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  1. Why did my char mzege get locked

    Thankyou Aislinn
  2. Why did my char mzege get locked

    Hello again, may i please be unlocked now? It's been 31 days here in Australia
  3. Why did my char mzege get locked

    Ok, thankyou Yes i made a new character Goldy
  4. Why did my char mzege get locked

    Can i use my alt just to talk to friends and guild? I understand if i break the rules on an alt while already being locked on a main character that i can be banned for life.
  5. Why did my char mzege get locked

    I'm sorry for what i have done, what is my punishment?
  6. Why did my char mzege get locked

    I was a middle man but not with my alt
  7. Why did my char mzege get locked

    hi im just wondering why i was locked, my username is mzege
  8. bot owners...

    Hi, please add me to Bot: Noon Owner: mzege Type: Trade Bot
  9. New and updated trade bot list

    Please add my bot Noon He's located at Desert pines 272,179 Im his owner, mzege
  10. I am going to harvest Toadstool for anyone that needs it @ 1.5gc each. Max of 5k and min of 1k Anyone that wants me to harvest it please post a reply to this forum only. Dont pm me. I will pm you when i have finished. Thankyou
  11. Massive Book Sale

    I will buy all your bones if u still got em. i'll be on later tonight.
  12. Selling Everything!

    Ok im selling all of these items. Pm me for prices ingame my username is mzege Message gossip if im offline I have skeleton keys for sale they are not listed below but if u are interested pm me Cotton---------------------------------------SOLD Red Snap Dragons----------------------------SOLD Red Rose------------------------------------SOLD Iron Ore--------------------------------------334 Blue Quartz----------------------------------803 Rose Quartz----------------------------------403 Loom-------------------------------------------13 Wooden Staff-----------------------------------2 Wooden Battle Staff----------------------------3 Iron Sword--------------------------------------3 Short Bow---------------------------------------2 Bones-----------------------------------------SOLD Iron Broad Sword-------------------------------2 Padded Leather Armor------------------------14 Augmented Leather Armor---------------------SOLD Leather Helm------------------------------------2 Steel Chain Mail---------------------------------2 Leather Pants-----------------------------------10 Iron Chain Mail-----------------------------------2 Iron Shield----------------------------------------2 Augmented Leather Pants-----------------------SOLD Enhanced Wooden Shield----------------------12 Leather Gloves-----------------------------------3 Iron Helm-----------------------------------------3 Steel Shield---------------------------------------3 Leather Boots-------------------------------------SOLD Wooden Shield------------------------------------1 Damaged Iron Cuisses---------------------------1 Stars Medallion------------------------------------4 Unicorn Medallion---------------------------------3 Ring of Disengagement---------------------------2 Ring of White Stone-------------------------------1 Moon Medallion------------------------------------2 Defense predictor---------------------------------1 Make rare predictor-------------------------------1 Attack predictor-----------------------------------1 Harvest/Degrade Indicator-----------------------1 A/D Indicator--------------------------------------1 Life essence-------------------------------------141 Magic Essence------------------------------------41 Earth Essence-----------------------------------149 Energy Essence-----------------------------------21 Pot of Coordination-------------------------------10 Pot of feasting--------------------------------------5 Pot of Reasoning----------------------------------39 Pot of Defense------------------------------------20 Pot of Mana---------------------------------------SOLD Beaver Fur-----------------------------------------SOLD Wolf Fur-------------------------------------------SOLD Raw Meat------------------------------------------102 Deer Antler----------------------------------------151 Deer Fur---------------------------------------------SOLD Racoon Hat-------------------------------------------5 Warm Fur Gloves-----------------------------------SOLD Skunk Hat---------------------------------------------2 Fur Torso----------------------------------------------SOLD Fur pants----------------------------------------------1 Ashes-----------------------------------------------156 Thread---------------------------------------------SOLD Bones Powder--------------------------------------
  13. The Big Bag Race!

    Yay, i got 1kgc!!
  14. Mzege's

    3k for all? 4k
  15. Mzege's

    Please remove this