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  1. Temporary class system

    Stop picking on Ent guys, he is only human! Despite what his profile says. I do agree there are problems, but i hardly think this is the way to go about making changes by having at each others throats.
  2. Mage class idea

    I think Rehdon and Guy have summed up a better way to implement it.
  3. Col Marketplace

    http://col.daenet.ca/marketplace.php At this time mostly harvestables.
  4. New limited PK level maps/areas

    All Maps PK, with safe areas!
  5. Minimap and regular map

    Personally, I would absolutely hate it. I do way to much map-walking to move from place-to-place to go back to clicking a few steps in front of me to move about. That would not be my idea of "fun" (which is why I play in the first place). Actually the minimap lets you click on it.
  6. Hey what are everyone's thoughts of the minimap and the regular map feature. Personally when i first played this game back in 2005 I thought it kind of weird that one could simply pop open the map and go anywhere on it without any trouble. Now that we have a minimap, I use it with fog of war enabled, and I like it actually, gives more a mystery of what is around you, despite me actually knowing already where most of everything is. As well, what do people think about removing the regular map feature, and just leaving the large continent map in place? It might not do much for the experienced player, but would add more excitement to people who dont know the maps well yet. As well I dont know if its possible, but would it be hard to have the map markings show up in the minimap? If this has been posted before, please disregard
  7. CoL is now recruiting!

    Since you are so concerned, I was tweaking the rank system last night, it was put up originally just to have something there. As well we do let non Christians join, but unless they are willing to explore Christianity they wont fit in very well. http://col.daenet.ca for changes. And we are new, things are going to change as things progress. Its also nice to see people reading this thread still
  8. CoL is now recruiting!

    As the co-owner I would like to say yes, it was a argument that didn't need to happen. There is enough fighting going on in EL, and yes Morhwal did apologize. It seems to me that there was some mis-communication.
  9. selling 27k mullein!

    Actually Ill sell the 27k for 25k GC.
  10. CoL is now recruiting!

    I am responsible for the last name change! LOL Sorry all! we were unsure of the guild situation, but have come to decision. The rules / guidelines aren't in stone yet, still developing them. We have website to be developed, among other interesting contests, ranking system, events, etc coming about as well.
  11. Energy Problems

    Well he really should try and work on getting consistent power to his computer, but at the same time it seems like 2 minutes is a very long time for a heartbeat. As much as a low timeout could be abused, by the same token, the 2 minute TCP session could be hijacked, and all kinds of crazy hacks could be made knowing a timeout is that long. In theory someone could make a client, connect with official client, pull the plug or enable FW, load up a hacked client, and then connect without the server even knowing they were gone. Of course this is all theoretical. I wonder what the normal heartbeat is on other online games that deal in real time.
  12. Scientology VS The Internet

    Not that I am a Scientology fan, but i haven't seen anyone here qualified to talk about religion. Broad observations without documented proof, evidence, or wisdom, is nothing but personal opinion. That site doesn't seem to provide any hard facts, just some letters, that may or may not be true, or may or may not be taken out of context.
  13. New System. Can you do better?

    Whether the PSU u are buying uses passive PFC or active PFC is also important. The end power produced in PSU with active PFC can be up to twice that of one without. Active Power Factor Correction <-- click to read about. I dont think TC intends to do this and i certainly advise against it, you do not end up with twice the memory speed (specifically using the work "speed" there, not "bandwidth") with a dual channel setup, in reality you'll be lucky to see a 30% increase. Not worth paying double. Im just saying bang for the buck, dual channel packages are cheap now, for the bit of extra speed, you might as well. Plus he quoted a corsair dual channel memory pack for 53 USD ??? so i think that is well worth the money, thats dirt cheap for 2 Gigs. Here i massively disagree... I consider ASUS second in quality control only to TYAN in the desktop end of the market. (with the exception of the motherboards ASUS produce for HP, which ASUS admits use a different manufacturing process). The amount of systems i've sold with ASUS motherboards in them (some personally built, some not) goes into the hundreds... i also worked as the warranties officer at a high throughput PC components business.(Side note: In my experience the most unreliable mobo manufacturer (over the years at least) is Gigabyte.) How many ASUS motherboards have you seen (personally) fail Daejin? Often people are put off by 1 or 2 bad experiences with a company, and it turns out it was just really bad luck. Actually I have been around since the 8088 days, and asus has been around for a long time, so yes i have seen alot of defunct asus boards including my own, and i have also owned a couple good ones, but im not saying asus is all bad you just have to do your research, cause as i said they are hit and miss at times. That's certainly good advice. TC if you find you're running out of memory then u can always add more later, I have 2GB and find it to be fine, and run lots of EL clients, MySQL DB server, a bunch of other stuff. Start with 2GB imo. Dont forget to mention all the compatibility issues with existing 32bit software when u run XP/Vista 64-bit... and that not a lot of software companies, in the Windows world, seem to be in a rush to get 64 bit versions of their apps out. No need to jump the gun, 32 bit Windows versions are still going to offer the most compatible solution, and will do everything TC needs. Right, but Vista 64 isn't as bad as everyone make its out to be, unless your running old software, you shouldn't have a problem. The ATI Drivers worked fine for x64 with games, and i have had this PC for almost a year now. Having 4 gigs and 64 although is nice but not required, but will help in the long run. Unless you plan on replacing your PC in two years. Certainly.In my quick search I couldn't find anyone saying Sapphire are "good", i found people saying "OK" and "bad"... A review stands out as backing my arguments in this thread particularly well: http://it-review.net/index.php?option=com_...p;limitstart=12 In this they comment on an ATi based Sapphire card having heat, noise and compatibility issues, and suggest a nVidia based Leadtek card over it. But that of course is just one review, and one i picked to suit my recommendations... as Daejin said, u should check out a bunch more yourself :) Good advice also, and might save u a buck or two.
  14. Network issues

    http://www.internettrafficreport.com/ 6 81 ms 80 ms 68 ms so-7-1-1.mpr1.ord2.us.above.net [] 7 110 ms 105 ms 104 ms so-1-1-0.mpr1.lga5.us.above.net [] 8 * * * Request timed out. 9 * * * Request timed out. 10 * * * Request timed out. 11 * * * Request timed out. 12 * * * Request timed out. 13 * * * Request timed out. 14 214 ms 202 ms 219 ms game.eternal-lands.com []
  15. New System. Can you do better?

    You might be able to get a better Antec Power supply and case bundled together for the price. Dont cheap out on the power supply, 450 is bare minimum to ensure stable operation with your configuration and some companies will post wattage, but cant stability run at near or full capacity, especially when running dual channel memory, and your video card, having consistent voltage's to all components is most essential. People love to blame drivers, the OS, etc etc for stability issues, but the quality of the hardware is just as important if not more so. Corsair usually makes good memory, kingston is alright, but not the best. I find that asus motherboards are hit and miss however, some work great, some others dont, quality control seems to be a thorn in their side for a long time. I would do some research on your specific motherboard to ensure it doesn't have any issues. One thing you can look for in a motherboard is where the caps are(the big battery looking things) If all the big ones are placed all over the motherboard with no rhymn or reason, it is usually a sign of poor design. The biggest caps should all be near the CPU, memory, and voltage regulators for most stability. As for memory, 4Gig would bet alot better, but only if you have 64bit OS(Vista 64) xBSD, etc, simply because having 3 gigs would nullify your dual channel configuration. And 32 bit windows cant handle 4 gigs, let alone 3 very well without remapping. I havent had any issues with sapphire personally, but you should again research it. Also because your building it yourself, get anti static wrist band, or matt, or leave your PS plugged in(kinda dangerous) to ensure you are grounded while handling the memory, cpu, and motherboard. The prices you have listed are good, and 600 for a half descent PC is a good price. If i may suggest the ANTEC P180 is a good case for for water cooling because of the layout and extra space, but will likely break your budget. However, with this case you can run without water cooling and still have silent PC' however the video card you have chosen might be the nosiest part in the PC. I think sapphire uses refurbished hard drive motors for the fan because mine sounds like an old retro hard drive with the whine. And the CPU, you may want to reconsider because its a X2 5000+ the DRR speed will be 734mhz rather than 800, if you downgrade to the 65watt version of (amd 64 x2, 4600) part number ADO4600IAA5CU you will get the full 800mhz ram speed. Might save you a few bucks for roughly the same speed. Anyways good luck, just do your research, otherwise you should be okay with that configuration as you have it.