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  1. Epic_Bot IP Banned

    I do, i just dont know if my brothers idle charater DiabloX is involved in this, if so, thats who i would pick. But if not.. the Epic_bot
  2. Epic_Bot IP Banned

    Which are up at stake?
  3. Epic_Bot IP Banned

  4. Epic_Bot IP Banned

    Ok, it has been 1 month, and i have lived out my punishment. May i please be unbanned
  5. Epic_Bot IP Banned

    I realize what i have done wrong and I will fix them. I'm sorry for what I have done. Will i ever get unbanned?
  6. Epic_Bot IP Banned

    (This is Epic_bot Just his forum name cant post cause on validated) Ok, so this morning I was getting ready for school, and got on and was harvesting sulphur. I went afk to school and came back and it said i had been kicked by Aislann (sorry for butchered name). My family has two computers a laptop and tower, all on the same wifi.. I didnt know this was a problem... I am just wondering if the IP could be unbanned? The laptop is my moms and sometimes I play on it if my brother is on the tower.
  7. Is there a way to get back my pass

    Those are my brothers accounts and mine is only larrylittle. My little bro probbably tried to get on agneum because he thinks all accounts are his. and he tries different passwords.
  8. Is there a way to get back my pass

    I started this account 2 years ago and took a break i recovered my fourm password. Is there a way to get my ingame pass back? plz reply soon
  9. Bot payments

    Do you think bot prices will ever drop?