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  1. Mini Harv Events

    Guess I'll see you all on Monday, then.
  2. Ranging in PK

    I'm not sure that anyone with a good level has all 3 perks + full ap, but there's a few of us who could be pretty deadly who have a combo of those things. Unfortunately, I don't know that any of the top rangers cares about pk at all.
  3. newhope bagjumper

    Going invis to ninja the drops from high level stuff that people spent a lot of gc to kill is one of the more dick moves someone can pull, IMO. Also, for the record, I've gone after lots of invaded stuff with Newhope, including stuff on PK maps, he's always split the drops and never I've never seen him take anything that wasn't his.
  4. newhope bagjumper

    Dude, you just pwned half of EL.
  5. May be make it like a one perk type deal where for +6pp you're thievable.
  6. what must be hear

    Ouch. Shocker's not a nice person to begin w/. Him and his buddy try to lure folks into the Pk section of Zirak crypt. One "dies" and pm's you, "Can you get my bag, I didn't heal?" Is that the e_mc2 guy? He's tried that on me and a guildie before.
  7. One character per person at a time

    I agree. Also, I'm pretty skeptical of the "harv alts are ruining the economy" argument; I'd like to see some evidence that using an alt to farm gc then bypass rule 5 in an elaborate paypal money laundering scheme is actually a widespread phenomena.
  8. Ranged Kills

    Actually, that's happened to me more than once. One problem with this idea is that often you range from a safe place, but need to go invis and jump down into a dangerous area if you want to get your drop. Being able to auto-get the bag would remove one of the bigger challenges to ranging. Also, it could make it easier for some n00b to ninja your drop - someone could just wait for you to get the dragon/bula/whatever down to 50 health, then start shooting in hopes of making the kill and grabbing the drop.
  9. Ranged Kills

    I wish.
  10. Easy cash!

    KK, 10k for pulling it out, 15k if I'm online and can shoot it.
  11. Easy cash!

    I'll throw in 10k.
  12. PK NPC

    There is one related feature. Total War. The problem is that it is guild based only and it is long term while you are hoping for something short term. Since there is already totalwar for long term, I don't see why we can't have a pk npc for short term. It may help promote the total war feature. There's always the ~L~ and ~S~ bots people can use for that...
  13. Places to train?

    That's a good point. May be make XP from a stationary target be like your harv hour, with 200 hits per hr that give xp?
  14. Auctioning gele removal stone

    Starting at 40k, BIN 60k. Auction closes 8pm CST Saturday, if I don't get a price I like I won't sell.
  15. Enriched Essences...

    I made 2 in a batch of 5k FE.