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  1. Storm Cloud Invasion

    Thank you Thyra for this great inva Should be continued Greetz
  2. ogre token image

    Hi all :-), I dont know if it is a "bug", but I just got an Male Orc Token and recoqnized that that the word "token" is missing. It's just described as "Male Orc - somethine dropped...." Just wanted to mention it :-) Have a nice day! Best regards. ;-)
  3. Since this morning Im fine too. But didnt change anything, just tried again and it works. Whatever :S Ty anyways for the help/solution!
  4. Im from Germany, too. High Connection. VDSL. 100 Mbit/s.
  5. Hi all, can someone help me? I just entered my username & password, then pressed Log In, but nothing happens... I just see the EL Main window, start screen. Firewall already checked. Cant see "players online" on the main EL site. Best regards cRanky [edited by Radu] Please read this: http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=60398&page=2&do=findComment&comment=590221
  6. HUGE Storage Sale

    Emty Vials, Honey Comb, Wine & Black Tunic pls
  7. HUGE Storage Sale

    Wine, Honey Comb & Black Tunic pls
  8. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    hi 20k Blue Star Flower pls 10k gc Total thx
  9. Flower sale

    I would like to buy the Mugwort , the blueberries & the Daffodils PM me ingame cRanky You arent online under gaboR
  10. Some Stuff for Sale...

    1500gc? Nah,sorry...
  11. Some Stuff for Sale...

    8k for MM cape? Thats ok with me:) PM Me ingame
  12. Some Stuff for Sale...

    Sorry, paid more, so 10 is too less for me...
  13. Some Stuff for Sale...

    Riky sorry, but already sold...didnt update it y'day evening
  14. Some Stuff for Sale...

    kk deal:)