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  1. overkill scammer

    Hi guys!!!! my ingame name is "Binky" and yea i was stupid enough to trust overkill to lend my ubber greaves n he scammed me.... well this is the proof of chat log i have (have a longer one but too sleepy to post:P) if u dnt believe me feel free to contact cajun_belle:P i am not upset at loosing my ubbers but it is really sad to see lossing a friendship over 800k+ ( n yea i knew him for couple of years) beware of him next time u see him and feel free to brod him for poor old binkster ...... binky: so they do work against hardcore mons:P [PM from OverKill: You can lemme try? i want make siggy of overkill increase armor ] OverKill: or hardcor ppl OverKill: [PM to OverKill: u promise ur not going to scam me?] [PM from Entreri: steel grea of ubber def??><>?] [PM from OverKill: promise] [PM from OverKill: that will be pro siggy] [PM from OverKill: ] [PM to OverKill: okay i will lend u ] [PM to OverKill: i trust u k:P] [PM from OverKill: dam i got giant 259] binky: u try:P [PM from OverKill: oki...if i had somthin you wanted to try i would let you b/c itrust you to] [PM to OverKill: come u can try them:P] [PM from OverKill: come to enternce giant almost dead ] [PM from OverKill: its down to 259hp but had diss] [PM from OverKill: ] OverKill was notified, now wait to see if s/he wants to trade with you. You have been saved! [OverKill: ok OverKill: hope for orange spam OverKill: :/ binky: not yet:P binky: lol [PM to OverKill: where u?] [PM from OverKill: upfront] [PM from OverKill: by cajun]
  2. selling some stuff

    350k ewoed and two roses:) 100k for bone of death Binky
  3. selling some stuff

    280 K for eagle wing of extra damage Binky
  4. selling some stuff

    250 k for eagle wing of extra damage:D
  5. selling some stuff

    Titanium Shield of Life Drain 420k Eagle Wing of Extra Damage - 220k Binky
  6. RDHOLAM for bid

    190 k
  7. Red dragon armour

    hiya all i am selling Red dragon armour set without helmet starting bid :200k buy now price: 230k minimum increase : 1k auction will end in 48 hours HAPPY BIDDING !!!!!!!!
  8. Red dragon armour

    sold for 225k woot woot
  9. santa hat

  10. auction dragonblade

    66K merry christmas!!!!
  11. auction dragonblade

  12. auction dragonblade

  13. auction dragonblade

  14. Looking to hire a guild or a mad player

    hi there m intrested to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Iron armour

    hey m i believe EFEs should not be included in making basic iron armours because many of the new players will find it hard to make EFEs unless they made one by chance
  16. FIRE ESSENCE for sale

    hi i am selling 6k fire essence for 3.6 gc each PM me for more detail!!!!!
  17. FIRE ESSENCE for sale

    SOLD!!!! Woop Woop!!!!