troll area were flickering - fixed (decor only) - Carmien Manor - Sideways floating rock @143,133 removed (decor only) * Tahraji Desert - Quite a few rocks laid sideways with invisible bottom showing - removed and/or adjusted as deemed best (mostly decor-only, a few walkable tiles added where rock removal deemed them necessary) * Tarsengaard - The small hut on south end of map (a bit west of the WS exit) has an internal door now to click for exiting (as opposed to "using" the hut insides currently) - Walk into rock @299,11 fixed - Black tile "tile39" placed under the ladder going down to Orvimon's Crypt - daylight showed through it in daytime (decor only) - Secret Sapphire Cave - hole visible in ground @47,77 fixed (decor only) - Orvimon Crypt - Flickering casket @79,30 fixed (decor only) - Magic School - flickering tables in room with Jemen (room 6 in unoff maps) fixed (decor only) - Magic School - Mug on table next to Arbella floating in air fixed (decor only) - MS Garden - cleanup of decor in various places throughout the map, including flickering and some walkable tile adjusting * Tirnym Past - Various walkable tile fixes throughout the map. - A few minerals removed that were solely for decor, replaced with similar non-harv decor. * Valley of the Dwarves - Flickering of road pieces between red roses and snapdragons fixed (decor only) - Removed harvestables in no-harv areas and replaced with appropriate non-harv decor in southeast manu area (pear hunters note) - Gold Cave 2 - Removed odd random brick next to Kind Gondric NPC's throne. Accidental map editor add, could be walked through so no walk tile fixing necessary. * Whitestone - Walk into building @148,662 and @148,658 fixed - walk into side of house @686,151 and the house next to it fixed - walk into tree @87,166 fixed - walk through rocks in Elavro mountains in the general area of 421,683 fixed - Branch with leaves from a tree going through Christopher NPC's head - moved the tree a bit (decor only) - players floating on odd hill spot @151,489 - fixed as best as possible - several 2d ground items flickering fixed throughout the map - Insides - Fixed coordinates where you appear when you exit the Manu School - Insides - flickering dirt mound in water @208,282 fixed (decor only) - Insides - Multiple wall pieces flickering against each other throughout Selain temple, as well as several 2d ground items flickering fixed (decor only) *C2* * Aeth Aelfan - 356,124 - fixed could walk through the row of daffodils outside storage - Could walk through PK-area rock/tree @138,288 - fixed - Gloomy Cave - Pulled out iron ore hidden inside cave walls, and tweaked the area around the iron due to a few poor design choices there - Gloomy Cave - Pulled out sapphires hidden in cave walls, with some slight adjusting of the design for improved usage - Storage - Coins and other items flickering on shelves - fixed (decor only) * Arius - Plants adjusted in southeast village area so all harvestables can be reached (unreachable ones removed, replaced with no-harv plants to keep similar decor) - Some various decorative harvestable plants moved throughout the map so as to be reachable - Minor movement of some harvestables such as dandelions close to storage so they're similar distance from storage as before, but out of the way of common player traffic (away from magic school entrance path) - Various height tiling poorly done before, particularly around trees - fixed - Fixed that storage NPC very slightly hovering over box she should stand on (decor only) - Minor adjusting of items at storage area for better player use (no major design change) - side-angled rock showing its non-existing bottom and some minor height tile tweaking in marsh where Kinder NPC is located. - Door on opposite side of the wall from the magic shop, as well as the door it would connect to inside the magic shop both removed. (Unused, and never would be in the future.) * Bethel - Could walk through many of the posts that are "holding up meat" around the northeast tent area - fixed - Small caves - Some generic decor and walkable tile cleanup done in various small cave locations - Small caves - Harv items in no-harv locations removed, replaced with non-harvable decor (pear hunters note) * Egratia Point - flickering ruins piece @44,159 in sand fixed (decor only) * EVTR - walk into tree @314,116 fixed - Ton of flickering and holes in the ground at south end of red woods due to ground being made up of 3D tiles. Extensive cleanup done (no change to the general design or harvestables) - large chunk of unwalkable tiles under sand @29,65 made walkable - horrible walkable tiling on a rock @133,149. Replaced with a rock that can't be walked on. - walk into tree @27,225 fixed - Very minor generic decor cleanup in various places throughout the map (decor only) - west of WVF exit where a wrecked ship once was, a lot of bags and crates floating in midair - fixed - unharvestable harvestables used as decor removed, replaced with non-harv decor where needed (pear hunters note) - Water tiling directly at WVF exit removed, as it made no sense being there. Minor design adjusting done to reflect this. (decor only) - 2d ground item flicker @331,256 fixed (decor only) - Cave - Players float over ground around the amber, walkable tiling adjusted - Cave - 1 unreachable emerald moved to be reachable * Glacmor - Insides - several wall pieces in Glacmor sewer flickering against each other fixed (decor only) * Hulda - Some walkable tiles added in a few spots that should have been walkable, previously missed due to difficulty of working with white snow maps - Some walkable tiles removed over water which shouldn't be walkable - Chunk of "snow" hanging mid-air @18,169 only visible in one direction removed (decor only) * Hurquin - Heavy flickering of ground objects @87,101 - fixed (decor only) - Dandelion underneath the tavern building, moved it to out to be near the side of the building - Crypt - ground items flickering @69,80 - fixed (decor only) - Insides - Decor changes and fixing of allowed harvesting spots that were seriously messed up before (only something a pear hunter would have noticed) - Cave - hole in ground @134,37 covered (decor only) * Idaloran - FCW cave - unreachable white chanterelle @6,58 moved to be reachable - Mine - Minor tweaking of walkable tiles throughout the map, not done so well before - Mine - Some harvestables hidden in walls and floor pulled out to be visible (copper, coal), and 1 unreachable BQ moved to be reachable * Irinveron - The huge cave added last update now has a second entrance which is from a different map, giving the 10-second safety buffer on entering should it be invaded. - Extensive amount of walkable tile fixing done throughout the map, which is very difficult to get perfect due to the difficulty of working with snow maps in the editor - Several side-angled rocks showing non-existing bottoms removed or adjusted (decor only) - Flickering ground objects fixed in many places throughout the map (probably still more undone) * Irsis - Slightly widened the walk area just outside of the ranging arena for easier clicking - Flickering bricks in groung @135,161 fixed (decor only) - Insides - Map in general brightened a bit so all insides will be slightly brighter, primarily to improve the ranging arena - no real effect on other areas on the map - Insides - Lighting adjustments made to the ranging arena to make it more useable. * Isle of the Forgotten - Insides - Some various walkable tile and decor cleanup in various internal locations (nothing too noticeable) - Insides - 2d sand items flickering in caged secret orc area fixed (decor only) * Kusamura Jungle - Inside Temple - Fix tile that shouldn't be walkable @137,102 * Melinis - An old secret place that should have magic combat actually allows magic combat... (not that anyone would use it, but...) - Remodeling of the main Tournament Arena in Summoning Academy for a much improved look - Statue in memory of Bromber added to Summoning Academy main hall - Minerals removed in the no-harv spot inside the city, eliminating the no-harv spot on the map. Replaced with jewelry and similar decor. (pear hunters note) - City wall pieces flickering against each other in multiple places fixed (decor only) - Tweaked rocks over cave to Thelinor that had invisible sides showing (decor only) - Insides - location text for inside (secret location) was too long and got cut off - Shortened. - Insides - minor flickering of wall pieces at front entrance of summon academy fixed (decor only) * North Redmoon - RD Cave map - hole in ground + flickering @38,34 - tweaked to fix (decor only) * Palon Vertas - 35,151 - fixed walk through tree - Random mostly-underground tiger lily that made no sense @165,137 removed (likely a map editor accident) - Hay stacks @210,144 floating over the ground, and could be partly walked into - fixed - Bad walkable tiling around tree with honey comb adjusted, required some minor tweaking of nearby items - Pier pieces at storage too low (everything and everyone actually hovering over it) - Moved the pier pieces up to match walkable tiling, including some adjusting of crates and such on piers (decor only) - House @211,55 near gold cave was on top of a pile of wood logs, moved the logs out to beside the house where they were likely intended to be. Some other random excess brush under house removed. - Multiple fixes of random 2d ground pieces flickering throughout the map (decor only) - East side of the northern city wall had nothing underneath it, essentially hovering over water. Added some ground mounds and such that match how other walls are done (decor only) - FCW secret cave - Walkable tiles missing in FCW cave (already fixed on server, updated map available for download) - Gold Cave - walking slightly into cave walls in a couple places - fixed - Gold Cave - some ogre toes floating in the air, moved them against the wall where they were intended - Insides - A hole leading to another location in one of the houses was removed due to map changes made elsewhere * Port Anitora - Minerals on tables removed, replaced with jewelry (no-harv spot removed) * Portal Room - Very minor decor tweaking (decor only) * Sedicolis - 31,130 - fixed walk through rock - walk into rock @93,125 - fixed - Minor walkable tile adjusting in various places around the map - Lava on east side made into actual moving lava, not just an image of it (which should never be used) * South Redmoon - Could walk into tree @91,65 - fixed - Poor walkable tiling on side rocks in the 54,323 area west of the NRM exit - did best I could determine to fix * Thelinor - Removed walkable tiles where they shouldn't be around 191,194 - Caves - Removed a plate hidden in a wall, deemed not a secret or used, likely map editor mistake @57,110 (decor only) * Trassian - Dra Syn Caves - Manu School ("31" on unofficial maps) full of amber and various minerals that aren't relevant to manufacturing. Changed decor to be more manu-oriented. (For pear hunters - this means the unharvestable items in here are gone - Dra Syn caves map should now have a 100% possibility to find the pear) - fixed two sideways rocks with invisible bottoms showing @333,719 (decor only) * Willowvine Forest - Could walk into rock @254,48 - fixed - Southwest corner of map near water, the ground consisted of a motherload of "sideways" rocks that exposed their non-existing bottom - area completely redone to be more solid but keeping the same essential design - Titanium Cave - North path had a chunk of missing walkable tiles where it should be walkable - fixed - Titanium Cave - Titanium ore hidden in the cave walls pulled out to be visible - Minor decor cleanup in various building and secret insides (decor only) * Portals Room - Easier to click to step on the three colored teleport spots that take you to the back area of the portals (no more harvest cursor) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ADDENDUMS 1) New #calc skill experience operators (in GIT version only for 1.9.5) E - current skill exp N - exp to next level Z - last skill exp event amount Q - general exp to level conversion, opposite of L Examples: How many more mixes to next manufacturing level: #calc nman/zman How many more mixes to alchemy level 80: #calc (l80-ealc)/zalc Expected level after crafting 10k of something: #calc q(ecra+10k*zcra) Hours to next harvest level: #calc nhar/(120*zhar)
  23. The Work Done for Possible 1.9.5 Client

    https://github.com/Sir-Odie/EL-Encyc/commits/master Looks like Odie has handled this. Achievements are being set up, should be available in 1.9.5. ---- Quite a few new inventory/storage images have been done as well. No more carrot for a vial mold, no more cabbage for a conglomerate, big chickens get their own feather instead of sharing hawk's... and you can guess what this is... Many others also getting unique images.
  24. Basically: Joker can appear randomly on any map, at any player-walkable location on the map. This could mean anything from easily appearing right next to a well-used storage, to more difficultly inside one of the lesser-known secrets. If not found after a certain amount of time, he'll change places. It would mean no more checking specific locations for him, and he'll possibly be found more often and by more players. Joker's drops may need to be tweaked based on how often (or not) he's found with such a change. I'm sure this was brought up before, likely years ago, but bringing it up now as circumstances are different... This wasn't an option in 1.9.3 or earlier versions, as the maps had tons of areas marked as walkable that weren't actually accessible to players, or were in locations that could be accessed but shouldn't be (areas under mountain pieces and such). I fixed pretty much all of that in 1.9.4 maps, and with new scripts that I along with Learner have written, the future 1.9.5 maps will get rid of any such spots still existing (almost none, and any current ones are technically reachable). Plus Joker's movement on not being found after a certain time will ensure it doesn't get stuck in some missed unreachable location. This can be easily done, btw. Learner has already provided code to EL for doing it on the server side (Joker works this way on his game). Joker would need to stay in place longer than it does there, since EL uses many more maps (all of C2) and may take longer to stumble on or hunt. The biggest thing with this is that Joker will no longer just be found in the ? number of locations he is currently found at. Plus if maps are changed (a few will be drastically different next update) there's no concern that a Joker spot no longer exists, it just goes by whatever walkable tiles are on the current maps. Noone (read: Acelon, who's quite busy IRL these days) would have to take the time to find and submit new locations for radu to have to take the time to add. And the concept of Joker was to be able to randomly run into him. This would actually fulfill that concept better than a list of specific locations. So it's pretty much a question of... would players prefer this over the current fixed-location Joker?
  25. Sweden is fine. Likely a temporary OVH issue. Those tend to affect only people in certain areas. Nothing anyone (even Radu) could do anything about, so the only thing you can do is wait it out and try later.