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  1. ELG Alch Shop for your Essence Needs

    A reminder, as stated in the first post, 48 hours between orders please. We have other customers as well as our own games to play. Orders made before this will not be accepted. Thank you.
  2. ELG Alch Shop for your Essence Needs

    Weekend is over, back online and open for business as usual.
  3. ELG Alch Shop for your Essence Needs

    All orders completed.
  4. ELG Alch Shop for your Essence Needs

    Okay, shop is back open for business as usual.
  5. ELG Alch Shop for your Essence Needs

    Kylara, Connal, Hannibal - SandDragon has your orders. Please contact her to receive them. She'll have them until I post that the shop is reopened. If the shop's reopened, I'll have the orders again.
  6. ELG Alch Shop for your Essence Needs

    Shop is closing for about 36 hours. No orders will be taken until 36 hours from this post time, unless I get back on sooner. Orders already made: I am attempting to get them all delivered in the next few hours. If that's not possible, I will attempt to get another of the alch team to deliver to you tomorrow.
  7. ELG Alch Shop for your Essence Needs

    3 times the past couple weeks, a player has attempted to override the rejecting of a way-too-huge order by placing non-stop recurring small orders. This is incredibly disrespectful to us, as well as our other customers who need time devoted to their orders as well. We're not here to serve any single individual player on a 24/7 basis, and never will be. This has unfortunately led to an additional limitation: There's now a 48 hour waiting period between when an order is delivered to a user and another order will be accepted from the same user. We need to ensure we have the time and resources to ensure all our customers get time devoted to their orders. Players who attempt to monopolize our time are for this reason not permitted to do so. This new limitation, based on my records, should only affect those who are attempting these tactics. I specifically set the time frame to ensure our regular customers are affected as little as possible. (We will still accept reasonable larger orders as described in the first post.)
  8. ELG Alch Shop for your Essence Needs

    NEW! MERCURY ESSIES! For the first time, for a trial period, we are now providing Spirit and Death essences. 10gc each. Until we're sure of demand (merc takes time), we're offering these with a maximum order of 1k. (No larger orders on these for any reason until the trial period is over.)
  9. ELG Alch Shop for your Essence Needs

    All orders complete.
  10. ELG harving for your needs

    That would be (in-game name) wonderful. Minddragon here on the forum.
  11. ELG Alch Shop for your Essence Needs

    All orders complete and delivered. Over 200,000 essies sold!
  12. invasion tokens

    Before my time And no, I can't say for certain that's what will happen. I could be way off of course, Your response makes me think you disagree, and you've obviously got the past experience to make me think I just might be way off. Just giving a possible effect from one who (used to) mine iron there (or evtr at night).
  13. invasion tokens

    Well, there goes my plan. The effect of this from a harvester point of view... those who mined iron in KJ have moved to evtr. The tiny single piece of iron in evtr was already normally overcrowded. Now it's hitting unusable levels of people there. Which means this has had the side-effect of making two iron spots unusable, not just one. Iron being a pita to stock in the first place, this is quite possibly going to lead to more demand for purchased iron, hiking the price of iron to levels well over what it deserves. (The harder it is to stock, the more likely it is to be bought.) Being a base ingredient for so many things, repercussions will be seen on the price of other items as well. So moving them to KJ (whoever "paid" for them to be moved there) made most likely a more drastic game play change than what has been noted so far in the thread, ruining two primary iron mining spots, not just one. Haven't checked the effect on silver mining yet. Not a complaint, just a perspective. Though I'll be looking to get hold of tokens as well to get rid of them...
  14. ELG Alch Shop for your Essence Needs

    All orders complete and delivered.
  15. ELG Alch Shop for your Essence Needs

    Closed longer than expected, gotta hate real life. And resets. But we're back, taking standard orders.
  16. Part 2 of Largest Storage Sale in EL

    I'll take one of the Tit Serpent Swords (10kgc)
  17. The Alch Goddess has finally arrived!

    Worth it. Worth it. Worth it. And, if I might add... worth it. And if that's the reasoning... buying a dozen nexus might be cheaper than the Harvesting god if it ever gets added.
  18. Quickly grabbed? On deciding I want a perk, positive or negative, after my newbie days, I forced myself to wait a week to play the game as if I already had that perk on deciding I might take it. Anti? Played a week without speaking to NPCs. Scotty's Dead? One week without #beam me. (I had to walk to IP or use a ring I just made.) Before I took it, I even asked on channel 2 about it. Got a moderator responding when I asked about it. Not once was "Hey, there's bugs where you'll get trapped in places your character never should be able to go in the first place" mentioned. I even specifically asked if it was really that simple, just being forced to walk or use a ring to get to IP (wasn't teleporting yet at the time). Reset yesterday, Scotty became the only perk taken because even then I had no clue to search for bugs being a reason for the command. As stated, I still thought it was more of a newbie's introduction to teleporting. You're a long-timer, you've forgotten that what's common knowledge to you can be completely lost in the void of a forum to players who haven't been around as long. There's way too many forums and threads here now for you to expect someone to have dragged up something that's been long-buried on a forum, to find something they didn't even have a clue to look for in the first place. People rely on real documentation... the Text Command page, the Perk page. If, as you say, that is the original purpose of #beam me, it should say that in the documentation. It doesn't take a professional copywriter to figure that out, just simple common sense. Leaving it hidden in ancient forum posts and expecting people to find it (when they don't even know to look for it) is the ultimate in poor documentation. What in the world could possibly be the driving force behind being so vehemently against actually documenting the actual purpose of a command? And again, as far as actual documentation (and come on, you people have to have been online long enough to know that ancient hidden forum threads do not even remotely constitute documentation) is concerned, the ONLY thing anyone knows that is negative about that perk is that you no longer get a free ride to the wraith, you have to pay for it in essies/rings. That's the impression the documentation gives. The ONLY impression. I'm finding it incredibly sad that you expect people to know that it's to get around bugs yet are so vehemently against actually documenting that fact. Your documentation does not even remotely come close to stating what you are stating here. You keep pushing that I'm complaining about the perk itself. I'm complaining about what is a blatantly nasty yet intentionally left out part of that command's primary purpose.
  19. Both the Text Commands and Encyclopedia Perk page give no information of such nature. Both indicate that it's just a free trip to IP. Which leads the user to believe that once you've reached the point of teleporting or making IP rings, its only value is nullified. To us, the players, it looks like nothing more than a newbie's introduction to teleporting, to be forgotten about once you can really teleport. That you'd have to escape from bad coding using it never crosses the normal user's mind. If it's being used as a scapegoat for bugs, such info should actually be available to the user without them having to search for it here when they don't even know to search for it before it's too late. So what I stated stands. Such info needs to be IN PRINT so the user knows that's what it's being used for. Not once in quite a long time playing had I heard such a thing, that users were to be screwed over when they did what is essentially free debugging. I'm not complaining that I got stuck in one of these bugs. I'm complaining that this information wasn't made available in the first place. I regularly have teleport essies on me when going places I know I'll need them, but until today it never crossed my mind that I'd have to escape from somewhere my character should never have been able to go in the first place. And it's quite ridiculous that such a thing can happen, the user is expected to deal with it when it does, but NOT ONCE does it state this in any of the documentation. Giving that whole "free pickpoints" speech when I and others took the perk based on the available information is incredibly condescending. Bite your tongue. Hard. "Class, you're having a pop quiz today! It's on information I haven't given you yet!"
  20. *bump* Text that absolutely NEEDS to be on the Scotty Perk page in the Encyclopedia: "Besides that this will mean no more free trips to IP, you will also be held responsible for bugs that you can't control, but the mods call a feature (just like Microsoft)." This is something that couldn't possibly be foreseen by anyone, yet it happens and there's no mention that it can happen. I thought people had learned not to call bugs features from all the stupidity Microsoft has pulled over the years. Tell me I didn't read such a line above...
  21. ELG Alch Shop for your Essence Needs

    Sorry, as stated in the first post... CLOSED UNTIL SEP 2ND due to alchers being offline for personal matters. See you then!
  22. ELG Alch Shop for your Essence Needs

    168k essies sold, with every order completed and delivered in a most timely manner. We are again accepting (a limited number of) larger orders. See the not-so-fine-print in the first post for details!
  23. Additional Clothes

    Heh, yeah, was just my bad attempt at humor. I think what people fear more is breakage. If walking around and a snake/rabbit/other such tiny critter is in my path (or one comes close when harving or at an outside sto or whatnot), I'll stop and give it a kick for extra skin/bones/meat. Quite common occurance, I know I see others do this as well. I find myself not wanting to do that dressed though for fear that some tiny little rabbit is gonna kill expensive clothes. Those who do that regularly are gonna find it simpler just to not wear them at all. That's the non-fighter crowd. With the fighter crowd having their own stuff to wear, that leaves only the few, the proud, the extremely vain. Wait, I'm in there... doh. Agree about the cold/heat protection not going to aid. I wear 'em in glac/Irin mining diamonds/turq/etc. all the time when there. Worst case with leather boots (or the fur pants work "good enough" style-wise with one of my tunics, heh). Added: Of course such items being more easily destroyed than armor and such is obviously correct. Just thinking less chance of breakage on critters that are much lower level than you (1-2 hit kill types) shouldn't have much opportunity to have time to completely destroy clothes at all. At any rate, that's my theory on why there's not more usage of them. Harving/Mixing can't hurt 'em, so...
  24. Additional Clothes

    Possibly spending too much time hanging at areas fighters tend to hang out at? They don't wear 'em for some reason. Sitting at places where alchers and harvers are at, I see a large variety of clothes on people (myself included). Anytime I'm not fighting, I'm wearing 'em. Posts above indicate the same of others. As a purchaser (who has a very long way to go before even considering making them), I see the issues as: (1) Lack of pants options - Black, brown, or clown stripes. Some more plain colors as suggested above that actually match all the tunics and shirts and such that have been introduced would be most welcome. The stripes just don't work well. (2) Complete lack of footwear to go with all the varieties of other items. (Suggested Snake Skin Boots already which would add 3 options at least.) (3) Nothing uses orange. (That's the future tailor in me speaking, heh.) Also agree that reducing breakage potential (say on critters with lower a/d than you) might also go a way into adding to the desire to wear them. If a little bunny can rip your clothes to shreds as has been implied above, I don't wanna meet that bunny.
  25. Part 2 of Largest Storage Sale in EL

    I'll take all Harv/Deg Indicators all Pickaxes all Needles all thread