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  1. ELG Alch Shop for your Essence Needs

    Thanks to everyone who's ordered, you've made this a success. Two price adjustments: 1- Earth Essences are now 7, up from 6.5 due to ingredient costs. Still in the normal price range though. 2- Life essences are getting another cut, from 5 to 4.8. (As per our not-so-fine print in the first post, if you ordered one of these before the price change and not received delivery, the lowest of the prices applies to you.)
  2. They... don't match my aug set... Bid, watch others bid more than you, bid some more. No starting point. No requirements on how much to raise. But be reasonable. I'll accept less from another bidder than more from you if you're making a jerk of yourself with 1gc increases and other such nonsense. Ends when I say it ends. Above subject to change if people get too silly with it. With that said, have fun, and may the person with the fattest wallet... er, largest amount of gc in sto win. Stats are: 4 emu weight +6 armor +3 heat protection +3 cold protection +3 magic protection +2 radiation protection Human 7 nexus to wear Not accepting any "buy now" offers. Don't bother PMing me about them. gc only. Private PM bids accepted, but bugging me repeatedly is not.
  3. Ice Dragon Greaves (auction)

    SOLD! Thanks to all participants. Auction is now over. (And you can stop pesterin' me with attempts to "bless" them and such, like I'm some newbie who'd fall for that. )
  4. Ice Dragon Greaves (auction)

    Looks like we've hit a price level. So I'm taking this to its end. 6 hours to place your final bids! (Current high bid is 215kgc)
  5. Ice Dragon Greaves (auction)

    Current bid is 210kgc. Auction will be over ~48 hours after the last bid is made.
  6. Ice Dragon Greaves (auction)

    Sorry, forgot to add: Wearing requires Human 7.
  7. Ice Dragon Greaves (auction)

    Wrong direction, DMan. ;-) 170kgc post above yours
  8. Ice Dragon Greaves (auction)

    Guys, don't keep editing your previous posts to change the bid, we can't keep track of it that way. If you're making a new bid, make a new post.
  9. Ice Dragon Greaves (auction)

    ^ I think you can see the current high bid as easily as me.
  10. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    GoodDay2Die -> 5k iron ore, 5k red quartz (17.5k + 10k = 27.5kgc)
  11. Do a little dance, make a little love, get down tonight! 80k starting bid for ICD removal stone. 1k minimum higher bids. 3 days starting now. (gold coin only.)
  12. Got two left feet? Learn to Dance!

    Sold in-game. No more silly channel 3 messages about how you dance like a clucking chicken and such. ;-) Thread can be closed.
  13. ELG Alch Shop for your Essence Needs

    This order not accepted. Per our "not-so-fine print" in the first post: 1- Ensure you actually have the money to pay before ordering. 2- No quantity given. We have max limits, and are not accepting larger orders at this time. We deal with solid numbers only. 3- We only provide items on our sale list. Enriched essences are not available. Ermabwed - Accepted. Will contact in game.
  14. Got two left feet? Learn to Dance!

    Previous Stones sold for 90k recently. Auction is over. First person with only 80k gets it. If gc is your problem, I accept any and all of the following as equivalents (no limit on amount of any except where noted): - Silver (2gc ea) - iron (3.2gc ea) - sulfur (2gc ea) - diamonds (3gc ea) - thread (2gc ea) - red or blue quartz (2gc ea - no white quartz) - Square vials (for tailoring - 20gc ea) - looms (50gc ea) - empty vials (for potions - 5gc ea) - alembic (7kgc, max 2) - vial mold (7kgc, max 2) - training arrows (10gc ea)
  15. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    GoodDay2Die -> 10k Blue Quartz = 20kgc
  16. ELG Alch Shop for your Essence Needs

    Myself, SandDragon, and we welcome a new third member wonderful to the alch shop team! With that, we are once again accepting some larger-than-max orders, on a case-by-case basis. See the first post "not-so-fine print" for details.
  17. ELG Alch Shop for your Essence Needs

    All orders to here accepted and either delivered or in progress.
  18. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Errr... guys I did a second order for 5k silver here. It was in "unclaimed" yesterday. Today it's nowhere in the list. I'm believing Ollie's post (further down same thread page) stating he'd delivered my first (same) order was used as a reason to remove it from the list, thinking that was the order being referred to. I'm still needing that second order.
  19. Think these would be about the same as leather, but maybe a higher break factor. (More desirable for looks than fighting.) Of course, green, red, and brown types, with some possibilities there for blended colors. Example Encyclopedia writeup: ------------------------- Red Snake Skin Boots +1 Heat and Cold Protection (+1 armor? These are really better just to go with tailored clothes) Req. Nexus: Human 0 Required Materials: 5 red snake skins, 1 brown snake skin (design), 1 iron bar, 6 thread Req'd tools: Hammer, Needle Req'd Nexus: Artificial 1 Rec. Man. Level: 11 Man. Exp.: 42 Food Subtracted: 8 Stackable: No Weight: 3 EMU -------------------------
  20. Snake Skin Boots

    I'd imagine the prob would be the "sinkhole" for cash that is paying for leather, while snake skins are free. Thus the idea to make them less attractive as fighting gear. Those who are still on leather boots would still find leather boots preferable. And yes, the idea was to match other tailor-variety clothes.
  21. ELG Alch Shop for your Essence Needs

    All orders completed, 2 awaiting delivery. I am expecting to be offline for 1-2 days. Orders may be delayed so keep that in mind if posting a new order. If in an absolute rush, you may try and contact our guild leader SandDragon who might be able to assist you.
  22. ELG Alch Shop for your Essence Needs

    Thank you for your orders. All are complete, with 1 awaiting delivery.
  23. ELG Alch Shop for your Essence Needs

    1k WE delivered. 2k ME + 2k AE order accepted and being worked on. :-) 2k HE + 2k EnE + 1k MatE order accepted and to follow.