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  1. Leo-like NPC thief

    This idea is hated because it's going into the few places people can safely be on c2 to actually get anything done. Yes, the thought of some lamebrained char coming in and swiping my artificer cape while I'm mixing inside at sto is hated. We're not talking cheapo cape here. This idea is hated because it will essentially empty c2 completely (at night). Despite Leo, there's people at almost every sto at night. Add this, c2 becomes pretty much barren at night. What exactly would be the point of that, all those maps ending up unused for long periods? Aren't storages and such crowded enough without moving most everyone to c1 regularly? Even the slightest chance of losing something of any value will do just that. This idea is hated because as conavar said, no protection. You're speaking of a lamebrained char that comes in, swipes stuff, and runs (yup, saw the part about speed hack) so you can't even catch them. Come on.... Get real, get a clue, get something, but you can't possibly think this will add even the remotest sense of "fun" to the game. You're sitting mixing at sto, you have to make a run to the bathroom, you come back to the comp and you're stuff's gone. It's a game, but reality check on the lack of fun on that just because you had to take a wizz. This idea is hated because as has been repeatedly said, there's already too many ways to lose things in game. We don't need yet another one, let alone one that would be completely beyond our control. Does that sum up all the objections to this?
  2. liquidity calculator

    Exactly. Such information would change the economy in drastic ways, none of which are good. You may think you're just asking for some information, but what you're asking for would change the game in ways that obviously aren't being grasped here. If they were grasped, this wouldn't have been suggested at all.
  3. liquidity calculator

    And you missed my point, that this would completely invalidate what is the "no-point skill" of being able to keep up with such things yourself. Noted disctinctly how my side-note got quoted, but you completely ignored the primary part of my post, that being the skill involved. The word "lazy" doesn't even begin to describe this. As well, the ability to see "how" the market changes would by itself drastically change the economy of and sales that occur in the game. By no means in a good way. You think some things are hard to sell now? Wait till everyone sees "oh, this isn't selling, so I won't sell it either" and we go from a handful of people selling an item to noone, with everyone suddenly selling the same things because "they sell the most". And oh, you need that item that noone's selling anymore because your stats say they don't sell well. Basic economics 101, works even in the warped economics of EL.
  4. liquidity calculator

    Seriously doubt anything of this nature would be implemented. The ability to sell your wares, know what sells or doesn't sell well, etc. is a "no-experience skill", just like exploration. It takes time and patience to learn these things, just as it took time and patience to get to know each map well while exploring. Something of this nature would be no different than adding a bot that told you where everything is... "/makegamedull closetosto tiger lilly" As well, with a few exceptions, what sells or doesn't fluctuates quite regularly. I see this on market, and I noticed it while running an alchemy shop. (Periods of people buying air essies, suddenly noone was buying them and energy were more popular, etc. with no read indicators as to why the sudden shifts occured.)
  5. Wyrmgoth Cave - AA

    I've had this freeze happen in Wyrmgoth as well, twice. But it was too long back and I only go when the ogres give me enough swords for a wolf run. Same circumstance, moving the camera in a certain area caused it. I'd imagine it's the same area given above.
  6. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Back in the saddle, returning to my roots... GoodDay2Die - 10k Rose Quartz (20kgc)
  7. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Continuing my "oh my god it's not rose quartz" orders... GoodDay2Die - 10k Rue (15kgc)
  8. I think that's the only reason that bot is allowed there, seeing as there's a rule against bots being too close to storage or harvables. There might be an exception such as that, but honestly that's the only valid exception in the game so far.
  9. NC, walk from NC sto to WS exit. Count the bots. Imagine a message from each bot as you walk past. Lose track of any discussions you're having as the flood of crap drives the actually of-interest messages from real human beings off your screen. Sava alone is quite annoying. All of those bots doing the same thing would make NC even more unbearable than it already is.
  10. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Okay, I said I'd try something different, so... GoodDay2Die - 10k red toadies (15kgc) Surprise!
  11. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    (I'm betting you can predict my next order...) GoodDay2Die - 10k Rose Quartz (20kgc) I'll try and surprise you with something different soon, hehe.
  12. balthasar3 - cheap guy

    (1) Agree to a price, deal is made. (2) Person stops what they're doing, even switching continents, to go meet and make the transaction. (3) After one makes it to the meet spot (stopped what they're doing, left where they were working, and paid to switch continents/teleport/whatever), the other suddenly changes their mind. Whether he got offered a lower price or not, you don't do that. Not only was a deal made, but the seller had already gone out of their way to meet the buyer. A few people not wrapping their thick heads around that it has nothing to do with the price here. Personally, I'd never sell to this guy seeing he pulls stunts like this. Once a deal is made, it's made. You don't make a deal with someone, have them move all the way to you, then last-minute stop it, regardless of reason. He's not a man of his word, thus he is without honor.
  13. Jack of All Trades Day (A twist on Scholar Day) During this day, you get less points in your highest skills, and more on your lowest. highest skill ... -25% exp. -20% -15% -10% -5% middle 2 skills... 0% (Can be done without any gain or loss) +5% +10% +15% +20% lowest skill... +25% Reasoning: - Highly encourages people to look more at skills they normally don't. - Perhaps player will try/retry an ignored skill and find they want to do it more (again) - Gets those stuck on being "just a fighter" or "just an alcher" or whatever to discover there's more to the game - End result: More use of the less commonly used skills, gets more people to work on more than their "2-3 major skills" and thus making them more of a Jack of All Trades. Issues: - Not sure of the codability basing it on user's individual skill level (and as well, those may change during the day) - Sudden mass number of people ranging all at once (since, well, ranging's probably a lowest-leveled skill for the majority) (but then, lots of gc in the sink) - Would need details hashed out should 2 or more skills be at the same level - Shapeshifting being handled entirely different from other skills would need to be exempt. - PKers will cry because of a/d point loss (if it's gonna get made as rare as peace day for this reason, may as well completely forget it) (but then, this hits every person in their own preferred skill, not just pkers/fighters, so they can't whine over it) Bonus: Unlike double-a/d day (everyone goes to fight at once, congestion at the good spots), or Joule ("I can't reach the storage bot!" congestion), this day affects each person differently, so (except possibly the ranging thing) it doesn't cause congestion afaics.
  14. summoning advice needed

    Portal room drops you off in WV directly in front of the skill academy, which is above where any chicken would be walking. 2 seconds and you're in the academy. Inside is a summoning arena and a storage, same map so walking back/forth between them is a breeze and takes only a few seconds each way. By far the closest arena to sto.
  15. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Back again, and guess what... GoodDay2Die - 10k Rose Quartz (20kgc)
  16. Considering the low number of people who have even hit 100, maybe a harv level of 120 or so at most. True about the levels. I gave up attempts to dung-harv myself, but was hitting cinnabar long before 75, and such. The only prob I see with setting stuff higher than dung is the fact that harvesting is the only skill that's bound to a limited amount of points per hour. There's other methods to limit how much gets harved which might serve better, as is seen with swords/gloms. Those would probably be too much of a limit if used for things as suggested above, but I'm sure some other limitation besides high harv level that's not overly limiting could be come up with. Harv level is only a temporary measure anyway. Price of dung (once 10, now as low as 4-5gc) as more people advanced in level showed that. Yew price dropped like a bomb not long after it was added despite the 80 level. If looking for a way to limit it, the level, and even harv speed, won't do that for long.
  17. Ha, still need uses for harvestable items (beehive). Harv 150 is a bit reaching though. With harv points limited to 120 harvs/hour, seeing anyone get anywhere near that before the end of the decade is questionable. The top harvester after all these years is only 126 (as you may be well aware of, bkc56, hehe), which is 255 million harv points away from 150. At the base dung points, that's 2.46 million dung harvs, or 20,481 hours at dung, which even at 10 sittings a day would be over 2,000 days. And that's just for the top harvester.
  18. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Guess who again? GoodDay2Die - 10k Rose Quartz (20kgc) No rush, so don't go doin' something like getting yourself killed in an invasion over it.
  19. Jack of All Trades Day

    It's the fighters/pkers turning this into an "anti-fighting" argument. The first and primary HUGE difference between this and any good/bad day is that it affects everyone in a more equal manner those good/bad days do. Those who alch/pot/whatever a lot (like myself) will also find themselves "encouraged" to try other things. That's the whole point of the day. That it's just the fighters that are whining says a LOT... The second HUGE difference with this day is that it in no way stops you from continuing what you normally do. Green Day stops harvers completely. Peace Day (on those extremely rare occasions it appears) stops fighters completely. Fasting and Labor days stop mixers completely. This day doesn't. Less experience for (oh goddess forbid) a whole 6 hours, but you're not completely stopped like those days. It encourages you to try something else, but not to the point where it stops you from doing anything. Now, if the fighters could quit whining long enough to figure out this isn't about just them... doubt it...
  20. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Guess who (and what) again? GoodDay2Die - 10k Rose Quartz (20kgc) Uh... someone keeps stealin' it from my storage. Yeah, that's it...
  21. Jack of All Trades Day

    Pro-fighter days: Sun Tzu (semi-regularly) Scholars (pro everyone, but still pro fighter, semi-regularly) NDD (regularly) No Grief (?) Anti-fighter days: Day of the Brave (semi-regularly) No rosto day (rare) Peace Day (so rare it may as well not exist) Lots of regular pro-fighter days, anti-fighter days are less and rarer. "If they were to add another one, they should balance it with a new good day" ... You're right, it should be balanced. But adding this day would still have days benefitting you more common.
  22. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Thx again... and now for something completely different! GoodDay2Die - 10k Rose Quartz (20kgc) On second thought, not so different...
  23. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    Thanks again... and guess what? GoodDay2Die - 10k Rose Quartz (20kgc) Joule Day's gonna make the last two orders disappear real quick.