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  1. Do You Know Any Peacefull Mmorpg?

    It looks good but in isn't free
  2. New Economy System

    Game is under developing it can be modificated
  3. Do You Know Any Peacefull Mmorpg?

    hmm LInux version That look good but not free so I test trial
  4. New Economy System

    Which items can't be made yet?
  5. New Economy System

    Food must be maked because everyone must eat Raws must be minet to create items,weapons And items will degradate by using anything isn't for ethernity
  6. I have an idea Remove shops and create something like Maketplace Everything will be maked by players weapons,toola and food realy everything No NPC with food or basicaly tools everything must be maked by players What do you thing about that idea?
  7. Linux Flavour

    Linux rulezzz Have someone Linux in PDA? it could be cool
  8. Do You Know Any Peacefull Mmorpg?

    Any other great game? :lol:
  9. Do You Know Any Peacefull Mmorpg?

    This Furcadia? http://www.furcadia.com/download/images/lego-island.gif http://www.furcadia.com/download/images/furrtropolis2.gif
  10. Do You Know Any Peacefull Mmorpg?

    Anything bad?
  11. Hi I want to play anything which is like if you are one settler in Settlers(1st serfcity was best) or dwarf in Wiggles Do you know any this stile game?