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  1. Invasions January, the 6th and 7th

    Went late to 75cap inva in Sedi and had serious problems to all those fluffies Maxine gave me, for players not near cap and w/o decent oa its deadly. atm we have a problem in 60-80 range, most newer players have only a/d without decent oa, they do everyday haidir and daritha (wtf? they spend gc on a/d exp!), but only few have decent build. 2 cents from Steinbeisser
  2. Let's talk invasions

    Was fun and split was nice idea. But i came late, coz its Day of Sun Tzu and i get to much a/d exp and i'd like to stay some time in 60-80 range. Without Day of Sun Tzu i would have been there from beginning.