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  1. Selling IDA set

    have offer of 360k in-game
  2. Godless Removal Stone

    160k (when does auction end btw?)
  3. Who the hell are you?

    i know have, and SHOULD keep... shadow, lil_fancypants, collardhills
  4. ELG Guild Shop

    I'd like to buy as many Silver ores and mums as you can get me
  5. Selling stuffs pl0x

    All sold
  6. Selling stuffs pl0x

    i dont know wth is wrong with forums... keeps messing up
  7. Selling stuffs pl0x

    70k for Col, and tit serp i bought for 15k... 70k for Col, and tit serp i bought for 15k... 70k for Col 70k for Col 70k for Col col is 70k
  8. Selling stuffs pl0x

    was looking for around 15k for em
  9. NMT auction

    nvrmind :<
  10. SoulTaker

    I was there, he was in aug armor, and when you came out, he switched to bronze sword and owned you. It wasnt a ring of power, and you will know why if you look at the ings list, which has a binding stone on it. People pay over 60k to get a binding stone, because they are so scarce.
  11. Hi everyone, if anyone of you know me, you know that I am a truthful person, and i am not scamming... Mackenzie was born on December 9, 2006 five weeks early. She weighed 4lbs. 5oz. The doctors had to work with her for 12 minutes to get her heart started. She stayed at Kosair Hospital for 5 weeks. The scans show significant damage covering her whole brain. The neurologist said it looked like a bomb went off in her head. He diagnosed her with spastic cerebral palsy. Later she was also diagnosed with cortical vision impairment, quadriplegia, microcephalia, and epilepsy. She has recieved physical, occupational, speech, massage therapy, acupuncture, and chiropractic treatments. We are in need of financial support as we want to take MacKenzie to China for stem cell treatments in hopes to improve her life greatly. All donations would me greatly appreciated. Please check out this link for more info. http://mackenzielovellfund.webs.com/ Please help if at all possibly, and your words on the guestbook would be greatly appreciated!
  12. Weapon auction

    darn u kit >.>
  13. Buying Iron set or peaces of it

    if i were u, i woulnd t buy the iron cuisses, IMO aug pants are better
  14. Weapon auction

    40k on dragon blade (#3)
  15. Selling Rostogal Stones

    Ok, i have 30 rostogals for sale. Prices are 5.5k for nice people, and 8k to ^v^. I will also take items, like: Crown of Life: 95k Tit Plate: 90k Tit Cuisses: 50k Tit Shield: 70k Tit Greaves: 40k Any great sword: 60k Steel Plate: 60k Steel Cuisses: 30k Steel Greaves: 30k S2E: 750gc Harvestables i would like are: Iron Ore: 3gc Sulfur: 1.8gc Silver: 2gc Coal 1.8gc All Quartz: 2gc Any Flowers used for alch: 0.3gc (Limit of 10k per flowers) Emeralds/Diamonds/Rubies: 3gc Hydro Ore: 800gc Alchemy: Ess Fire 3gc Water 4gc Air 4gc Spirit 6gc Energy 6gc Death 6gc Bars Iron Steel Silver Gold Hydro 9kgc Potions SRS for 15gc Also would like some books, but list is to long, just post or PM in-game what u have, and ill tell u if i want it. (ingame name is Grumpy or Boedha)
  16. Who the hell are you?

    welcome to the server deoland hope you like it
  17. PK Ants

    what do they know how make? i have been giving them some books abd suchm i was wondering if i gave them padded leather pants (which i plan on doing) will they be able to make them by themselves? and can they use alchemy and such, like make FE
  18. Weapon auction

    20k scythe plx (and btw, i think that the people that actually participated in the instance to get the wep, should have to bid a certain amount over what the higest bid is, because the amount of gc the weapon makes, is split up to each of them, letting the person get it cheaper. either that, or if its someone from the invasion that is highest bidder, is left out of getting the gc made.) EDIT: didnt have num lock on, so i didnt put the "20" in
  19. Weapon auction

    you could sell to him gambit, he just has to pay triple whatever the highest bid would be, and everyone else normal
  20. Who the hell are you?

    i am boedha/grumpy/slavery in-game now (i know, i cant keep ahold of the same character )
  21. Alching shop/service

    ok, i need to get my alch up, (at 55 atm) and would like to alch things for people. i make iron/steel/silver/gold/titanium/bars, and all essenses (i will replace whatever i fail on as well) ok, i need to get my manu up, (at 29 atm) and would like to manu things for people. i make all leather armors, iron helm, steel shield, all swords up to tit serp for free with ings (i provide food) ok, i need to get my craft up, (at 37 atm) and would like to craft things for people. i make all rings up to idalorean, and uni/moon/star medallion atm for free for ings (i provide food) ok, i need to get my potions up, (at 50 atm) and would like to potion? things for people. i make potions of wildness/body-spirit restoration/vitality/will/coord/phys/manufacture/summoning and magic/crafting potions You can either provide me with ings, and i get the food myself, or i can get everything and charge you gc's, or will also take items such as harvestables. i make iron/steel/silver/gold bars, and all essenses (i will replace whatever i fail on as well) Shop: BarsMAX 100 a time Iron: 38gc Steel: 52gc Silver: 40gc Gold: 50gc Essence Energy: 8gc MAX 500 an order Health: 7gc Fire: 3.5gc Life: 5gc Orders: Grim 2k EE Orders Completed: Kit_gw 1k HE Alkazar 1.5k AE
  22. Alching shop/service

    7.5gc for j00
  23. Alching shop/service

    as long as you can keep your guild from pk'ing me yeah
  24. Alching shop/service

    i have your 1500 AE done spyrondas, ready for you to pick up whenever.
  25. Storage Clear Out !

    i know they are books... price pl0x