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    First me saying hay is how I talk, please don't make fun of me like that. Second I am sorry I wasn't logged in I wasn't really paying attention at the time. And third if this isn't the place to tell you about this then could you please direct me to the correct place. Thank you
  2. Small Improvements To The Harvesting - Big Mistake

    I agree with Wildcard but sadly I have quit the game. I quit my guild, then the game in that order. As for Ent he can kiss my f***ing a**, I was warned about him and his bull and now I see what that person meant. Well good luck to those of you who decide to stay, and for those who are new only one word comes to mind here RUN. Oldfool formerly of *FT* a great guild that will be missed dum dee dum ... dum dee dum .... dum dee dum .... <--- Taps " if you find something free, don't bet on it being good for long "
  3. Monsters Invasions

    LOL Placid I just don't like the Idea of say logging into the game and oh btw THERE"S A FREAKIN WAR GOING ON ATM, next thing you know your in the underworld pushin up daises. " I approve this message, but I don't approve of ignorance from a dictating game creator like Ent. " Oldfool *FT* P.S. Ent I wasn't joking dude dictating .. probably misspelled but you get the point.
  4. If You Want To Have A Bot

    Chatterbug you could make it so that it's like the other bots whom which you must pm and have a time limit that way. It would prevent others from finding out the answers and also you could have it keep track of which questions it has ask certain players so it would not ask the same question twice to the same player. Ok yea I know sounds good on paper but getting it coded to work properly is another story altogether. Oldfool *FT*
  5. Small Improvements To The Harvesting - Big Mistake

    Well like I said in the single post I made, make it so pickaxes break ever so often, and make it so you have to wear gloves to pick flowers and sulfur. That way when they break or the gloves wear then you have to get new ones and the whole auto harvest thing would be for the most part fixed. And yes macroers will prolly find a way around even that but they will also find away around what is going on now. Punishing everyone is not the key, even big name companys like Sony had to find responsible ways to deal with cheaters who play EverQuest, Star Wars Galaxies, etc. But making the game so no one can find joy in it but the pk'ers or the cheaters then that's just plain dumb. Oldfool *FT*
  6. Monsters Invasions

    No offense Ent but whoever the bright person who thought up this idea was on something. There are those of us who like to play the game for fun, and if all of a sudden we get the message that Fluffy's are invading and we are in the middle of arranging stuff in our storage and have to leave. I mean come on not to mention if we are in the middle of a fight, or just log in and end up in the middle of it, it's just stupid. Plus the fact that the mm perk or cape will be useless who the he** thought up that one. I mean if you had safe maps or inside cities with guards that would protect you so you could go about your business then ok but all out war thrust upon you is just gay man really gay. Also when I say gay I'm not putting down ppl who are of that origin so don't go all crazy on me. I don't like gay ppl but hay if that's your thing then go for it but just keep it away from me. Oldfool *FT*
  7. Small Improvements To The Harvesting - Big Mistake

    I don't mind saying this sucks. I dont like it no sir not one bit, I finally find a game I can play that I like and the creator pulls this sh**. Well that's not fair not one little bit. What did we ever do to deserve this, the decent ppl who play and enjoy this great game you have created. We support you, we pat you on the back, and for what just so you can slam us with this crap. Your mean man really mean. And if you don't like what I said then tough it's just the truth, you want to delete me fine you want to ban me fine but I'm just being honest. You had something great why did you have to screw it up. Well like my brother always says SMELL YA LATER DUDE. Oldfool *FT*