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  1. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    ty for the quick service. GoodDay2Die - 10k Rose Quartz (20kgc) again. Current plans will require over 100k of these, so I may be back regularly as I have the gc for 'em.
  2. Jack of All Trades Day

    Nah. Scholar's day tends to encourage working on higher-level skills, because they will give the most points. The opposite would be true with this.
  3. Screenshot Thread

    Early September, the alch goddess becomes part of the game. Her priestess hastily rushes to DP, caught by surprise at this turn of events. Before she even has time to make her morning coffee, the priestess gets visited by a (then) level 70 alcher. She wasn't happy about going to work so quickly (and before coffee), as can be seen by her response to me...
  4. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    GoodDay2Die - 10k Rose Quartz (20kgc) tyvmia
  5. The Alch Goddess has finally arrived!

    Think that question falls under giving too much info about quests, which isn't permitted. But it's not a god/dess for a starting player.
  6. Jack of All Trades Day

    I'd say el-cel's either way off or outdated (it's changed since that info was written) when it comes to that. Fasting Day and Labour Day (both of which kill mixing) are much more often than Peace. 1 Peace Day... back in May or so. Granted, random being random, that could technically be correct numbers. Doubtful though. Added/Edit: Some fairly detailed reliable info backs this up, the last Peace Day was May 24th. 3 times before that in 2008, but none after. But this is about Jack of All Trades Day, which unlike any of those days doesn't STOP anyone from doing anything.
  7. The Alch Goddess has finally arrived!

    1.5+ months later... Sweet experience. Being low 80's alcher now, the bonus got me to this level pretty quick. And better is the effect on OA. I can't imagine ever wanting to drop this goddess. The experience considering the amount of alching I do is just too good. The expense of going through the quests was more than worth it. Now if that pot goddess will arrive soon, I'll be in OA heaven.
  8. Sun Medallion

    Not sure what exactly to do with it, but considering the uselessness of the sun medallion currently, it can't hurt. And something for ranging would be nice. So sure, I'd say give it a try.
  9. Jack of All Trades Day

    PKer coddling, unfortunately. The rare-to-the-point-of-nonexistence Peace Day, the only day that truly hurts fighters. They're not used to things not going their way from this kind of coddling. Time for PKers/fighters to start seeing the negatives that the rest of us put up with all too frequently. Not to say this is a bad day. This day has the potential to be good, bad, or neutral depending solely on how the individual perceives it and takes/doesn't take advantage of it. There really aren't any days that can do that to such an extreme.
  10. Jack of All Trades Day

    Is it really taking you this long to figure out that not every special day is a good day? There are already days that "force" you to do things you don't want to. Even worse than this. Day of Fasting forces alchers, potters, etc. to either harvest or fight. Not everybody's a fighter, though you can't seem to grasp that. (Oh, but wait, that doesn't affect you duh-let's-hit-each-other-boink-boink pkers, so you didn't think of that.) Peace Day has been made so incredibly rare as to be non-existent, but it's your worst nightmare. (Hey Radu, the above post is proof the pkers are getting coddled way too much, they need a bit less rarity on the Peace Day to get a little taste of what we put up with on Fasting day.) Unlike the above two days, which completely and forcibly prevent you from doing something, this day at least gives you the option to still do those things, albeit at lesser points. (You better well be the first person complaining the next day of Fasting if you're so dead set against days stopping people from doing what they way, by the way.) And again, it's 6 damn hours, not a change in the entire game. We can put up with day of Fasting for 6 hours (where we can't do ANYTHING), you can put up with this for 6 hours (where you can still play as normal, just with reduced points, oh no, cry cry). Guess what, not everything revolves around you, not every day you're gonna like. Take it like a man... boy... whatever. I predicted you would post. Well, not you, but someone like you... from my first post...
  11. Jack of All Trades Day

    kay. At any rate, with 7 skill options, I can't see where Nexus would completely prevent doing at least some of them. And the middle skills had to have been at least a slight interest, giving options for those that just don't like their absolute lowest skills.
  12. Jack of All Trades Day

    Maturity level check, please. You lose when the best response you can give is immature attempts at cursing and overexaggeration. 1) A week is 168 hours. 6 hours is not a week. Use #calc if you don't trust my math here. 2) Mixers REGULARLY have to put up with no-food days while Peace Day has been seen... 1 time in the last 5 months? That reducing your play to 7 skill options instead of 12 means you can't play at all is just sad. "Duh, I can't bash someone in the head!" PK server, please. And stay there. 3) This would affect me just as much as you, as it would hit my own main playing in the same way it would hit you, so any attempts to claim you'd be hurt more would be completely false. This day would, unlike no-food/peace/whatever days, affect every player exactly the same, in their own different way.
  13. Jack of All Trades Day

    So you can't do anything in your bottom... 7 skills (0% to 25% is that many) because of Nexus? I'd think that sad. Even if you don't wanna work on dead lowest skills, you can still do your mid-skills (6th, 7th) with no loss. If those are still no interest even that high... tough, that's what the day is about.
  14. Resource shortages idea

    "Massive flooding has rendered KF inaccessible. Authorities have closed all entrances." Natural disasters wouldn't have to affect just harvesters. They could be used to make PKers cry too.
  15. EMU

    Solitaire skill! Play card games while sitting mindlessly at the tree shrooms, faster you win, more experience. Lose, no experience.
  16. Resource shortages idea

    Melinis rug made unharvable. Gypsum harvers taking the long walk... As much as I hate the thought of yet another negative change being made for harving, this one at least serves a purpose other than "random let's-make-it-harder". I was immediately reminded of when Radu (er, you) went on vacation, and the screaming over how rosto prices were close to doubled. This idea would: - make people think and stock in advance "just in case" - change the market (for a while) to where that item and the stuff it is used to make is more in demand. - It's only a week. It'll have an effect, but the silver lining (if silver is harvable...) being that the week will be over "soon". - Market fluctuation that just doesn't happen with normal game play. A little spice to the quid pro quo. - Sudden change in economy again as the item becomes harvable, and another becomes unharvable. Er, that last line gave a thought... it shouldn't be constant. One week something unharvable, the next week all is well, repeat. Always having something unharvable would eventually get very annoying. MTV annoying. So, even as someone who tires of the harvers getting the regular screw, I'm interested in seeing this happen. Assuming it gets re-evaluated after a month at most to see if it's killing the game or not. I vote my 77 harv levels FOR this. P.S. Invasion tokens cashed in to get the ability to harv the item for that week! Finally give those tokens a use that isn't solely a fighter benefit.
  17. ELG Harvest Shop

    (Cancelled... I'll PM you dragon)
  18. Buying Artificer Cape

    Got one. Thread no longer be existing, er, open.
  19. CLOSED Thank you to all the customers I've had the pleasure of dealing with during my time as the shop manager. I have, however, decided to retire. ELG will certainly have someone new to take over as soon as possible. Our apologies for the inconvenience, and ELG hopes to serve you under new management soon. Over 350,000 essies sold! Got harvest needs? ELG Harv Shop! Essences (Max order 2k of any individual essence, 5k total all essences. 48 hours minimum after delivery of one order before another will be accepted. See the not-so-fine print below for larger orders.) Air Essence 8gc Death Essence 10gc (1k max order for now. No larger orders.) Earth Essence 7gc Energy Essence 7.75gc Fire Essence 3.5gc Health Essence 7gc Life Essence 4.8gc Magic Essence 7.5gc Matter Essence 10gc Spirit Essence 10gc (1k max order for now. No larger orders.) Water Essence 6.5gc Special Order Matter Conglomerates 875gc (Max order 40, allow up to 1 week for delivery) Orders can be posted here, or you can contact me (GoodDay2Die) in EL. GC only please (no trades). Orders handled in the order we receive them. Our alchers are: * Sanddragon * GoodDay2Die * wonderful As well as some additional support from the rest of our guildies :-) (Sorry, no bar orders at this time due to limited staff. Hopefully have them back soon!) The not-so-fine Print * We deliver to you! We'll meet you at the storage nearest you for the transaction, on either continent, as soon as possible when your order is ready. (No deliveries to areas that are under invasion. C2 deliveries only to limited storages at night. Thelinor is not delivered to for any reason. Min order 1k essies.) * 24 hours for order completion This is our basic alloted time frame. However, thus far we have never needed that much time for an order that's within our maximum limits. (This time frame not applicable to orders above the maximum limits shown above, if we have an agreement in advance for a longer time, or "acts of server" such as the server going down for an extended period.) * Order held maximum one week after completed We will PM as soon as it is ready, gossip message if you're offline, and continue attempting to contact you until your order is delivered. However, should 7 days pass without any ability to get in touch with you or response from you, the order will be cancelled, and the items used for other orders. * Prices are non-negotiable. Gold coins only. By ordering, you agree to the price as shown. Price shown at time of order is binding. If we lower the price of an item while your order is still undelivered, the lowest price will be used. Ensure you actually have the amount needed to pay before ordering. Attempts to negotiate a lower price on delivery are not permitted. Trade items will not be accepted. * If it's not listed, we don't have it. Pretty simple. If we can at all possibly provide an item, it will be listed above. Whenever we're able to provide an item, we'll add it to the above list immediately. The answer to requests for any item not listed will be a "no", in other words. * Large/Recurring orders are not guaranteed to be accepted. These are taken case-by-case and only after discussion amongst the alch team. We will under no circumstances take open "make as many as you can" orders, never-ending recurring orders, or anything else which would interfere with the orders of other players or our ability to have time to develop our own characters. * Known outlaws/bagjumpers/scammers/etc. are not welcome. ELG does not tolerate those who intentionally ruin the EL experience for others, and will not accept orders from such users. Your guild does not matter (with the exception of Fury, which promotes the ruining of EL). We treat all users the same, and give all users the same prices, regardless of what guild you are in. Orders Being Worked On (Yours? But you gotta tell us what it is first!) Orders Completed, Awaiting Delivery (all completed orders delivered) Orders Completed and Delivered 2k HE 2k LE 2k WE 3k LE 2k EnE 2k HE 1k SE 1k HE 2k EaE 200 DE, 200 AE, 500 EnE, 100 MatE, 100 SE 2k EnE 2k LE 2k HE 2k EaE 2k EnE, 1k MatE, 1k SE 2k WE 2k EnE 2k LE 2k HE 1k EnE, 1k MagE, 500 DE 2k FE 2k HE 2k LE 2k LE, 1k FE 2k FE, 2k EnE, 1k AE 2k WE 30k FE 2k FE, 2k WE 2k LE, 1k EnE 6k FE 1k MatE 2k LE 2k HE 2k AE 2k AE 2k EnE 2k LE 40 Matter Conglomerates 2k WE 2k LE 10k LE 2k LE 2k WE 2k LE 2k LE 2k EnE 2k Le + 1k MagE + 1k MatE 2k EnE 2k WE 2k EnE + 2k LE 3k FE 4k AE 3k FE 500 HE 2k FE + 2k WE + 1k MagE 10k FE + 2k LE 3k FE 2k EnE, 2k FE 10k EaE 1k AE 1k MatE, 1k EnE 10k FE 3k FE 1k MagE 2k AE 10k EaE 1k MatE 3k EaE 12k EnE 1.5k LE 2k MagE 2k EnE, 2k HE, 1k MagE 1k LE 2k MagE + 2k AE 2k EaE 2k EaE 2k EaE 2k EnE 2k EnE 2k EnE 2k EnE + 1k MatE 2k HE + 2k EnE + 1k MatE 1k WE 500 EnE 2k AE 4k EnE 2k MatE + 1k EnE 2k HE 2k HE 2k EnE + 20k AE 2k HE 10k EnE 1k AE 2k EnE + 1k HE
  20. ELG Alch Shop for your Essence Needs

    Shop is closed. I have decided to retire. I'm sure it'll be open once again, just under new management. Thanks to all the customers who made this a success, and I hope you'll continue to enjoy the services when the new management is chosen.
  21. 2 Invasion Tokens

    Auction Item: 2 Invasion Tokens (sold as set) starting price: 40kgc (can be sold to a bot for this price, bid is for both) Increments: 1kgc minimum Auction ends: 72 hours from the time of this post. (1 hour added if there's a last minute bid. In this case, auction ends 1 hour after the final bid.)
  22. 2 Invasion Tokens

    Closing now due to going offline now for 24 hours, well past the end time. Unforgivin gets 'em.
  23. ELG Alch Shop for your Essence Needs

    Closing shop due to extended offline time. Shop reopen approx 48 hours from this post. Orders made prior to this posting (posts made before this one) will be handled as normal. Orders posted after this message will not be seen until at least 48 hours after this message was posted.
  24. 2 Invasion Tokens

    23 hours to go... Don't get caught without your invasion tokens. You never know when some bonehead might move a big chicken into your precious KJ harving area. Send it right back.
  25. 2 Invasion Tokens

    48 hours to go!