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  1. Time Travel?

    Time Travel is a tricky subject. I suggest reading 'The Man Who Folded Himself' for those who haven't, yet. It's a fun novel about a man who's been given a time machine. He's visited by himself from the future, wins a bunch of money at the races -- and decides, when it's time to go back to the past to visit himself, to win even more. Then he's visited from the future at a point where he's being investigated for fraud, and is told to keep it low. It gets much, much weirder from there.
  2. 2 Auctions

    Oh, wait. PK server. Never mind.
  3. Be your own pet

    May I suggest the possibility of giving people the ability to prolong the 'morphing time of others (guildies only?), perhaps as a magic spell. I suggest this mainly because I have this image of a high-level polymorpher as a dragon going head-to-head with another dragon, accompanied by a bunch of mages, half of which are frantically healing and the other half of which are frantically keeping up the transformation. (Hmm; while I'm thinking about it, perhaps Smite Summoned could also work on 'morphed people -- in PK areas and by dragons only, of course.)
  4. Just curious

    "You have read 153 of 337 books shown" Soon to be 154 -- and, someday, all.
  5. Help me ;) Invasion 30.07.2008

    What he said. The invasions I've seen up 'til now were for high-level folk. It was fun to participate in battle and actually have a chance to win the fight.
  6. Buying assorted special-swords books

    Shhh! Noted, though.
  7. Yeah, I know; more than half of them aren't even manu-able at the moment. Darn it, I still want 'em, though. Just 5 more to go! Here's a list of what I'm looking for, the first two especially: Fire Sword Manufacturing Thermal Sword Manufacturing Serpent Sword of Ice Titanium/Steel Long Sword of Magic Serpent Sword of Magic
  8. Guild Map Invasions

    Whoops. Never mind.
  9. Book of Ice Swords

    I withdraw my bid; I found the book somewhere else.
  10. Selling 3 EWEs

  11. Yet Another Bagjumper-- awhlrgreat

    That's pretty generous of you. Thank you.
  12. Yet Another Bagjumper-- awhlrgreat

    Nope, that's it. (I also had a moon med on me, but I kept that.) Like I said in the screenshot, it's nothing uber-costly. Hardly even worth taking, really -- or so you'd think... It would be nice to get the stuff back, but I mainly posted it here so people would know to avoid awhlrgreat in the future.
  13. I was hunting gargs in a certain cave in Tarsengaard, and ended up fighting something that got in a few lucky hits. By the time I got back, my stuff was gone. I think the screenshot speaks for itself, Google Translate French and all.
  14. Couple of bugs I've spotted

    The first one I call the Storage Two-Step -- if you try to click on a spot that has something on it that's not visible from your location, your character walks as close as it can to it, then paces back and forth until either the space is cleared or you click somewhere else. I imagine it's something to do with pathfinding in the client. It happens quite often at the VOTD storage, which is why I named it as I did. The second: if your character eats the last of a type of food, then harvests more, the cooldown meter doesn't reappear until you try eating another. (There's also a sound bug related to this, but that's being addressed elsewhere.)