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  1. Mistake In Encyclopedia

    Just as i said, i need a3m3 to make a diss ring and encyclopedia lies about diss rings (there is a3m2)...
  2. Mistake In Encyclopedia

    I don't know if it is right place but just discovered error in Encyclopedia - Diss ring seems to need Artificial 3 and Magic 3 (not 2) to make.
  3. Source Code For A Bot

    Well, share your code somewhere, elbot is a little bit outdated and i think i drop it and start to work on actual EL client code...
  4. Matrix In Teh W0ter :/

    thanx, didn't noticed that post earlier ;/ =j
  5. Matrix In Teh W0ter :/

    Since day before yesterday i have letters waving in the ocean It's CVS client and everything but this is ok.
  6. Guild Messages Aren't Logged

    Seems that guild messages are not logged to file. Using CVS client... Some switch in config ?
  7. Don't Click Teh B34rs

    Well, if autoclicking uses so much bandwith now it is important to developers, game administrators to make server side autoclicker. Seems that it can lower the load on the server... And for normal players there can be no difference between client side and server side. Who pays for ampunt of send/received data theese days? So... they can at last choose the penalty ;D But what if somebody will stil use client side autoclicker ?
  8. New Manufacturing System

    One thing i have to say about... if there is something time critical in the game it may be a problem if u have slow/bad connection... resync, resync ... and you have spoiled the mega uber weapon... :-) There is no fun unless u are sitting on teh EL server :] And making this only on client side (no problems when u have bad connection) is a problem too since we have Open Source client. So, maybe the problem is in other place? I think there is no point in making manufacture more realistic when we have infinity ore supplys, flowers, etc. There is no doubt the manu (and other skills too) should be changed becouse of lack of fun. But many ideas in this thread makes another game from EL. I think Entropy may be angry again :-> becouse in the end EL will morph to EL2 which is under construction by him now :] In the end... i personally like the idas of 1) Different quality of ingredients (maybe bars made from Nordcarn cave iron will be better than CC ?) 2) Maybe even a history and age of ingredients/products? 3) Monsters shouldn't drop useable things, maybe broken or just some rare ingredients? 4) Manu relays on alchemy and there is big place to change (in the name of more fun). And there is last idea in my head. We have many different maps, beautifull places but to be honest there is no point to go in every hidden valley or mountain just becouse there is always ONE (well, two? three?) the best place to make/harvest your favourite flower/ore. Every n00b hear that if u want to make FE just go to VoTD, harvest roses on the cementary, snapdragons just after u cross the bridge and then go to CC to get sulphur. So, what are those beatyfull flowers, crystals for in othere places, nobody sees them, nobody goes there. Just a thought... Regards,
  9. If You Want To Have A Bot

    I created bot character named Exlagre. She is located in Nordcarn (appears very seldom) and does nothing yet Main purpose of this bot is fun in developing C applications.
  10. New Harvesting System!

    Try and go to some abandoned mine... start digging, mining coal or anything. Without any special stuff ... in real life. It's more than possible that u'll get killed by falling floor or something. And have u been in tit mine IRL ? It's more dangerous than u can think... The only thing is strange forme is teleporting ... but it's fantasy game so.. why not... u can use magic, magic can use u ==j
  11. New Harvesting System!

    So what ? It's only a game... if u don't like it... write your own without features u don't like... And stop moaning. ==j
  12. Hack

    It's already done, thanx Leraner!
  13. Hack

    Hi! Please don't buy anything from character named jorgus today. Somebody hacked this and changed my password. If somebody with enough privileges is reading this, please help me get back to my body in EL and let's track down this SMEG hack kiddie jorgus